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Hong Kong shopping was gold bracelets to pit

A few mouthfuls of this little cake to get a blanket, the outside is very crisp and very cream, which is very soft. Feel quite pleasant surprise to eat. . . Of course we still have to come to Hong Kong to do business. . . . . Although you know, though many defeated a lot of really like the baby, but there are mistakes ah. Actually lost a fake gold bracelet! ! ! What the hell! ! ! Let's take a look at this 'hypocrite' style is very traditional, is to buy even Mom. Wood has not thought of bringing a mother

The style is very traditional, is to buy even mom. Much less than a week after the wood had been thought of by the mom, the color dimmed, and the color faded. I Le went to us to get a gold store to identify, actually is a fake thing. Mad at me, mom is quite angry, her elderly now can only believe that the door of the stuff, and if a fake stuff, ran back on the return I do not know if I bought this fake bracelet can return? We give some advice ah? ? ? ? ?

This is for themselves and LG to buy the couple ring, simply can not be simple. But I like this simple streamlined. Now this ring I am wearing a lot of cosmetics worn on my hands all the time. Vii Ophthalmic stickers and the new listing of eye cream samples, care HK friend bought in the senior beauty club. Super big SK II god water, Clinique's anti-allergic cleansing milk and protective isolation SPF15, bliss eye mask, Kyle's compact eye cream, Estee Lauder fresh nutrition emulsion. . . . . . Etc., etc. The third picture is not in Hong Kong, right? Hong Kong restaurant food products will only come to use porcelain

Hong Kong gold price is unified, can only reduce the manual price, unknown landlord less than a few big gold buy gold? There are gold 9999 gold, gold, if you are not enough to buy 9999 gold into the Hong Kong Customs can complain

The public may promptly file a complaint with the supervisor of the customs office. The complainant may also contact the Complaints Investigation Bureau staff to arrange for him to meet with him. She may also lodge a complaint by:.

Which few gold shop in Hong Kong is better? Thank you!

1 due to the daily price of gold are floating, pay attention to the same day the price of gold 2 gold is not discounted, but the manual fee can be discounted, the clerk should strive to bvlgari copy men necklace fight for 3 attention to the information on the gold label is bvlgari pendant fake the same with the clerk introduced 4 gold jewelry prices according to three Indicators to determine, that is, copy bvlgari pendant necklace the copy bvlgari sun pendant weight, purity and manual, the first two affect the largest part of the overall price. Payment receipt should clearly indicate the weight and purity of gold ornaments, consumers should keep a good receipt 5 Note the weight unit of gold, if the 'g / g' as a unit on any harm, but if the 'two' as a unit, tourists It should be noted that the number of grams represented by 'two' in the Mainland and 'two' in Hong Kong are different.

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