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Medieval ruins between the pitches of bulgari b zero1 replica earrings Orcha, India

A tricycle ride from the Khoo Jukkatsu Temple in Chapulteh takes ten minutes to reach the relatively small temple of Laxmi Narayan, a temple that combines a temple building with a fortress architectural style. Since the replica bvlgari silver earrings gods in the temple were stolen decades ago, there are no more idols here. Go straight along the bank from the temple and you can see the colorful bvlgari rose gold fake earrings life in the area. On replica bvlgari b zero earrings auspicious days, people meet and pray together. Traders sell all kinds of cinnabar, candies, beads and bracelets. Ballad artists pop up musical instruments and masturbate praying songs for the homeless. monument

A few steps away from the river, there are monuments on the coast full of austere yet majestic medieval rulers, mostly black and mossy, each with a square base and stairs to the top. Vulture hovering on the top of the monument adds a little bit of sadness. If you are here at dawn or dusk, the monument bathed in golden sunshine will look more beautiful. (Internship compilation: Zhang Yanzi reviewers: Zhao Xiaoxia)
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Asked hand tour jewelry synthesis analysis

聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 聽聽 read: Asking hand equipment is often a lot of game player shrink pursuit of the game content, players can show their strength through equipment. Asked in the hand tour jewelry which equipment can enhance the player's blood and other properties, and quickly enhance the combat effectiveness of the player asked hand tour equipment is often a lot of players, bulgari fake diva earrings one of the pursued pursuit of game content, players can be equipped to display Own strength Asking the hand-jewelry in this equipment can enhance bvlgari earrings fake price the players' blood and other properties, and quickly enhance the player's combat effectiveness. So ask the hand jewelry can be obtained in what ways? Asking players in mobile games can be obtained through the synthesis of more accessories and equipment, let's take a look at the specific synthesis Raiders now! Many novice friends for the synthesis of jewelry may not yet know very well, so Xiaobian to introduce you to the process of jewelry synthesis First, open the game panel below the create button, and then select the jewelry, you can jump to the jewelry synthesis Interface. As the three kinds of jewelry synthesis rules are basically the same, here mainly to take bulgari bzero fake earrings jade to illustrate the present jewelry synthesis grade 35, 50, 60, 70, 80. Synthetic jewelry below 80 are required to enter the lower three levels of replica bvlgari b zero earrings jade. To get 35 warm jade, the synthetic jade jade need to enter three 20-level pattern Longpeng. The 80 Dragon Ball Jade synthetic synthesis need to use a Pan Jian knot plus two super niece stone, this time the synthesis of Dragon Ball will be randomly added an additional property, good luck buddies may be able to fit into their favorite properties Oh. As with other equipment to create jewelry synthesis If the use of the props to limit the transaction as a material, then out of the equipment will be subject to trading restrictions for some time In addition, the panel of all the synthetic button is able to be able to synthesize all the materials once Sexual synthesis, for example, there are 60 lines Longpeng, then click on the synthesis of all will be automatically synthesized 20 Wen Yu Wan, this is a more convenient way. The synthesis button on the need friends one by one synthesis!

Necklace and bracelet synthesis rules consistent with the jade, but the required material is different, here do not repeat it, the specific synthesis details, please also Dao You move game experience it!
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I did not see the floating body more than 100 pictures

