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Look for hot meteorite Shangri-La attention

'Alien visitors' in the end to whom all? Find the hot meteorite Shangri-La cause concern

Xinhua News Agency, Kunming, October 12, 电气: 'Who is the sky visitor'? Find the hot meteorite Shangri-La cause concern

October 4, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province, a meteor shower occurred. Astronomy enthusiasts, travelers and others all came to Diqing looking for 'Shangri-La Meteorite'; netizens' concern about it continued unabated, and more businesses sold 'Shangri-La Meteorite'. So, the sale of 'Shangri-La meteorite' is bulgari pendant fake credible? Looking for meteorites how to grasp? If you find a copy bvlgari sun pendant meteorite, in the end who should go?

Meteorite price of 10,000 yuan? Anti-punctuality

'Meteorites are the windows of human understanding of the planets in the solar system.' Wang Xiaobin, a researcher at the Yunnan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said meteoroids have been ablated when they pass through the Earth's atmosphere and those that have not been completely ablated fall to the ground as meteorites. Earlier this month, Yunnan Diqing is the phenomenon of 'meteor' after the air burst, the online sale of 'Shangri-La meteorite' businesses, the reporter saw in a network platform, one of the merchants sell 'Shangri-La meteorite,' priced at 10,000 yuan. At the same time, some sales of stone, bracelet businesses also 'Shangri-La Meteorite' as a gimmick. copy bulgari pendant 'Meteorites bvlgari chain imitation necklace need to go through scientific identification, we remind the meteorite collectors and consumers, not to rely on business description of the transaction, to prevent being deceived, suffered a loss.' He said the reporter learned from Shangri-La City Hall, the current local Did not receive the report found meteorites. 'The night when' Meteor 'appeared, the voice was shrill and then there was a sense of shock.At the next morning, he also took the rural cadres into the village households for publicity.' (At present) feedback from all over came back and found no abnormality. 'Shangri-La City Office Director Chen Yongping said.

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