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Steal official female thief to report the Anhui Office failed to be surrendered Anhui police

NetEase Hebei News It is understood that Anhui police request the reasons for the transfer: Tang Shui-yan suspected of theft with the gang case. Since then, her cell phone has been shut down when filing a photo permit to report the real name of female thieves to seek reduced sentence

In April of this year, Tang Shui-yan, 30, was arrested for alleged theft in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. Along with his 'colleague,' 20-year-old Shaanxi fellow roommate (sentenced to 10 years in prison for theft) was arrested. Due to being listed as an online fugitive by Lishui Zhejiang Police, Tang Shui-Yan was handed over to Lishui Municipal Public Security Bureau for handling by the end of July. Tang Shui-yan, who was released on bail during pregnancy, took the initiative to explain to Lishui Public Security Bureau Liandu Branch about many other areas that police have not mastered previously Theft cases clues. At the same time, she submitted relevant materials to the CCDI website, and two real-names were reported to be suspected of accepting bribes at Hunan Provincial Department-level Officials. 'At the beginning, those in the office of the deputies shocked me. In recent years, Bring a camera and imitation bulgari pendant take pictures of the stolen goods and relevant officials' identification information in the office of the accident. 'Tang Shui-yan told reporters that at the beginning of 2012 she saw a piece of online news on' Thieves bvlgari necklace imitation gold anti-corruption and officials sacking 'and decided But also for their own stay, 'the back road': 'photogenic permit to stay at the scene of the crime, reported after the arrest of commutation' Tang Shuiyan interviewed again confirmed his report: October 31, 2012, she prized lock into Hunan Province Construction Department, a room on the fourth floor, room office desk card marked the hall is a departmental level cadres. In this office, Tang Shui-yan found a large number of gifts and goods, ranging from sea cucumbers, cordyceps sinensis, grass tablets, cigarettes and wines to unequal numbers, as well as two Omega ladies' watches and three gold ingots imitation bvlgari pendant weighing about 30 grams , A Hetian jade pendant, a men's diamond ring and a shopping card valued at about RMB30,000 etc. On July 24, 2013, she entered the 8th floor of Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of Hunan Province to steal burglary, and led the office in a hall and its accompanying Inside the bedroom, find plenty of gifts such as cigarettes, Maotai, ginseng, tea and an unopened Apple laptop, and find the key to a safe in the office in the room closet and take one of the Omega watches , A plum king male form, gold bracelet 2, ring 2 'twice the theft I have stolen things stacked on the desk, and the owner of the office put together a brand name.' Tang Shui Yan said it is understood Tang Shui-yan, who had been stolen by Tang Shui-yan, did have corrupt officials later seized by discipline inspection departments. Among the confessions written by Tang Shui-yan to Lishui Public Security Bureau of Lishui City, he mentioned the stealing of Wang Shujun, former chairman of Guizhou Rural Credit Cooperatives, and the office of Cheng Mengren, the former director of the Department of Communications of Guizhou Province, in July and October 2012, People were investigated separately in 2013 and 2014 and dealt with the cases handled by Lishu Police Station in Lishu City. They said that the recent case of theft by Tang Shui-yan, who recently confessed to the police, is still under investigation and evidence collection, The number of committing the crime and the amount involved. 'In response to her' surrender ', we have adopted the collaboration platform within the public security system to send the relevant information to' involved places 'and asked the local police to assist in the investigation.'

High income stolen safety officials office by the 'favor'

'I only steal an official's office and never steal civilians!' Tang Shui-yan said that first of all, the profits of stealing officials were high and were 'very rewarding' almost every time. 'In May 2008, I stole a lot of shopping cards and a few boxes of Cordyceps sinensis in an office in the Nanjing Office of Land and Resources. I sold these things at a discount and sold 180,000 yuan at a time.' She said, 'My companion Room Cloud Cloud stole at Hefei suddenly more than 600 shopping cards, each par value from 1,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

Tang Shui-yan also told reporters that after 2013, 'oil and water' in officials' offices was significantly lower than before. 'It was probably the reason why the central government stepped up efforts to combat corruption and felt the offices were cleaned up in advance.'

Followed by stolen 'safe.' Tang Shui-yan said most of the property stolen by the stolen officials in the office was 'gray income.' Because of the improper access of these properties, officials often willingly accepted the loss and did not dare to file a report on the 'fatal weaknesses' of officials who Tang Shui-yan considered for their own future Have also been confirmed on the case investigators. Police at the Lishui Public Security Bureau said that after the arrest of Tang Shui-yan, the police took her to several crime scene to testify. However, many officials in charge of the office denied that theft had occurred and prevented him from entering the relevant scene. At the end of May this year, Tang Shuiyan was arrested in Hefei for being involved in theft in Hefei. Housing cloud Yun entrusted her custody of more than 600 shopping cards have also bvlgari copy necklace gold been confiscated by the local police. When Fang Yunyun was sentenced by the court, they found that the two cases that caused them to be arrested were not included in the criminal facts. This reporter has learned that at present the identity of the two stolen officials have been identified, respectively, Anhui Banking Regulatory Bureau and the Anhui Provincial Food and Drug Administration deputy departmental officials, Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has been involved in the investigation. Pirates of the Pirates do not deserve praise

The so-called 'steal officialdom does not steal people' such a gimmick, attracting many netizens on the network, 'praise', 'sympathy' Hangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, said a cadre, burglar thieves will cause a lot of people sympathy, people Strong hatred of corrupt behavior is the main reason. But 'Pirates are theft, not worthy of praise, but can not be called what Xia.'