 I am dividing line

Dew last week, more busy, so you chase posts children's shoes waiting! I just wanted to write a post to leave a memory of their own, I did not expect everyone quite interested, then the landlord first trip to the Ganges share slightly. On a post inside, a lot of children's shoes are very admirable dew of courage, but also very worried about dew have been attacked Asan. In fact, dew past the side is ready, first cut a very ugly short hair, and then prepared a few very relaxed and man feel coats, in order to dress themselves as a do not see is a woman even if it is a woman It will definitely not cause other people's interest. Another Raiders, that is, in India for more than a dozen days, we are all dark before (about 6 o'clock in the afternoon) to return to the hotel near the crowded places, will not swing in the streets to the wee hours. In fact, as long as the safety factor to go to the place is not very high, girls should be very careful to protect themselves, the clothes should also be careful not to highlight the lines of women (dew to leave India that day to know the two girls in Taiwan in the past, actually Wear a tight skirt, really brave enough). Speaking of the Ganges, I believe the riders have seen many of the Ganges before the blockbuster, also seen in the microblogging mummified images _ do not know dew is good or bad luck, two days in the Ganges, actually did not I have seen a floating body. . . Moreover, dew and other reeling, nor experienced the legendary 'sitting on the Ganges River to see the burning of corpses, see through life and death,' the great thoroughfare, purely think it is the vision, Ha ha ha. Well, let alone say, put the picture for everyone to see it. Perhaps you will find these dew map with the Ganges you seen before the blockbuster is not the same, yes, dew of the map are not ps (in fact, do not understand too lazy to P), viewfinder is a general public vision, to restore everyone One of the most authentic trip to the Ganges. In fact, in the beginning of the itinerary there is no stop at the Ganges. Dew was planned to go from New Delhi to Calcutta, then train to the Taj Mahal. However, during the time in Calcutta, I heard that the rape case in New Delhi was very, very 'very popular' and that after a week's hard work with Asan, I felt very tired. I just had to rest for three or four days in the Ganges before returning to Kolkata Return to China. Since there was no plan to go to the Ganges in the first place, there was no need to book hotels online in Ganges before going there. Running a lot of hotels are full, and finally found a room there, but also the most expensive 'sea view room.' . . Although the dew is faint, the owner felt there was a bargain in the empty bvlgari snake leather bracelet copy room, but I really did not want to carry the suitcase and ran around again. And this view was really good. Haha dew also said in a post that many people in India Is a leisurely leisurely life, it seems not to work, you see these three men, really busy. . . Hotel rooftop. . If you look at it a bit like the old town of Guangzhou bungalow. . We sat on the train the night before, arrived in the early morning of the next morning, so after settling down, we had a good breakfast before setting off to the Ganges. The hotel is very close to the Ganges River, 2 or 3 minutes on foot. It is also convenient for us to see the sunrise the next morning. Residents near the initial impressions of the Ganges put the clothes washed out to dry, but dew do not suspect here is not dirty? Many children are playing, but they are not only playing games, but also waiting to pass by the foreign tourists peddling day trips, including the evening and early morning tour of the Ganges River, as well as the city's famous tourist guides. Dewdrop vaguely remember that if it is about all inclusive package is 150rmb, in fact, okay. . . The most indispensable to India is the variety of beautiful colors that bring immeasurable vitality to this poor and dirty country and are surrounded by groups of 2323. . Near the mirror, seemingly feeling in the network with the plug-in train plug a fight, the small boat actually can take so many people, really admire this one of the most magnificent buildings on the edge of the Ganges , More shocking to see the scene, it is said that before a big house to a positive house on the poles are pigeons We live in the hotel away from the most prosperous place on the Ganges River some distance, we have been along the river Take a lot of this graffiti on the wall, I do not know is the local painting, or foreign tourists painted God cow also! ! ! It would be troublesome to see these cows better off and inadvertently angered them. . . Moreover, they are copy bvlgari leather snake bracelet also really stinky body, it is estimated that you will automatically bounce the reflex, haha. These gods because there is someone to support, so it is so lazy and scattered stop and go, lie down in the sun to a close-up chant sleep can be comfortable. . . Finally reached the most lively place. The reason why the hottest here is because here is the entrance to the market, and in the evening will be held in this place sacrificial ceremony, so a lot of people gathered here. For example, we live here for the Spring Festival, haha ​​and then we go to the market direction following this picture may cause the audience uneasy, please be careful. . . Dew did not say anything. . . See more vomiting. . . . Indian women love this shiny jewelry. Dew also bought some back to do the letter, haha ​​these saris is actually quite expensive, expected to hundreds of pieces of the material looks a little like Guangzhou, Shangxiajiu, ha ha ha these cattle live well at random. . After shopping around the market a little tired, to find a nearby restaurant with a wifi hospital full stomach. . . By the way, when it comes to the purpose of these two boys and one of them going to India, it is very simple. He simply came across Pidianpidian because of the scene of a certain goddess diving in the Ganges near a certain movie. . Khan ah. . . Chai mighty cock can guess what these wood is used to burn it? Oh, I will tell you later monk ecstasy back view so pretty scenery at night the sacrifice began a lot of people worship quite handsome, crowded with priests chaired above sacrificial activities, the following Uncle aunt in India began to 'take a shower' . . Do you see those flames on the water? Is to use tin foil to hold flowers and candles stuff, do not know how to describe it, we should be able to imagine it, this stuff sold 5rmb, very profitable, compared to the local price children should not. . . Saying that Aunt take a bath, some implicit will block cloth block the chest, and some are so bold to completely 'honest'. . The scenery of the audience under the stage than the stage looks good, haha ​​priests are quite handsome! Sacrifice activities continued for about an hour, that is, the priests who read the scriptures Han, they do not understand, so boring. Immediately after the withdrawal of a Speaking with the boss to help provide charter services before, so I reluctantly did a back 'local tyrants' by 'private boat' back to the hotel! Leave the altar piece place, the world suddenly quiet. . The first day in the Ganges trip so it ended. Back to the hotel early to rest, but also the next morning up to see the sunrise too! Many travelers will choose to charter the morning to see the sunrise, we set off at about 6:00, when people are not a lot of time to upload with a little girl to buy last night to see others on the river 'lights', but then only Look at the sunrise, forgot to put. . Indians have already been 'bathing' by the banks of the river. . In fact, the weather bulgari serpenti bracelet price copy has been very beautiful sunrise process is very beautiful but very short, is the first time in the dew life to see the whole process is also reliable fly, hehe everyone take a bath, ha ha ha, wash more healthy! Good mix of men and women also wash their hair pious it. . . Why they have the courage to touch those water. . . About bathing, let you see a time enough, wow Kaka reading the sunrise, we go back to the hotel to sleep about two meditation encounter. . . To a closeup it quietly like this feeling we live in the hotel, mint green, my favorite color! The next day we moved to another room in this hotel, cheaper, but poor lighting, forget it, anyway, only to sleep a bed feeling bedding are dirty, dew in India these days, are First into the own sleeping bag inside, and then selectively cover their quilt. . Stroll in the city like Shiva Temple, not too interested to return to the Ganges. . Pedaling pedal, that wisp of smoke, guess what is it. Ah, that is, the burning of the corpse. However, dew did bvlgari serpenti bracelet leather copy not feel anything at that time, but 'Oh, this is what it is,' and then watch the crowd for a while. But indeed, cremation is so surprising it? Crematorium is not burning every day? Only scenes are not the same. . Had intended to see the sunset, but to go too late, can not see. . Only sunset. . The night, still burn only this moment, dew suddenly very literary feel, this person into a cigarette, fly away the third day morning did not go to see the sunrise, but go back to the edge of the Ganges backlit, 'take a bath 'The back of the crowd Drying women's dew sitting in the crowd of undocumented Indians, began to eat breakfast from the country with the past, ha ha tough it is estimated that no one has been on the Ganges River to see the cremation and bathing eat Mashed potatoes, a box of small mashed potatoes, how can we fill the big appetite of a female man? This seems to be what tomato soup, not fried rice is ok table uncle restaurant, ha ha ha this covered with white 'master' is one of the ascetics, it is said that each ascetics have their own special skills, such as some ascetics All his life only walk by hand (obviously he is a foot!), They are hard to challenge the limits of their own body to achieve a strange spiritual realm. . . (Why bother) to India, buyers believe this link is very headache, we wear the streets, and finally found these stores and accessories to buy jewelry do not look at these jewelry glittering, in fact, fry chicken cheap, a bracelet probably On the way to two or three rmb, but not all are good-looking, dew pick a long, long time. . . There are also many local scarves, quality and color are also available in the last of the Ganges program, dew to draw a very popular local hana, is to use a pigmented pigment made of mud, in his hand to draw a variety of patterns , Until the mud rub off after the pattern to stay in the hand, you can keep about three or four days do not fade a triad boss of the foot. . . . Her sister Gang's own drawing, hey Ganges trip so leisurely ended, then we take the train back to Kolkata, the end of the journey to India, please look forward to the third issue serialized, Kolkata's benevolent home, put down their own
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Ragnarok Ragnarok game Fury Crit Assassin how to play

