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She was greatly appreciated by Zhao Benshan because of being cheated so far unmarried

According to well-known bloggers, 'Southern Tang Wusuo' news, in the movie 'happy spies' in the 'Dragon' corner of the actor Dong Lifan, actually by Zhao Benshan and Zhang Yimou appreciation of the Queen's supporting role. Not only that, she has also shaped the 'crazy car' to spend money to kill the rich lady, and the 'golden robbery' mercenary charter woman 'Golden Sister' A fat girl, but the love of art and superior literary talent, let her get imitation bulgari pendant some confidence. Once the mason, finally relying on a good voice was excavated into the Shenyang Song and Dance Ensemble, with the opportunity to perform on stage. During a performance by the Song and Dance Ensemble, Dong Li-fan and Zhao Benshan met each other and acted copy bvlgari pendant as a country woman with a strong personality in the movie 'The Living World,' starring Zhao Benshan. Since then, Dong Li-fan has collaborated with Zhao Benshan 'Comes are off,' playing a greedy canteen waiter 'fat sister'; in Wu bvlgari copy necklace uk Yujuan, Shi Lanya starred in 'the temptation of the United States', starred in a beautiful woman with double fold eyelid; 'Aijia' starring Yu Meng In the 'Night's Thrilling', she acted as a fat sister who was in no danger of infighting. In addition, Dong Li-nam also exposed several faces in Zhang Yimou's movie. She was also the heaviest 'seeking girl'. In the film 'Live,' starring Ge You and Gong Li, she offers a chubby servant. In 'Happy Hour', she acts as a relative of Zhao Benshan. There are quite a few opponents in the movie 'Green Hat' , Dong Li Fan played a hijacked kiosk proprietress, Liao who was pointing a gun that period of play is impressive. Remember Yao Yao and starring that part of the 'New Love Era'? The play that send Zhang Kelly bracelet female fat is her role played imitation bulgari gold pendant by Dong Li Fan in the film and television drama in the role of small or pungent, or marketplace, or comedy In the indispensable green leaves. However, now over fifty years she is still single. Twenty years ago, Dong Li-nian, a brains during the ignorance of his life, was harmed by a dross man. After being fooled, Dong Lifan feels some feelings of love and has never talked about love again. Today, like all women, she is eager to have a man who loves her and knows how old she is.

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The Wall

Mar 16 '18
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