Wang Quanming, deputy director of Zhejiang Golden Road Law Office, said: 'The motives of Tang Shui-yans who specifically steal corrupt officials are not for anti-corruption, but for personal profit. Corrupt officials are also reported to mitigate their penalties. They should not neglect the' justice 'of the result Purpose and means. '
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Ctrip Raiders Taichung Nangong Forest Park attractions

Shi Dong Miao village is located in Taijiang County, Guizhou Province, is the birthplace of Miao culture, Guizhou Province, Qiandongnan Miao population is considered relatively more, here compared to other Miaozhai would be more developed, where the Miao Silverware and handicrafts are well developed, there are many silversmiths around, so in Miao costumes, where the dress is the most gorgeous, the girls dress is very exaggerated, clothes are all knock off bvlgari sun pendant studded with silver, silver bubble and silver pendants, head Crown, collar and bracelets are very gorgeous, embroidered clothes are also hand-stitched up, the whole body up and down with about ten pounds of heavy equipment, such a suit worth tens of thousands of pieces, but these costumes only when the sister festival Will wear, usually food will not wear out, like the silver here, then you can go to the nearby silversmith home to buy, like silver hairpin, silver bracelet, silver earrings, silver necklace these can be bought, interested can be in the vicinity pendant imitation bvlgari Stroll Travel Raiders Navigation Hot season: Hong Kong Shanghai Shenzhen Chongqing Sanya Xi'an Xiamen Nanjing Wuhan Kunming Qingdao Tianjin Zhengzhou Shenyang Urumqi

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Taijiang tourist attractions + more

Miao Village, Hongyang Miao Taijiang Miao Village anti-rowing Miao Nangong Forest Park to pay Gong Miao Redang pasture

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Why a chain of Cartier sell tens of millions

In fact Fan Fan had not quite understood until a few days ago was invited to visit in Shanghai, 'CartierMagicien Light Shadow Secret' high-level jewelry show, opened the door to the New World, I feel everything is reasonable.

Fan Bingbing Kinmen and Matsu finish the second day to fly to Shanghai to see CartierMagicien Fine Jewelry Fair this kind of thing, the fan does not tell you

Jewelry Exhibition in the Bund source one, is the original British Consulate General in Shanghai, forced full. Fan Lord particularly like doorman this detail, people feel that the exhibition is very high and courtesy

After imitation bulgari pendant the door there are staff to help close the coat, the fan was wearing a clear drag. bvlgari sun pendant fake Qian design a small black dress, go to the opposite of the mirror device art room photo taken in the mirror around this refraction, coupled with exquisite lighting, instant I feel very magical. When you go to see the exhibition you can try

The soul of fine jewelry is the main stone, and Cartier can buy the best stone. This Magicien new series of Magie Blanche necklace to 24 million. And its 'soul' main stone is a very rare beige diamond, clarity to VS1 level IIa type (only 1% of the world's diamonds can be called Type IIa Oh), weighing 20.09 kt.

Fan Lord to science common sense: high-level jewelry is often the first gem, and then designers to find ideas inspired by the stone design. Cartier jewelry creative director, said: 'Designers are a group of naughty children, with a very rich imagination to do a variety of gems ...'

Watching the show, Fan was addicted to the jewelry that it showed, reflecting different light magic necklaces Kaleidoscope in the background constantly rotating change, and the jewelry in front of each other more addicted to have to admire the Cartier exhibition when the brain.

Cartier loved by the upper class, Van main feel a very important reason is that their home smart and thoughtful design. For example, this hidden jewelry watch. Its shape is a bracelet, open the gem, which is a watch, it is very complicated to do. The reason why so much effort is made to facilitate the ladies of high society - to attend the dinner and other occasions in the early years, watching time is a very rude thing, so the watch should be hidden under the jewelry (see the time to pretend to see Gem bracelet will not be rude friends).

And this Double Jeu bracelet, there are 3 kinds of wearing law: the first is like the replica pendant bvlgari figure, wearing a radiant hand; the second is to turn over to wear all the light gathered on the main stone; the third More interesting species, is to separate the bracelets, into two bracelets. With the magical magic of Cartier modeling, this top three bracelets

High society aristocrats, ladies are not bad money, like the pursuit of all kinds of strange and beautiful things. Cartier jewelry from all over the world to learn inspiration, exotic jewelry makes people willing to spend big bucks

In the early 1920s, the kings and nobility in India entrusted their collections of jewelery to Cartier for further processing. Cartier, inspired by Indian traditional-style jewelry, was reinterpreted in a modern manner and was instantly favored by customers.

In 1936, fashion ladies Daisy. Farrows special custom 'Indian style' necklace, Cartier is the most representative style of the future 'fruit kit.'

The fruit kit is characterized by a very bold and bright color palette with three precious stones - sapphire, emerald and ruby ​​- set on platinum and carved on precious stones.