Ragnarok Ragnarok game Fury Crit assassin how to play? Here Xiaobian resolve fist attack Assassin play for everyone, I hope to help everyone Wonderland legend Assassin's hand in the eyes of most players are a single occupation, hook professional households, then play good assassin today mainly talk about fist Bladestorm assassin gameplay analysis First of all, first explain why this is lazy assassin hook gameplay. Because it is a mobile game, the heart gave us the ability to hang up automatically Daguai, of course, not very smart, can only use several skills, can not automatically take medicine (simulator can be achieved, but I have not tried), can not follow Percentage using skills. But it is lazy gospel, but this is the official bring ah So, for office workers, or do not want too much commitment to people, the assassin from the thieves is to agile AGI agility as a prerequisite, let alone agile high Can also enhance the attack speed. So from the beginning until the 50 level, I have added AGI agility, until the first need to produce equipment before 40 feel nothing to say, is to follow the mission. To hang up: Simon's shipwreck basically to the goblins. It is worth saying that, if the bottom of the sea to hang frogs or jellyfish can do, do not engage in crabs. Do not go to the 2nd floor, mermaid is no problem, but at this time can not mark, try to avoid AGI Agility has been added before the 40 is not very different for everyone, but when it comes to goblins reflect the difference , Although I hit the injury is not high, but hanging spray Goblins Ghana is not consumed leveling leveling spray goblins can have been linked to the dream Rock, but also produces coal that can cope with the steel before hanging up what Do a warrior boots, casual use, there is a speed of 5% better than there is no mountain bite people spend flowers and butterflies can play, because I have been AGI flash high enough is a bunch of nabi need to use Toxic, or continuous treatment affect efficiency. At the beginning of this map of the mountains I was doing the task, there is no main hang up. (PS, know a friend to play the hunter is hung up the whole flower that are 56 or hung it. Asked him, he said no one because of the security that grab, orz)

50, the completion of the task of dreams, the dragon shirt (+3% attack speed and +25 dodge attributes) is simply for the assassin tailor-made equipment, the dragon shirt production materials need 30 yellowstone , 231 undead heart, 19 Shajin some people will say, how the material? In my personal mind was a hot, krypton gold, of course not difficult, but do not forget, when the beginning of the first material Dead expensive expensive, and now is not the original, the material is cheaper and then die heart, I was the one who went to fight the devil's egg to engage in more than a hundred, finally not only can only buy the auction, why? Because when I Hit enough, hit this will MISS, magic pot eggs can be thrown rocket (which are all tears, because the skills in the wrong order!)

Here is because of the detours, early skills I vote without pitch, I do not know the supersonic can add a permanent hit!

Finally, the yellow gems, with the asterisk's ants out of this basic we all know, but I personally do not recommend you to engage in, because this is a lazy Raiders, ah, the first is not necessarily a hit ant eggs, out later But also find the opportunity to kill, I think too character, it is better to direct the curve to save the country, playing more than the other materials sold as cost-effective to buy, and now the auction has been more than 80,000 a more expensive, when the most expensive 160,000 .

