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Staffing Co.

The salon keeps me busiest. We're at 6524 St. Clair Ave. We just reopened, the salon burnt down in 2011. I lost everything. Someone stole copper wire off of the air conditioner, and I had a technician there fixing it when he caught the building on fire with his torch. We had to evacuate. I was out of business for 16 months. I worked at a friend's salon and found a place for everyone to work. I could've retired at that point, but a lot of people were depending on me so I reopened.

What do your friends and employees say about you?

I have a woman who has worked for me for 17 years. She just said that she's learned from me through mentoring and that I am all about my business. I live and die for having everyone handle their business. All you have is your name and your good credit and you can't mess that up. I always tell everyone to be on time with their bills and keep their affairs in order.

Feels like you are important to the community.

I do what I can. I help kids in the neighborhood, too. I have young girls and boys show up looking for help, I don't turn them away. I will always find something, sweeping, cleaning mirrors, something for them the do to earn some money. My non profit is really new, but I feel helping to support these local kids is part of my mission. I have also helped Yvonne Pointer with her schools in Africa. I've donated clothes and more than 300 pairs of shoes. I went with Yvonne to Ghana and I took a group to South Africa and we donated kid's clothes and school supplies to an orphanage.

Can you tell us anything about "Cleveland Hustles" and your time on the show?

I can't say much. There's a fine if I say anything. They only recently released our names. It's an eight episode show and it premieres Wednesday, Aug. on CNBC.

How does fashion fit into your busy world?

Fashion for me brings it all together. I am in the style business, after all. Not everyone wants to dress up and put on makeup everyday, but as a stylist you just have to. Some Sundays are the only time I don't wear makeup. I like to be able to change my look at the drop of a hat. I can do that with my hair. I use healthy hair extensions and we create custom wigs. Depending on the event or whom I'm meeting, I might have a bob style one day and long flow y hair the next day.

I'm contemporary and modern. I'm a visionary. I have to see everything. I wear a lot of black and white. In the last year, I've been adding color. Pink is my second favorite color. I don't follow trends, I kind of despise them unless there's something in the store that I know will fit me well and I like it then that's what I'm putting on, even if it happens to be a trend. I also don't care for vintage, except for quality vintage purses. I do my own thing and I stay in my lane. I have my own vision.

I do all phases of hair care, mainly styling and cutting. Cutting and color are my forte. I love doing custom color. I do a lot of beaded extensions. Everyone loves them because they require no glue or braids. I also do semi permanent lashes that last for six to eight weeks. They're great you can swim and work out in them.

Can you cry like a baby in them?

Yes you can! You need to come back to have them removed because they won't budge.

Where do you find fashion inspiration?

I like Essence magazine. I don't really people watch. I like my own style. I might look at a few celebrities, but not often.

Can you tell us a little fashion secret?

My closets are color coordinated, divided by season and sectioned by style and items, purses in one place, shoes in another. I have business attire in one section, jogging suits in another. I'm organized. My nickname is "Perfect Patty." I don't believe in being perfect, but I do strive for greatness.

I do sell my higher end items that I don't wear through consignment. I just took a Louis Vuitton bag to Cleveland Consignment Shoppe on Chagrin. I also shop there. I've also bought high end designer pieces on Poshmark. Items are authenticated so it's a trustworthy site. I don't believe in spending retail on a purse. I am a saver, I don't believe in spending thousands on a purse. I would rather put that money into an IRA.

Are you good at getting rid of things?

I tend to keep certain things. I do give away so many clothing items. I keep a lot, too and that worked out. My cousin had a fire. She's my size, so I was able to give her bags of clothes. I need to try to give away more things.

What are your favorite types of accessories?

If you could buy a dream item without worry or guilt, what would it be?

I would get a Versace dress or a beautiful Cartier watch. I love Cartier.

I love MAC, the foundation works best on me. I like the variety. I also like the Ulta Beauty foundation it layers well on my skin. I also like products by Cover Girl and L'Oreal. I like Smashbox eye shadows, as well.

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