And this exhibition, Fan Lord also saw the newly produced 'fruit kit' in recent years. The piece is very rare because of the large amount of colored gemstones on it and its size (a 54.45 - karat carving Burma sapphire, a 7.85 - carat and a 8.17 - carat Burma sapphire, as well as lots of rubies and emeralds. , It's hard to find again now ...

Later, Cartier's famous designer Zhen Du Sang carry cheetah shape to flourish. This kind of cheetah embodies the femininity of the moment so Cartier stand out from the jewelry brand. Duchess of Windsor, since 1948, ordered a number of pieces of brooches, bracelets, etc., make up a perfect Cheetah jewelry series.

The gallery on the second floor of the exhibition draw inspiration from nature and look like a jungle. If you are lucky, you can also see Cheetah's animation walking around the wall (well, it's moving). The whole scene is cool and realistic, can even hear the leopard's call, are details of it

Fan Lord has been attracted by a variety of small leopard in the window, natural magic really powerful (••)

Staff members said this is also the new Magicien series this year, continuing the element of a cheetah: a leopard surrounded knock off bvlgari sun pendant by an emerald ring. The staff member also said: 'Although the emerald of 9 o'clock carat is not very large (Fan master thinks it is very big, (): (), but the garden phenomenon in it (that is, the natural grain inside) is very unusual Rare, clean and textured '

Later in the room next to the showroom, Fan also tried to try Meng Meng da little leopard ring, above is a garnet. Then reluctant to pick it up, full of small leopard baby leopard little leopard ... ...

It is placed in the tray a bit unsurprising, and not very large carat diamond, but after wearing the fan master feel the whole person is lit up is not an exaggeration, do not pick people, not rob, will silently make you the whole person blingbling very nice. Daily wear will not be too hard, high practicality

When moving up look better, it will continue to flash with the rotation of the wrist, it is really 'twinkling twinkling.'

Although the picture is super super beautiful, but no real Smart. Some of the light reflected by jewelry can only be captured with the eyes, a kind of special magic beauty.
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Lijiang Lijiang Old Town, Ctrip Raiders fun it