To 56, has been linked to transfer eggs. This is what I am doing now, looking for a good place (as long as 23 can hang together), take good poison, OK turn eggs can continue to JOB40. About equipment, park regiment backpack, when more than 40 to do one, when the original is to see plus 5 hit, and then I made a Dragon 50 shirt, 54 made a gold bracelet, 55 to see the soldiers boots Sold out on their own use,

56 took thorn rattan boxing blade, the other are basically the growth of backpacks or leveling all the way to buy weapons (40 sold in the store fist, 50 fist), strengthen addition to the beginning of clothes, shoes, etc. After a bit did not make it, but the weapon has been strengthened, Oh just think of the clip can be strengthened, but also a waste of tens of thousands to strengthen the hairpin leveling method is generally the first to hang up the exhaustion (400 minutes ), Hang up to 560 minutes up and down to listen to songs, come back and then hang up, look inside the set, see fighting time began to continue to increase, before doing kanban tasks. Crack, then it is best to go with the level, it copy bulgari serpenti bracelet price is not going to go to the West crack can also be Note: The Magic can be accessed twice a day, the magic wave will give 5 times Daguai experience. Twice a day, no use will be copy bvlgari leather bracelet with snake head automatically saved up to 6 times saved. How to make good use of it is that when your characters quickly upgraded, reckoned with the kanban or fatigue hook can upgrade, then do not take the devil, and so on after the upgrade, immediately, because the magic of the total experience is to see your character level given , The higher the character level bulgari serpenti bracelet copy the higher the experience of the Magic Moment Fissile order ranking: Fiji (57) sand (53)

In brackets where I began to run when the crack level, in addition to the West crack, the other basic I rely on friends with, but now there is an idea to wash skills and then out of 10 virus spread, do not know is not feasible since the beginning of the play is not Understand cracks so important (a lot of good jewelry is to rely on cracks, falling material is more), so basically no contact before 40, for new people, in efforts to achieve their own premise of the premise (forced to hurt) , Can rub the higher the better copy bulgari serpenti diamond bracelet mix (Fred fissure above there is a beast crack) Important Note: Assassin's crack play is, open automatically, and then check the individual that the skills of assassins not good choice, optional Less, whether you are a crit or a basic pole that is out of that set.
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One is everything

'Consciousness and Absoluteness' (Optional Translation) 2016 03 12 11:24 Saturday

Wisdom aware of the source and value of consciousness, he naturally aware of this existence. The same consciousness plays multiple roles, some happy, some unhappy; but no matter what the bvlgari bracelet snake price imitation role is, the wise are just their viewers. The role of less than wise. 'Top of the Self' by Watasita Yoga 2015 05 31 10:23 Sunday

Self is even subtler than space. It has no name, can not be described, nor can the mind or the senses reach or understand it, it is pure consciousness. A tree exists in a seed, the entire universe exists in the atomic consciousness. However, the universe exists as consciousness and the universe does not exist as a universe. That consciousness exists because it is all the experience of all, and only it is the self of all. Since it is, everything else is empty. But it is not nothing, because it is consciousness. It exists, however, because it is not for the mind and sensual experience, it does not exist. Although it is all self, but no one can experience it (as an experience object). Although it is one, it is projected on infinitely existing atoms, so it appears as much. However, this appearance is not true, just as the bracelet is the appearance of gold, only gold is true. But self is not untrue. It is not empty, it is not nothingness, because it is the ego of all, it is the ego of the person who exists and says does not exist! Smell the fragrance can experience the existence of camphor, its existence is only indirectly experience. Only if it is the ego of everything, it is the only thing that makes the appearance of the world possible. copy bulgari serpenti leather bracelet price In the ocean of infinite consciousness, the whirlpool known as the Three Realms spontaneously and spontaneously manifests itself, just as the nature of living water leads to a whirlpool. It seems empty because it goes beyond the mind and the senses, but it is not 'the ultimate medicine' because of self-knowledge. 03 The Ultimate Medicine (Part 2) 2015 02 23 10:23 Monday

Q: Yes, I know. However, they say even dualism and duopoly ... Both will take you to the ultimate horse: Many people may say many things. But what I'm telling you is this: treating yourself honestly and knowing yourselves. That's it. 'Ultimate Medicine' 03 Ultimate Medicine (Part 1) 2015 01 08 20:45 Thursday

Maharaj: ... Five elements, the vital breath is gradually purified, and accordingly, the senses are gradually purified, and then the mind becomes simple. When mind is simple, the language of the saint becomes clear and understandable. Without such decontamination, it is impossible to understand the saint. Ultimately, purification leads to self-knowledge, big I asked: Is this decontamination the result of a commitment to meditation on 'I am'? So, this is a person's main responsibility?

MA: I mean the sentient beings we speak of, representing the essence of the food you eat. The body is just food for consciousness. Now the attributes of these beings are the existence or the awareness of our cognition - 'I'. And, eventually, you will know what these beings are; but now I am going to tell you that this is the essence of all food. Your question is whether this purification will happen through meditation. So how does this happen? By meditation, goodness gradually occupies the dominant position, the mind becomes pure, the cognition of the great becomes possible. Just as the quality of sugar is sweet, this goodness is the quality of food, which is cognition, awareness of this 'me', or what we also call existence. It's like the sweetness of sugar ...

