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Pediatric constipation how to massage

Pediatric constipation how to massage? I believe in life, we all know that pediatric constipation can be used to relieve symptoms by massage. However, many newborn babes who do not know how to massage. Below, let Xiaobian introduce it for everyone!

Pediatric constipation how to massage Constipation refers to the stool knock off bvlgari sun pendant dry and hard, reduce the number of intervals, extended, or although the meaning, but the discharge of a disease permit. Children due to improper diet, too spicy food, incense, broiled goods or food is too fine, resulting in hot knot, bowel conduction disorders, causing constipation. Can also be due to congenitally, the weakness of the large intestine or wound healing fluid, constipation. Due to the difficulty of defecation, some children can occur loss of appetite, restless sleep, or may be too much force when it is, cause anal fissure or hemorrhoids.

Empirical mainly due to diet. Card see dry stool, then the hard stem, the shape of particles, hot naked face, bad breath, lips red, yellow urine, chest fullness, reduced sodium food, abdominal swelling, thick yellow fur, fingerprint color purple. The treatment should be Qi stagnation, Qingrong laxative. The main methods are:

1, clear large intestine: large intestine point in the radial margin of the index finger. Operation by the tiger's mouth to the fingertips, 100300 times. To treat dampness, diet, phlegm and other closed intestinal, gas machine obstruction of constipation, abdominal burning, jaundice and so on.

2, retreat six fu organs: six organs copy bvlgari sun pendant in the forearm ulnar edge, Shenmen point to the elbow into a straight line. Operation, to the index finger pulp, from the elbow to the palm root, 100500 times. Can bowel purulent heat, bowel diarrhea, for the Yang Ming Fu Fu solid full solid firm.

3, kidney water: located in the little finger thread surface. Operation, push the little finger from the little finger root 100 times. There Bushenzhu, heat diuretic effect.

4, Mount Abdomen: Use the palm or four fingers lightly abdomen, slowly clockwise shift. Have to reconcile the spleen and stomach, Jiangni descending, spleen and stomach the effect, can be directly followed the gut to promote bowel movements.

5, pushing down seven bone: located in the fourth lumbar vertebra into a straight line. Operation, from top to bottom, rub the skin redness for the degree. With the spleen and stomach, conditioning two effects. Apply to all heat syndrome, such as irritability sleepless, constipation and so on.

Mainly for the appearance of virtual cardography pale, fatigue-shaped, stool effort hard to earn, stool quit, pale tongue coating, fingerprints pale. Treatment should be Qi and blood, open plug catharsis. Techniques are:

1, Spleen: spleen is located in the radial margin of the thumb. Operation, from the tip to the root of the finger 300 times. Can regulate the spleen and stomach, strengthen the spleen and stomach function.

2, push the three off: Located in the forearm radial side, too Yuanxue to Quchi hole into a straight line. Operation, pushing 100500 times from bottom to top. With warm and cold, warming the effect of blood. For a variety of virtual evidence, such as weakness, Shenpi gas shyness, complexion and so on.

3, Chiropractic: the first thoracic vertebra into a straight line. From bottom to top 30 times. Adjustable yin and yang, qi and blood, and organs, through the meridians. Where the spleen and stomach card, are available.

4, the other can also be used to clear the large intestine, rubbing Shenshu to Ziyin Runzao, diarrhea bvlgari ring imitation necklace laxative.

Note: Children with constipation should be regularly scheduled bowel movement training, a reasonable diet, increase activity. Should eat more crude fiber foods and grains, vegetables.

Pediatric massage Notes 1, pediatric massage for children within 9 years of age.

2, to pediatric massage, should choose to shelter, avoid glare, noise, small places; indoor should be kept quiet, clean, fresh air, the temperature is appropriate. Tuina attention to avoid wind, eat cold.

3, massage parents should keep their hands clean, remove the rings, bracelets and other accessories. Nail often pruning, just cut nails, must use the nail file rasp level. Winter massage hands warm.

4, children hungry or over-fed, are not conducive to massage effect. Crying in children, we must first appease children's emotions, and then massage.

5, pediatric delicate skin, massage do not scratch children's skin. Family massage can generally use massage oil or talcum powder and other media to prevent skin damage when massage.

6, the sequence of operations of manipulation of children: general head, face first, second upper limbs, chest and abdomen and then back, and finally the lower extremities; also be the first focus, bvlgari copy chain necklace the general; or to the main point, the distribution points.

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