Lijiang ancient city beautiful and not to say, I put the Lugu Lake from Lijiang, a new look, I bvlgari rose gold imitation necklace hope to be helpful to everyone. 6.02 nights at the inn to pay 420 yuan per person Lugu Lake two-day tour fee (fares, tickets, group meals, accommodation). 6.21 As early as 7:30:30 Lijiang Old Town North Bus Terminal by travel arrangements for the bus to Lugu Lake, travel more than four hours, on the way to rest at 4000 meters above sea level, overlooking the Jinsha River. 11:30 arrived Ninglang County, at the roadside tourist reception center lunch, there are native products (not recommended to buy). Then 40 minutes drive to the Lugu Lake, the first scenic spot into the viewing platform is the Lugu Lake distant view camera; the second station to the lake boat about an hour, the crystal clear lake, the white bible of the blooms, and lake Sea grass edge. Tour guide can taste the local grilled fish, is the kind of small trash. The third stop at the lake viewing point slow camera, I lay on the grass watching the blue sky, white clouds, but also to see the sound of blue lake, towering mountains. The fourth station went to Mosuo village, living in the standard room or three rooms, we arrange to live under the wash and rest for 40 minutes, and then is arranged to the village place for dinner. After dinner the village arranged a bonfire party, I could not go to diarrhea, even my wife and daughter did not go. Later, because to listen to the friends that play is still very happy. Room hot water bath is good. 6.22 In the morning I was full of blood, resurrected, 7:30 breakfast in the inn, check out after breakfast, luggage on the car, the staff still in the village activities. The first project was a Mosuo Moshe introduced Mosul folklore in the village, and then brought her home, is also the old Mosuo grandmother family. A sister to all members of the grandmother introduced the Mosuo people to marry and living conditions, we can also ask, but according to poor rules ask Mosuo people's biological father situation. The most talked about is the Mosuo people love silver jewelry, because this is the focus of the promotion of silver combs, silver cups, bracelets, belts and the like. Because the silver is very magical, with the guidance of the highly recommended, we also bought some, according to grams of silver billing, comb about 1,000 yuan, seven or eight hundred bracelets, two or three thousand silver cups, belts To seven or eight thousand dollars. We bought a bracelet, my wife can wear to play. In the village to see a larger silverware store, are Mosuo village collective industry, all to come to tourism will be brought here. Leave the village coach or around the Lugu Lake, the first stop in the mountains of the highest point of view, because the sun is very sunshine, plus too many people, everyone took a picture to leave. The second stop to a place called love show, gravel beach, playful water, see the wider lake, the word 'beauty.' After lunch, the tour guide played the final marketing speech in the car and took everyone to the tourist product shopping center after driving for an hour. Here is the sale of saffron, Dendrobium, Tianma, bitter buckwheat tea like the so-called local specialty, we began to almost be fooled, tour guides help to rescue, and we suggested that the tour guide bought 800 yuan saffron, buy some buckwheat tea Bring back to share with colleagues. Finally, at four o'clock in the afternoon back to the ancient city of Lijiang North Terminal terminating the Lugu Lake trip. An unforgettable ancient city of Lijiang, the ancient city is well known to all people should refer to the ancient city of Dayan, Lijiang, in addition to the big study there are other ancient cities, such as Baisha, Shuhe. The ancient city of Dayan belongs to the state 5A-level scenic spots, a long time ago for the ancient city maintenance fee is not so demanding, but now you must buy this maintenance fee in the daytime free access to the ancient city entrances and exits. Tickets: 80 yuan maintenance fee in the ancient city (check time: 8:30 19:00), effective duration looks like it is 15 days, but it is estimated no problem longer. This vote is redeemed once every six months, like you can pay attention Oh. Traffic: Lijiang can go around the train, aircraft, car, tourist city is the convenient transportation. Inside the attractions: Wan Gu Lou (located in the Lion Rock), Mufu, Sifang Street, White Horse Longtan, of course, the baby is really visiting the ancient city of Lijiang may not be interested in these large cities. Once a television: a meter of sunshine, for the first time let us remember the Lijiang has a full of sunshine, cozy, simple folk customs of the ancient city, we all want to see here. Now the ancient city of Lijiang may be more and more commercial, more ALICE will be ignored here. I have been to several times, but in the ancient city inside the sun, although heavy commercial, but the sun diminished, perhaps later will go here. The first thing that came to the ancient city of Lijiang, is to buy a hand-painted map of the ancient city of Lijiang, 10 yuan / Zhang, Lu Chi and non-road crazy, a map is not much use. Because of the first visit to Lijiang Old Town, lost is inevitable. Even for the second time, still get lost. It is said that the layout of the ancient city is built according to gossip map, huh, huh. The wisdom of the Chinese people is everywhere! Sifang Street is the representative of Lijiang Ancient Street and is located in the heart of the ancient city. It is not only the center of the ancient city of Dayan, but also the trade and commercial center of northwestern Yunnan. Square Street is a small square about 100 square meters of trapezoidal, paved with shops on both sides of the street. Stretching from the four corners of Sifang Street, there are four main streets: Guangyi Street, Qiyi Street, Wuyi Street and Xinhua Street. Many streets and lanes are also bifurcated from the four main streets, such as cobwebs, extending in all directions. Center, along the street layer by layer extension of the meticulous and open pattern. Do not. There are 354 bridges in the Old City of Lijiang, with the more famous Dashiqiao and Wanziqiao built in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The most famous Dashiqiao is located 100 meters east of Sifang Street, built by Ming Tombs. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain can be seen from the river under the water reflection, also known as Ying Xueqiao. The bridge double-hole stone arch bridge arch ring with rock slab, the bridge deck with the traditional stone, smooth slope, to facilitate cross-Strait exchanges. 'GE70' '' '' '' unless Integrated '' GE70 '' 'GE GE GE GE GEOTOTOTOT GE GE GESIA' '' '' GE GE GE GE GEOTOT officialbiran GE GE GE GE GE GE GE GEOTOT officialbiran GEOThere70-08-08 GEOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOT GEOTOTOTOTOTOT GE GE GE GE GE GEOTOT officialbiran GEOTOROSTOTOTOTOT Organ Government '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' While the entire world is operating orderly and orderly in its order, one place is free from all the rules and laws, and people gather here to make concerted efforts and bvlgari copy ring necklace to sing night and night. This is the night of Lijiang, crowded was not decent. Fish in the jade river to stay against the water, people gathered in the Quartet to play jumping, the bar heard noisy high-decibel music. Atmosphere is set to meet all people dreams of life and death imagination. Lijiang, but also synonymous with healing and Aventure, the crowd of people coming and going, how many small soul moaning in pain, you need to use Yan Yu to treat. I can not figure out whether these pains can be treated with Aventure. Here, we can take what we need. Like quiet, you can get up early, walk in the streets of the ancient city; like lively, go to the bar at night happy; like shopping, shops here enough to make you dazzling; like lazy, you can sleep '' 'But' 'GEOTHERSONOT' '' GE GE GE GEOTOT GEOPOTHERSON '' '' 'GE GE bvlgari pendant necklace fake GE GE GEOTOT GEOPOT7070 GE GE GE GE GE GE GEOTOT GEOPOT7070 GE GE GE GE GEO GEO GEO GEOOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOT' '' '' '' GE GE GE GE GE GE707070 GE GE GE GE GE GE GE GES70 GEO '' '' '' 'GE GE GE GE GE GE GE707070 GE GE . . Here, always let people stay and return. To play the ancient city of Lijiang is bound to go, pendant imitation bvlgari there is a small bridge into the ancient city of people feeling, very ethnic characteristics, each of the signs are Dongba and Chinese two languages, it is recommended to go Is a wooden house, 60 yuan tickets, as well as guides, including explanations, not boring himself blindly blind, photography do not know what to see! The ancient city is a tourist attraction, so what to eat is certainly expensive without thinking, and some prices more than double, buy souvenirs, then you can go to the local residents to live in the new city to buy, fair price, genuine, if you can not find it in the ancient city to buy Also OK but remember to bargain! There is also the focus of Lijiang is very toxic UV may not think you bask in the sun, but immediately returned to the hotel exposed black red! So parasols must hit! There are some attractions in the ancient city. 1: the core of the ancient city of Square Street, where there will be several times a day. Commercial taste is heavy now, there are stalls everywhere. Some regret, but it feels good in the morning. 2: Mufu Lijiang chieftain yamen. The building is typical, but it is not worth the visit, of course, to see the historic and ancient architecture. 3: Wan Gu Lou On the side of the ancient city, a small hill, overlooking Lijiang, a good perspective. Not ancient buildings, antique buildings only. However, to receive tickets, it seems not cheap. In fact, if you want to see the panoramic view of Lijiang, Wan Fuglou is not the only choice. There is a hostel on the edge of the ancient building, the hotel's second floor can drink tea, where the line of sight is not bad. There are a few roads on the ancient buildings, the traditional is to take Huangshan Street, but in Xinhua Road, there is a trail that can go there, take photos, then there, all the way in the shuttle between the old house, feeling good, not lost, only Need to have been watching the TV Tower on the mountain no problem. For the first time I wrote a travelogue, for whom I am not too particular about, I really like here, the first is a few streets or very quiet, some small water feeling, the second there are many beautiful design such as Inn , Bars, restaurants or spent a lot of thought-style garden style thick. The third beauty of the girl can really be like the magazine barefoot and then wearing a big trench coat or sweater, the weather is too much change, what kind of dress seems to be there too. I spent five days there, out there every day to go out, always go to a different street, the ancient city of Lijiang is indeed very large, but also indeed commercial, but the still heart is still very good. Pick a few quiet next to the river street tea with friends chat, see people coming and going seems to have nothing to worry about things, the inn must not choose the main street, pick a cozy, sitting in the afternoon on a small courtyard swing, hit It would be nice to have a boss who plays guitar and has a pet. Reminded that the old city of Lijiang is a place together, not the entire Lijiang Xiaoqiao water, out of the ancient city with our living environment is similar. Of course, there is a difference in temperature and other diet Lijiang in October a pleasant climate, due to altitude reasons, just off the plane feel surrounded by blue sky and white clouds, took the opportunity to sweat away by the breeze swept away less than half an hour away from the airport to reach large Research heart of the heart of the city endless. The ancient city of the hotel must give praise, the image is particularly good, according to their own friends and make friends with the ancient city of their own feelings and dictation, no matter which hotel, are hospitable, without any negative consumer, the actual price, the hotel I live In Mid-levels, the boss personally welcome down the mountain, free upgrade suites, any requirements are met one by one, people feel the same, really commendable, which is absolutely the hotel service in the country ranked first. The ancient city has a high degree of playability, where the original music, bars, food, ancient city buildings, beautiful clouds ... worth your exploration. I live in the non-Wyatt view inn, recommend you to go, the scenery here is absolutely perfect, the boss a French Western food also done remarkable.
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Jade each price is much