Q: How could that be the quality of food? I just do not know what you want to say. Food can be very lazy 'ultimate medicine' 02 all from the five elements are pure ignorance 2014 12 02 20:27 Tuesday

Mahalahi: The cognition of 'I am' is the same in all sentient beings, whether it is insects, worms or humans, or even Avatars (the incarnation of God) - the highest kind of existence. I do not think that the existence of a basic consciousness in one form differs from that of the other in any way. But in order to manifest itself, consciousness needs a foundation, a particular structure, in which it can be revealed. That foundation can be anything, it can be any form, but the continuation of appearance can only be as long as that particular continuation. And, unless that consciousness emerges, there can be no kind of perception. In short, cognition depends on consciousness, consciousness requires a material body or form, a person must also consider the importance of language. Ideas arise from vital breath and express themselves in words. There is no language, there is no communication between the world; in fact, there is absolutely no activity, any 'busy' 'ultimate medicine' 01 living in the state of existence, all the desire will be abolished 2014 11 26 21:12 Wednesday

Maharaj: The 'consciousness' that once experienced oneself copy bvlgari serpenti bracelet as Krishna, Buddha, or Christ has receded, and it is one with the whole. So if you insult Christ, insult Muhammad, and insult anyone, he will not ask you, 'Why do you scold me?' Because of that knowledge, the experience has been integrated with the whole. Likewise, you may now be a great person, perhaps the dictator of the world, but when you sleep, you forget your name, your body, your age, your gender, your nationality, everything . The sense of independence is very limited, not the truth; in fact, it is totally wrong. So if this is the case of Christ then what is your case? 'Who am I?' Preface 'Who is Nikaphata Maharaj? '2014 11 08 17:49 Saturday

Q: In many countries around the world, the Ombudsman follows certain specific exercises aimed at forcing confessions to their victims and, if necessary, changing their personality. Through the careful choice of physical and moral deprivation, and through persuasion, the old personality is destroyed and the new personality replaced. So many times the respondent hears he is the enemy and traitor of the country, and when something collapses in him, the day will come - he begins to feel completely convinced that he is a traitor, bvlgari snake leather bracelet imitation traitor, despicable and deserves the worst Punishment. This process to 'brainwashing'
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Team made a special flight jail 300 jade bracelets

A few days ago, Tao Moumou fly from Kunming to Tengchong, he is not to travel, but sneaked into bulgari serpenti bracelet leather copy the two jade merchants at home theft. Pirates of the 300 jade bracelets, more than 1,000 pieces of jade and other objects by taxi back to Kunming en route, he and two associates were seized by the police. At present, the three suspects and seized stolen goods have been handed over to Tengchong police, the case is being further handled on the day of the incident, at the Chuxiong Wood Checkpoint 320 State Road, Shuangbai police are conducting a public search, from a taxi trunk, the police Seized a suspicious bag, which contains 300 jade bracelets Strange is that when the police one by one to ask bvlgari leather snake bracelet imitation the passengers on the car, so valuables were actually unmanned police suspicious, and finally, the taxi driver to identify, a Tao Surname passenger admitted his bag is. Then, police carried a black shoulder bag and bulgari snake bracelet copy found more than 1,000 jade pendants and more than 10,000 yuan in cash, and from two other passengers who found three Apple phone so many jade come from? 'Smuggled in from Burma to bring to Kunming sales, there is no formalities.' Tao Moumou request the police put him a horse. Police suspicious, when the investigation of the control of three people by the investigation, Tao Moumou there theft, according to his personal information shows, November 4, he just arrived in Tengchong from Kunming Teng Chong he really what to do? Police immediately contact Tengchong police. 10 minutes later, Tengchong police feedback: 5 morning, the area jade merchants at home two stolen, lost 300 jade bracelets, more than 1,000 jade pendants, cash 20000 yuan, 3 Apple mobile phones. After further verification, Shuangbo police seized the suspicious items is the Tengchong jade merchants bulgari serpenti leather bracelet copy at home stolen items.
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Confession of a people Uber drivers

