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Natural emerald market rebound B goods emerald prices 2

How to distinguish between B goods jade and natural emerald? If it is in Guangdong's jewelry store or other large shopping malls in developed regions, consumers can rest assured shopping; due to the smooth flow of information, the number of jewelery appraisal stations, there will be little confusion in the concept of B merchants, A cargo case, currently occurred in two hardest hit, one tourist area, and second, the network, especially the latter, seldom sell B merchants will admit that they are B goods, not to mention that they are natural emerald, so that Young consumers accustomed to replica bvlgari pendant online shopping are hard to detect. Suggest that you buy emerald online cautious attitude, for those moderate prices, the unit price of 10005000 yuan in particular need more than one eye, similar to the large number of goods B Moreover, in the natural jade market, with a ribbon 'spring '(Purple) The value of emerald as a whole rose, so as long as the green bracelet on the higher saturation, an area of ​​more than 0.5 square centimeters, even the bean species, the price is more than 8,000 yuan; if less than 5,000 yuan, be careful In the end, you can use a magnifying glass or a glass of water to carefully identify the texture. Guangxianbiao Jewelry Center director Xiang Xianbiao that: jade structure has not been destroyed, is the identification of jade key. Natural emerald with granular, directional arrangement, continuous structure, and B goods jade showed loose structure, long columnar crystals staggered or broken, the crystal structure has been destroyed the orientation. In addition, Jadeite A was glass or sub-glass luster, jade B goods due to deterioration of the texture and filling, darker luster, lack of Aura, showing waxy glass luster, and even waxy luster. In the air, emerald B goods higher transparency, but in the water was slightly transparent milky white wax; and Jade A cargo in the water clearer than in the air, can see the internal texture of the recent B goods Jade Why heat pin? Emerald market pick up, A cargo emerald price increase is only a secondary reason, in the final analysis because of its superior appearance, relatively low-grade A cargo Jade is more beautiful. Hualin jade market in Guangzhou C Museum, the reporter interviewed a number of stalls, they told reporters: the recent rebound in the sales of goods B trend greatly increased transaction prices rose 23% over last year, an increase of more than A Middle and low-end products 'In the past, my customers are mostly tourist areas, jewelry shop people, some recent brand jewelers, shop owners also come to buy goods, saying that summer is coming, and customers like B goods style. Mr. Lord Lin said reporters found that there is a big difference in the price of B goods: the same white bracelet, expensive to 12003000 yuan / only, and little room for bargaining, while the mid-range of 500600 yuan each, the cheapest As long as 200300 yuan. Different types of goods pendants farther the difference between the price, the same volume of leaf pendants, expensive but also more than 1,000 yuan, about 100 yuan cheaper, a difference of 10 times Mr. Lin and other files told reporters: According to the raw material texture, add materials, Carving class bvlgari copy chain necklace to classify, B goods Jade also have 369 points; Moreover, the level of law will change with the changes in the market. Currently the most expensive is light green or dark green bean pure B cargo jade, only done plastic injection and bleach treatment, using the equivalent of A cargo jade carving. The reason is that the color factor is increasing in the value of A cargo jadeite value system. Natural emeralds whose water quality is much worse then double their worth, and sellers rarely use similar products to make knock off bulgari pendant B cargo. The market is similar to the B goods are the first few years of inventory of the second highest price is better injection material, no bleached white pure B cargo, Liwan Square to the Hualin jade market, currently selling more than 1,000 yuan Most bracelets, pendants fall into this category. Its shape is very similar to 'ice' imitation bvlgari pendant and 'glutinous rice' in the high-grade A cargo jade, warm and shiny at the same place and Hetian jade, ornamental effect is very high. The second is the carving is better, after the plastic injection B + C goods jade. Far view similar to jade, its processing is delicate, the simulation effect is good, the color level, and A cargo emerald shape close, some consumers also bought from the Internet similar to the alleged natural fake, but its outstanding effect.

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