Materials, the general necklace, Jade each material 10 to 150,000, the bracelet material each 25 to 300000. In this way, three materials to make a 20 jewelry, a 20 necklace, jade about 30 to 450,000, a 20 bracelet About 75 to 900,000 .3 pieces of jewelry of the same level to do the next level .3 20 can synthesize a 35,3 35 can knock off bvlgari pendant synthesize a 50,350 a 60. Not a copy bulgari pendant member of synthetic jewelry need synthetic card, member Free synthesis. Follow a 20 necklace jade.

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Where do you usually buy clothes for your baby? Which kind of anti-radiation suits I am ready to buy anti-radiation suits, now the weather a bit cold, do not know what pants comfortable? Does anyone know where there is a beautiful maternity dress? I want to buy good. Pants are always wet? Wai Ying 36 weeks friends, both green feces morning, found that the baby Lard feces is green, how to use crochet hook baby clothes, how to start Feel the quality of the British clothes? I would like to ask. Pregnant women radiation suit useful? Condition description (onset time. Now Mimi swollen, would like to ask the next to buy bra, or not. Clothes stained with sterling silver Platinum Jade spiritual summer Beijing seeking an online game

Q: Now 14 weeks, in recent days due to work place to go to work just finished decoration, there are shares asked, a bit worried!

A: Now 14 weeks, in recent days because of the work relationship imitation bulgari gold pendant to the place just finished decoration, there are shares asked, a bit worried! Details >> How to dress new house ah, a big while asked ah, I smell a little bit pregnant pregnant women will not b zero1 imitation pendant do 2017 10 08 How to taste the new house, ah, I asked a lot of pregnant women, I was pregnant women smell A little bit of taste will not work 2017 10 01 Children more than 5 setbacks suffered frustration, raised his hand to answer less ask, a nervous on the stage, parents how to guide! 2017 09 19 Is the central road from Hakodate to Toya again to Noboribu go to Sapporo or Hakodate go to Noboribu Toei? .
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Tourists try on the bracelet accidentally broken

Event Review: On the morning of the 27th, Ms. Fei Fei of Jiangxi Province traveled to Ruili City to tell Yucheng Tourism. During the try on the bracelet, the seller Lin inadvertently bid 300,000 yuan bracelet broke. Due to over-tension, Ms. Fei on the spot syncope, businesses and the surrounding people immediately call 120, quickly rescue them. After the incident, the parties chose to resolve their own consultations, not to the relevant departments or to apply for mediation dispute focus: a visitor accidentally smashed 300,000 bracelet price, aroused widespread concern. Many netizens expressed sympathy for the encounter of this tourist while 'blaming' her too carelessly and even trying on the price without asking the price. But things have happened after all, and now we are most concerned about the question is: how much is this worthless jade bracelet? How much should this tourist compensate?