Recently, the market has undergone major changes in the pattern of the market: the cooperation between Uber and Baidu has not yet gone so far. The drops and the fast have been rapidly marrying together. Different Roads I attended driver training at Uber Shanghai in early December last year (at the Shanghai Exhibition Center at the time, free of charge) and finished in 1 hour. Then rent an iPhone 4S with a $ 1,000 deposit, built-in driver client named Uber Partners. As a result, I started as simple as having my own Uber driver's journey driver's client and passenger's client as long as the passenger orders, Uber server through its own algorithm, find the nearest car to the user location. Uber drivers do not need to grab a single because the Uber only picks the single car nearest to the passenger. At this moment, as a recent driver, I will hear the sound of 'Di Di Di'. By touching the screen, I will see the passenger's position on the map and the name of the passenger (in order to protect the privacy of passengers, I can only See the name, can not see the last name) and passenger bulgari snake bracelet price fake registration phone number. When I start and finish the service, all I have to do is slide the screen lightly. All the charges are done by the network and the server. Simple and intuitive An intuitive feeling is that when I first became a driver of the people of Uber, there were many foreigners, But their Chinese is generally very slippery; and up to now, almost all Chinese, it seems that Uber's marketing strategy in China began to bear fruit. Unlike UberBLACK, UberXL, UberX and People's fake bulgari serpenti bracelet price Uber, which are not only private cars but also very affordable, Uber did not Asked us to provide drinking water to the passengers, but I will still provide a small bottle of cola and ALKAQUA (unified Ai boast) drinking water later found that foreigners prefer cola, and Chinese people still like this high-end drinking water Overall driver experience very happy , bulgari snake bracelet fake Uber passengers are mostly good quality (currently only one passenger drunk vomiting in my car), talk to them is also a good course.Once, I talk to a Swede his father in Volvo (Volvo) Work, but also said that another Swedish car brand serpenti leather bracelet fake SAAB also made small aircraft, I also told him that Honda also make a 7-seat regional aircraft in Japan.Once, a passenger took my car left a scarf, Interestingly, she took my car again and again.In addition to his curiosity as a driver, helping people get to their destination during peak hours is actually quicker And substantial, especially in Shanghai, a crowded city People's price is lower than the taxi taxi, you can find it with reference to the taxi pricing.Now let's discuss what the pricing mechanism of Shanghai taxi For example, the current pricing scheme is: starting fee is 14 yuan (of which 1 yuan for the fuel surcharge), can take 3 km or wait 15 minutes, exceeding every kilometer or 5 minutes per unit price of 2.4 yuan, more than 10 km After the unit price plus 50% (ie 3.6 yuan. Night (23: 00-05: 00) starting price of 18 yuan (of which 1 yuan for the fuel surcharge), the remaining charge of 30% of the night billing in this pricing program , We do not look at night billing, only concerned with the starting fee, unit pricing and 10 km after the empty fare.In fact, which contains a called 'waiting fee' cost, that is, when the taxi stop or driving speed below 12 Km / h, according to every 2.4 minutes 2.4 yuan price, which is 0.48 yuan / minute attentive readers have found that the pricing system is essentially based on mileage and cost of time, Pricing system At the same time, This pricing mechanism also takes into account urban vacancies: an additional 50% of the empty fare after 10 km avoids the loss of unmanifested vans when drivers travel from urban areas to the suburbs, but it is quite obvious that the pricing The mechanism is like the baton of the system, the devil-driven taxi driver to make such a choice:

In less than 3 kilometers away, starting price of 14 yuan can be converted to more than 4.67 yuan / km high revenue. As a direct result: a taxi is willing to take the ultra-short-range single After more than 10 km, 3.6 yuan per kilometer (every 5 minutes) revenue is considerable. As a direct result: Taxis are willing to pick up the train station away from the city Single 10:30 to 11:30 at night, taxi drivers tend to be less willing to take orders, and sometimes prefer to drive empty, because after 11 o'clock, all 30% increase in revenue We will also notice the interesting phenomenon: the driver clearly presses the accelerator when he clearly sees the red light ahead, then brakes hard and stops before the red light; and if it is private Car, will give up the throttle, slow to the red light. Why is this? There are two reasons: First, the brake pads and brake disc wear are not counted in the driver's performance, all by the company, while the private car must be its own responsibility. Second, the taxi in the case of driving the same mileage, in such a way to get the waiting for the extra 'waiting fee' during the red light. This is the driving force behind the pricing mechanism!

Below we will say, with reference to the price of the taxi set the price of people's UF (only discuss the people of Uber, not to mention other Uber's products), the pricing scheme is very simple:

No starting fee, 2.17 yuan per kilometer, 0.3 yuan per minute, but set a minimum charge of 15 yuan This kind of homogeneous pricing system based on mileage and time, exceptionally simple, reliable algorithm. In other words, if a passenger takes 8 kilometers in 30 minutes, then the fare that she needs to pay is 82.17 + 300.3 = 26.36 yuan (actually paid 26 yuan). This pricing system has solved at least three problems:

Transparency of prices, both for passengers and drivers, can effectively reduce disputes as the focus of disputes between the two parties tends to focus on pricing without night billing, which results in the driver not having 'order preference,' which is at any time, as long as the driver is willing , The results of the purchase orders are the same As mentioned above, within 3 km and 10 km above the single is the most 'favored', but for the people of Uber drivers, this problem has disappeared This is a Transparent, easy to calculate the pricing mechanism to bring the 'Pareto Optimal.' That any other factors independent of mileage and time will hardly interfere with the final price. Here too, we see that human nature is 'razed' by another pricing mechanism to the concept of product design, not only determining how far it can go but more deeply affecting the entire company's culture. Trailer Kalanick, founder of Uber, who described his bitter taxi experience while traveling in Paris, was the product's original design: to make Uber a taxi-free product without a destination. This is a magic weapon for its success, as it is always troublesome (and sometimes multiple destinations) for the user to enter a destination, and picking up a single for the driver seems as natural as nature. Uber imitators in China must also re-examine their product philosophy: for example, easy-to-use car, as early as the 'pick-and-go' option to attract business visitors, which means easy to think of machine-gun high-speed rail station is a special Transport base; fast earliest acquisition of the Hornet taxi changed to 'One car', while using the second dedicated App to separate users, which means fast that high-end users need to be somehow separated; The earliest drop in the taxi taxi client embedding the 'car' option, which means that some drops of taxi users that have the opportunity to convert to car users. These interactive interface details not only related to the product manager's view of the product, but also the CEO's business strategy reflects not only Uber's imitators, but also the innovators of Chinese taxi software. There are two points they have to make a creative product value: First, the devaluation of the 'devaluation Mall' (after a period of time, the drop also follow), the drop again in the client built-in 'game', which Both designs will greatly enhance user stickiness and thus commercial value. Second, the 'drip meter' system (a robbed-for mechanism set by the dribbler for drivers), in short, Drip rice, poor quality single drop of rice, as the 'reservoir' can effectively adjust the enthusiasm of the driver orders Uber Shanghai general manager Wang Xiaofeng in an interview with Forbes Chinese network specifically referred to 'mobility, For utility '), he explained that Uber's products do not need to enter the destination and the behavior is simple, no booking, the price is simple, the philosophy behind Uber hopes to maximize the mobility of vehicles to move the process and from the fact that traffic The essence is the full movement of people, such as airlines and high-speed rail is to solve the international and inter-city movement of people, the subway and the bus is to solve the human movement within the city. The participation of social forces in the transportation of people in the city will become the general trend of the Internet age. In extreme cases (inclement weather, disasters, etc.), external forces must intervene to solve the problem of human mobility. In other words, social forces Normalization, 'crowdsourcing' of people's transport, may become a new feature of modern transportation So how can the people of Uber this product earn money? My guess is that it can not make money! There are at least two possibilities: First, the use of limousines, UberXL, UberX (although they also need subsidies) to bring the excess profits of subsidies to meet its economic and social utility. It is a huge subsidy to make up people's money economically. On the social value, it enables more people to get started with less than the price of a taxi. Second, both as a user import mechanism, but also as a marketing strategy, the people of Uber is an excellent Uber billboard, so that huge subsidies is only a small advertising costs Note: On the mainland Region, Uber has entered nine cities including Guangshen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Tianjin, Chongqing and Chengdu, and will soon enter the cities of Nanjing, Qingdao, Ningbo and Suzhou. Internationally, it covers 54 countries or regions, more than 256 cities (as of January 2015), as a representative of the global car sharing economy Spring blessing, praise and win Sterling Silver Bracelets Gold micro community station navigation 2015 , The most dangerous types of enterprises! The value of the stock was severely undervalued? Spring Festival holiday extended to the Lantern Festival, you agree? Open big diving, what to do? Retail investors must see, who is the Chinese stock market winner? The stock market postganglionic collection of green indicates what? A table to understand the 5 days after the Spring Festival trend! The first day after the Spring Festival to open the door of the dark! Micro community master application area
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Online shopping 120,000 yuan bracelet worth only one hundred yuan Fujian release anti-gem consumer trap warning

Fujian Province, jade jewelry association experts pointed out that in recent years, many tourists encountered in various types of tourism projects encountered tour guides recommended to buy fake jewelry, tourists cheated in the area to buy jewelry increasing incidents. Some tourist attractions exist a lot of shoddy phenomenon, and fake bvlgari bracelet snake leather some scenic spots with marble to forge jade phenomenon, through the dyeing process re-put shelves, ordinary consumers simply can not tell. Due to the greater mobility of tourists, tourists buy jewelry in the spots found to have quality problems, most of them can not return to attractions to safeguard the consumer rights and interests of Sanming, Ms. Chen this year in a 'professional' selling second-hand authentic Cartier bracelet online shop spent a total of 120,000 Yuan bought three bracelets. Ms. Chen did not feel genuine after receiving the goods, so the number of three bracelets were entered Cartier official website, the fake bvlgari bracelet serpenti result was actually two rings, the other showed no record. After testing units tested, in fact, a bracelet is fake bulgari snake bracelet leather actually alloy (gold-free) group inlaid with cubic zirconia bracelet, the value of only one hundred dollars. Ms Chan immediately sent three bracelets will be returned by courier, but the seller refused to express, Ms. Chen into a difficult situation of difficult rights. According to Fujian Bao Association testing agencies from the consumer inspection of the situation, the vast majority of precious metal collectibles, after testing, excluding precious metals (gold, silver or platinum) Fujian Provincial Consumer Protection Committee and the Fujian Provincial Gems Association remind consumers When traveling in the delegation fake bulgari serpenti diamond bracelet should raise awareness of rational consumer protection, try not to tourist attractions to buy expensive jewelery. Consumers for online shopping jewelry, we must choose the formal large sites. Do not trust too much jewelry shop jade pictures (may be processed by the PS). Do not easily believe that the online price lower than the market price of outrageous jewelry products.
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I want to buy an agate bracelet mother how to identify the quality

Judgments on the quality and economic value of agate are generally identified with the naked eye as the primary means, although modern science-related information

What are the characteristics of duplex budget? What is the course of American liberal arts at ordinary colleges? The teacher said to cultivate a sense of honor. They are small classes. I think this is. Kindergarten classes teach what? Colleagues daughter is very sticky grandmother, so vivid, that he did not cry, but also told the teacher. To help the teacher distribute utensils and the like. The teacher said to cultivate a sense of honor. The bulgari serpenti bracelet leather fake teacher 's approach will make me feel that she ignored my family children, the heart of Xinjiang Wada brave thugs behavior worthy of everyone to learn! May I ask primary and secondary school safety parents how to write ah? Protein structure of the quadratic three-dimensional touching story of the hydroelectric power station pious is

Advanced technology, a variety of jade identification instruments, but the use of these instruments in the transaction process is very inconvenient, and second, can not solve the problem, the reason is very simple, will be subject to the limitations of the environment, if you judge the merits of the advantages and economic value, That instrument is useless. The transaction site is impossible for complex instrument operations, so the naked eye is always an extremely important method of identification. Onyx variety, known as 'thousands of agate million species of jade,' said, so there are many identification methods, usually with ribbons, color, transparency.

