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Yiwu Suxi a jewelry shop masked male robbery police to hunt down

'I copy pendant bvlgari am a man, wearing a helmet and a wig, a wig is curled up, and here I was, at first I thought it was a madman.' He said at about 8:55 pm, the robbery man went into the shop with an umbrella Wearing a helmet and a wig, as well as a disposable medical mask with white gloves in his hand and only seeing his eyes 'come in and throw the umbrella on the ground.' The king said the robbery man was moving His direction, said not allowed to move out of the money all the robbers took a fruit knife about 60 cm long and look at each other this fierce posture, the king boss pressed the side of the CK knock off bvlgari pendant alarm system, see someone reported the police, Man looting from the bag and pulled out a 'gun', pointing to the boss and another 20-year-old woman clerk, threatening them not to disturb each other have a weapon, Wang boss, etc. not dare to act rashly, but carefully observe this name Men's changes. At this time, Wang found that the other side had a problem with the gun and was more like a toy gun from the outside. 'At first I did not know, and later I saw that the gun was wrapped in black tape.'

That is the toy gun, taking advantage of a strange man turned knock hit the counter the moment, Wang boss quickly ran out the door, 'I pulled the door a pull, want to delay time.' Wang said the boss, see Like, to pull the door up, replica bulgari pendant also during the knife to cut Wang saw the boss let go, rob the man climbed the moped away, the knife on the attack readily thrown aside, '55 minutes came in, 57 minutes to run away, the whole process Just two minutes. '

After the man escaped, Mr. Wang back to the store a look, the two counters were hammer broken, placed on the inside of the gold was looted Subsequently, Yiwu police rushed to the scene, the inventory, Wang boss of the gold shop loss twenty million 'The main bracelet, dozens of bracelets, before he escaped, and then knocked on the chain cabinet, walk the bracelet away.' Wang said the reporter learned at replica pendant bvlgari 5 pm today, Yiwu police have been involved in the investigation, is trying to chase suspects 4 Lanxi Agricultural Bank of China 'Happy Blue • Peace Tree' staff code of conduct enhancements like this

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