Southern Network Reviews: The cost of this bracelet is how much? Ruili gem association to come forward as a third party, appraisal and evaluation of replica bvlgari mens rings sale this bracelet, the market knock off bulgari white gold ring price is 18 million. If the price is set up, it means that tourists have to compensate 180,000 yuan to businesses. imitation bulgari rings men But the crux of the problem lies in Ruili gem industry association as an industry organization, copy bvlgari black and gold ring in this case it is not purely 'third party'? We do not forget, the trade organization is the implementation of the membership system, the local gem stone merchants are precisely its members, gem stone merchants and gem association, there is a relationship of interest, and then compared with tourists, gem stone Association The relationship with the business is obviously closer, and the relationship with tourists farther. (detailed)
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Xidan North Street 133, 5th Floor, Grand Department Store how copy bulgari rings for men to go

Location Today, go to Jun Tai Department Store copy bvlgari mens diamond rings to look at clothes, came out from Rococo home bought two windbreaker, shopping malls are now activities, spending 1000 back to 100 gift vouchers. Because there is no other shopping needs, just want to buy something to use this 100 out. Rococo home shopping guide to accompany me to check out when I told you in the south of the escalator at a bodying is a home service, trinkets, you can go to see this shop has two knock off bvlgari mens wedding rings parts, part of the home service, including socks, pants Socks, home clothes, parent-child equipment, but also part of the sale of jewelry, including bracelets bracelets necklaces earrings head flower jewelry, fine workmanship, there are many bling bling flashing copy rose gold bvlgari ring style, the girl should love the shopping guide two people, a warm South girl I , Try to help me to wear bracelets, necklaces, really a piece of the trial, these jewelry is small and exquisite, wear off, and then restored to the well-placed state is very troublesome. This girl is particularly good and patient. These jewelry is 100 30, like friends can go and see
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Use yoga to care for our wrist

With the rapid progress of science and technology and the development of civilization, we have changed the way we live and work. These changes are far beyond the natural evolutionary speed of human body structure, so prone to some incongruity, tenosynovitis is one of the manifestations. The role of yoga practice here is to promote mutual harmony, so that human beings can fully enjoy the fruits of civilization and avoid the pain of weight loss: the hottest four kinds of rapid weight loss this summer, insist on vegetarian diet in fact, not lose weight?

If you are currently using a computer, then please pay attention to your current posture. Please keep your posture motionless, maybe you just type or browse the web, so I have reason to imagine your hands are staying on the keyboard, maybe your hand is on the mouse, please look at you again Hand position, your shoulder, chest position, your forearm, and your hand and keyboard contact points. Is your middle finger and forearm in a straight line? Is your palm bowed up? Are you typing with your fingertips? If you use a more specialized vocabulary to describe this gesture exactly, that is, your thumb Straighten, point and biceps in a parallel plane?

Maybe we will give different answers according to our actual situation. But would you be surprised if I told you that your sitting posture when typing, the position of your arm, and the condition of your shoulder and back will determine if you will be the next patient with tenosynovitis?

In fact, in addition to the frequent use of computers, we are susceptible to various occupational diseases. The rapid development of car driving also forces those car owners who spend a long time on the steering wheel to walk on the edge of the tendon sheath disease. Improper postural manipulation of the computer or driving a car daily can greatly increase the odds of having a tendon sheath disease. In recent years, the prevalence of tenosynovitis in office workers and motorists has shown an alarming increase. Relatively speaking, women are more likely to suffer from tenosynovitis due to hormonal factors and their anatomical features. If tenosynovitis occurs at the site of the wrist, it is usually a condition medically known as 'carpal tunnel syndrome.' Severe tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome sometimes require surgical treatment What is bulgari fake diva earrings tendon sheath and tenosynovitis

Tenosynovium is a tissue that has evolved during the evolutionary process primarily to protect the normal function of the fingers and toes of the extremities. The human arm because of the flexibility of the fingers, wrists and fingers on the tendon also the most developed. What is the tendon sheath? For example, have you seen the ladies arm wearing a bracelet? The bracelet surrounds the arm, and if you are comfortable, the bracelet can not be too tight. When bulgari fake earrings the bracelet is too tight, it may cause abrasion of the arm skin, which may lead to inflammation and swelling. The case of tenosynovitis is similar to this, the bending movements of our fingers, and especially the bending required to grip our fingers (eg, driving a car) and finger typing, playing fingers, etc., with a series of flexors of the fingers, Respectively, issued by the upper arm and forearm, to the wrist to form a long tendon, has been extended to the finger tip. Among them, the superficial flexor tendon reaches the middle finger of each finger while the deep flexor refers to the base of the distal phalanx of each finger. In this way, the site of the wrist is the buildup of a tendon. In order to avoid the frequent movement of the fingers (which is one of the hallmarks of human beings), the friction between the tendons and the tendons and the bones may be caused and the relative positions of the tendons fixed. Therefore, some mutual isolation bands , And the tendon fixed on the corresponding bone. This task of isolation and fixation is done by the tendon sheath. In the wrist, many finger flexor tendon with tendon sheath and the formation of a group in the wrist and finger flexor support zone under the jurisdiction of a relatively independent structure, called the carpal tunnel. At the same time, the carpal tunnel also contains the median nerve responsible for the sensation and movement of the thumb, index finger and middle finger. This led to a team saying that here we can basically understand the role of the tendon sheath here, it not only protect each finger tendon motor independence, but also to maintain the relative stability of each tendon. Usually the movement of the fingers within the scope of the activity bvlgari b zero fake earrings of the tendon sheath, but the frequent movement of the fingers tendon friction will tendon sheath, friction to a certain extent, the injury began to form, the accumulation of inflammation that is tenosynovitis appeared. Because human thumbs and index fingers are the most commonly used fingers, tenosynovitis is also most common in the thumb and index finger. Inflammation is mainly manifested as swelling and heat pain. If tenosynovitis occurs in the carpal tunnel, the swollen tendon sheath squeezes the median nerve in a team and numbness in the fingers becomes unavoidable. We sometimes hear of 'mother's hand' and 'snapping fingers', and 'mouse hand', and this are related to the prevention of tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome

Prevention of tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome must start from the usual habits. First, you need to sit upright, adjust the height of the chair so that the upper arm is as perpendicular as possible to the desktop, use a low mouse as much as possible, and so on ... All of the above have a preventive effect on the occurrence of tenosynovitis in office work. In addition, the rational use of spare time in the middle of the work, you can carry out targeted exercises described below. Most of us are at a more vulnerable position, especially women. In the practice of yoga body style, there are some need for wrist weight body, such as the next dog-style, handstand, crane Zen style, character twist and so replica bulgari earrings on. Some students in the practice process because they did not get the appropriate guidance, after the body there will be weakness in the wrist, or even the phenomenon of wrist pain, severe wrist fracture can cause wrist protection is an important part of the prevention and treatment of tenosynovitis. We say that all the flexor tendons of the fingers pass through the wrist joint, and that the wrist joint is a place where everyone is vulnerable and can easily cause damage. Then, during the practice of yoga, one must understand how to disperse the forces that the wrist can withstand. For example, in the next dog-style, you need to open the five fingers open, the palm of the hand three landed. These three points are the roots of the little finger and index finger, and the thumb's first knuckle. Middle finger forward, the index finger and thumb pressure to the inside. At the same time, try to raise the palm of your hand and wrist up (force upward, but does not actually cause the palm empty). If necessary, you can pad a certain height in the palm root. The same applies to other arm supports. After the palm of the hand stable, then in-depth body. Starting from the shoulder and chest position

If you look at patients with tenosynovitis, in addition to prolonged finger applications, in general, there are problems of their own. Such as shoulder rotation forwards, thoracic depression, shortness of breath and so short. The relative position of the shoulder joint determines the muscles of the entire arm and the tendon of the tendon of the fingers of the fingers from the arm Practicing Method: Stand, feet slightly apart, feet parallel toe forward, eyes flat. Stretch the spine, hands on both sides of the body vertically, palm inward. Straighten the thumb forward, the remaining four fingers bend the fist. As you inhale, slowly turn your thumb out and feel the rotation of the shoulder joints on both sides and the open shoulder. Repeatedly practice 5 10 times, the feeling of this two shoulder joint expansion applied to daily life, whether it is typing or driving, or the use of musical instruments. Continue to turn the two thumbs back, feel the chest forward to straighten out the feelings. Repeatedly practice, and this feeling of open thoracic applied to daily life and work to the wrist practice methods: one hand wrist practice. For patients with tenosynovitis, the usual wrist activity has not been able to play a sufficient role. At this time, if we can relatively fixed the position of the wrist, and then do the exercises would be better Method One: one hand thumb to suppress the medial wrist between the two stripes, the remaining four fingers holding the back of the wrist. Then bend the five-finger grip fist, with breathing for hand stretching and bending movement. Repeat the exercise on each side of the wrist 10 20 times, to complete a stretch and bending as a Method 2: standing, kneeling, sitting position, arm perpendicular to the desktop or the ground, bending the wrist, gently press the back of the hand on the desktop or the ground. Inhale, try to bend your fingers, back of the hand do not leave the contact surface. Exhale, straighten fingers and hands back on a flat surface while slightly bending elbows. Once a breath as a do 10 20 times. And then move your hands and wrists to relax your hands and wrists. Practice: Place your fingers in front of your chest with fingers crossed. Method 1: Hold your fingers downwards and pull your wrists (do not separate your fingers) and exhale your left wrist slowly Down to the middle of the press, with the right wrist bent, while pushing the middle, and finally, both hands connected to the ground perpendicular to the ground. Maintain the thrust of the two wrists in different directions. At this moment, the left wrist is in an extended state while the right wrist is in a bent state. Keep this position 2 3 breaths. Finally, inhale back to the original position, exhale, change direction. Pay attention to slow, wrist uniform force to bend and stretch the wrist to the limit. Practice 10 on each side Method 2: Palm inward, the same approach as above, but the final state of both wrists and hands connected to the surface perpendicular to the chest. Method three: palm outward, approach and palm inward Same breathing exercises: Appropriate breathing exercises can affect a person's posture, the correct breathing method can create the correct posture. For patients with tenosynovitis, chest and chest breathing will be of great help. These two breathing modes can effectively expand the chest, not only can more effectively inhale the oxygen in the air, but also can help practitioners to maintain a positive work attitude and enhance the practice of chest breathing is: breathing, Allow the air to sink to the bottom of the lungs as far as it will go, slowly expanding the thorax upward and outward and then raising the sternum until the air is drawn into the clavicle. Breath slowly reduce thorax to exclude air.
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There is a certificate of jade credible it