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Judgments on the quality and economic value of agate are generally identified with the naked eye as the primary means, although modern science-related information

What are the characteristics of duplex budget? What is the course of American liberal arts at ordinary colleges? The teacher said to cultivate a sense of honor. They are small classes. I think this is. Kindergarten classes teach what? Colleagues daughter is very sticky grandmother, so vivid, that he did not cry, but also told the teacher. To help the teacher distribute utensils and the like. The teacher said to cultivate a sense of honor. The teacher 's approach will make me feel that she ignored my family children, the heart of Xinjiang Wada brave thugs behavior worthy of everyone to learn! May I ask primary and secondary school safety parents how to write ah? Protein structure of the quadratic three-dimensional touching story of the hydroelectric power station pious is

Advanced technology, a variety of jade identification instruments, but the use of these instruments in the transaction process is very inconvenient, and second, can not solve the problem, the reason is very simple, will be subject to the limitations of the environment, if you judge the merits of the advantages and economic value, That instrument is useless. The transaction site is impossible for complex instrument operations, so the naked eye is always an extremely important method of identification. Onyx variety, known as 'thousands of agate million bvlgari bracelet snake price fake jade,' said, so there are many identification methods, usually ribbons, color, transparency, cracks, impurities, sand and block weight for the grading standards, Precious, generally with a harmonious and pretty raw materials for the best quality goods. In general, the quality of the agate is good or bad and the economic value of the assessment of the main grading are as follows: 1, premium: ribbon beautiful; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparency, translucent; , No sand heart, no impurities; block weighing about 5 kg or more. 2, a: a beautiful band; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparency, translucent; no cracks, no sand heart, no impurities; block weight of about 25 kg. 3, two: beautiful ribbon; pure color, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparency, translucent; no cracks, no sand heart, no impurities; weight about 052 kg. bvlgari bracelet serpenti fake 4, three: beautiful ribbon; color is pure, bright red, blue, purple, pink; transparency, that is translucent; no cracks, no sand heart, no impurities; weight about 05 kg below. In addition, the current market also appeared a large number of fake agate, the main products are synthetic agate, glass, plastic, stone and so on, although its texture, Color degree and natural agate comparable, but not economic value. The seller delusional fish eyes, experts will see after the nose, so lovers want to collect or enjoy, you should be careful to distinguish the main identification methods are: 1, patterns and colors: true agate bright color, fake agate color and light are Somewhat worse, the two are more obvious. Natural agate color, striped pattern is obvious, and most imitation fake agate bright colors, uniform, giving a false feeling. 2, texture: mostly fake agate imitation of stone, more real agate texture soft, with jade on the fake agate can draw traces, but imitation bulgari serpenti bracelet the real thing can not draw. On the surface, true agate flawless, poor quality is more. 3, transparency: true agate transparency is not as good as synthetic, a little chaos, and some can see the natural waterline or 'cloud', and synthetic agate transparency is good, as transparent as glass balls. 4, Weight: Onyx jewelry heavier than synthetic agate jewelry. 5, temperature: real agate warm in winter and cool in summer, and artificial agate with the outside world temperature changes, the heat it hot, cool day it cool.
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Wuxi watch recycling bag recovery bracelet diamond jewelry recycling

Watches Recycled Name Recycling Jewelry Recycling Diamond Recycling Luxury Recycling fake bvlgari serpenti bracelet price Center

Watches Recycling Patek Philippe Vacheron Constantin Breguet Blancpain plot Aiguille Piper Qipai Athens Lange Graz Suti Franck Muller Parma Johnny Decker Richard fake bvlgari bracelet serpenti Miller Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels Roger Dubi Peter

Luxury: Cartier Rolex Omega Magnum Treasures Panerai Zenith Shih-tung Rui Bao Zebra Breitling Chopard Royal Emperor Kunlun Bo Laishi

Luxury: Tudor Longines Montblanc Tag Heuer celebrity bulgari serpenti bracelet leather fake NOMOS Radar Holley Emmy Mimosame Hamilton Miller plum Hermes Dior Chanel

Louis Vuitton, Prada, Miu Miu, Burberry Ferragamo, Givenchy, Po Ti Ti BV, Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga, bulgari snake bracelet price fake Versace, Zegna, Celine, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, such as package brand jewelry: Cartier necklace bracelet ring, Bulgari ring necklace, Tiffany, Hermes, Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels, Chanel, Harry Winston, Demiany, Mikimoto, Sophie, Graff , Oaks, Lawrence, Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, Versace (diamonds, diamond rings, necklaces, jewelry, etc.)
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