Recently, there are consumers that spend tens of thousands of yuan in the mall to buy the bracelet color is not good, to detect and even found that the product with high jade certificate can be Buy now

September 20, the reporter went to Ma On Shan Road, the New World Jewelry Antique City, a Jifuyu jewelry shop reporter saw jade bracelets, jade pendant and other products priced almost all on the thousands, the clerk said can play 8 fold. When a reporter questioned the quality of products required to see the corresponding certificate, the clerk told reporters that all of their products are qualified, and each product has a label, easy to read qualifications, the clerk to open the cupboard in a pile of certificates Find out the certificate of this bracelet. Subsequently, the reporter went to another Hongli jewelry store, staff told reporters that only part of their products in the store have a certificate of identification, and come up with a few from the Shandong Provincial Gemstone Test Research Center issued a certificate. Ten minutes to complete, just tens of dollars

October 12 Reporter went to Shandong Province located in Lingshan Baoyu stone test research center, asked to identify a jade bracelet In the gemstone test research center, the reporter saw three women to do the bracelet identification. In a woman doing jade wholesale business where the reporter found that the Gemstone Research Center not only issued a gem identification book, but also bring her the price of 20 bracelets have been marked Staff told reporters that the testing fee every time 20 yuan, if you want to identify the book to add extra bulgari fake bzero earrings money. Subsequently, the staff took the reporter to test the bracelet into the studio for testing, and refused to press into the studio. Reporter noted that from the bracelet into the studio to test the completion of the test results, only took about 5 minutes, with the production of test certificate to the bracelet photo made only 7 minutes made about the entire identification process of ten minutes to complete It's Bulk certificate price concessions

Reporters learned that to do jade identification and require the issuance of a certificate most of the jewelry jade sellers to facilitate sales, while consumers only a very small number of individual inspection. Although the appraisal agencies have posted replica bulgari bzero earrings a clear test fee and certificate issued by the cost standards, but the reporter learned that for a large number of samples sent to sellers, usually give more substantial price discount New World Jewelry Antique City Jifuyu jewelry clerk Said they went to test the product issued a certificate, previously a 10 yuan a, recently just bulgari fake b zero1 earrings price, 20 yuan a. The clerk told reporters that due to the frequent bulk samples, they form a cooperative relationship in the appraisal agency, is October 14, the reporter as a jade dealer called Shandong Gem Testing Center consulting and testing specific issues, the staff said No matter how many pieces, as long as the test result is the lowest B goods 60 yuan each, A goods, then over 300 minimum 10 yuan a. Jade identification book also depends on the logo

To remind the industry, consumers buy high-end emerald jade jewelry, jewelry not only depends on the purchase of appraisal certificate, but also check whether replica bulgari earrings the certificate Mu Lan)

If you still have such a problem in life, please call the newspaper reader hotline 12345 or 0531 82626598 for consultation.
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Vitamin D deficiency causes symptoms of poor calcium absorption

Inborn lack: mothers during pregnancy calcium and (or) inadequate intake of vitamin replica bvlgari bvlgari earrings D, premature birth low birth weight, twins and many more, resulting in fetal vitamin D and calcium storage deficiencies, resulting in infants born calcium deficiency symptoms. The performance of transient hypoparathyroidism and calcium deficiency caused by hypocalcemia, resulting in increased neuromuscular excitability, convulsions, laryngospasm, and even generalized convulsions. Seriously endanger the baby's life.

Lack of infants and young children: infants and young children due to rapid growth, the demand for calcium, if insufficient vitamin D, poor calcium absorption, can cause vitamin D deficiency rickets, the initial performance of night scared, pillow bald, square skull, bracelets and so on; Will cause chicken breast, funnel chest, ribs and other sternal deformation; such as the baby began to walk has not been able to correct the formation of O-shaped legs, X-shaped legs and other serious symptoms. Irreversible effects on your baby's life.

Lack of children and adolescents: Most people have no obvious clinical symptoms and signs. A small number of children may appear growth pain, joint pain, heart palpitations, insomnia and other non-specific symptoms. Serious lack of bone mineralization can lead to obstacles, the clinical manifestations of advanced rickets.

Supplementation of calcium and vitamin D during pregnancy Maternal and child need of calcium and vitamin D during pregnancy is increased, especially for the growth and development of the fetus, which is required for the development of teeth and teeth, and also as a reserve after birth. Maintain the pregnant woman's own bones, teeth health needs, normal nerves avoid pregnant women lack vitamin D Vitamin D is a steroid derivatives, with anti-rickets effect, replica bulgari bzero earrings known as anti-rickets vitamin. Vitamin D can increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, is necessary to regulate the normal metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, bone What factors affect calcium absorption? Calcium is the b zero1 fake earrings most abundant mineral in bvlgari earrings fake price the body. 99% exists in the bones and teeth, once the lack of calcium, not only slow down the growth of bone, but also fragile.
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