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A bracelet 300,000

Recently, a female tourist trying on Ruili, Yunnan, a bracelet price of 300,000 yuan, accidentally broken jade bracelet, the spot fainted. By the local gem association assessment, the damaged bracelet market value 180,000 yuan. The two parties can not reach an agreement on the conditions of compensation, decided to draw a hand in civil suit slip 'high price' bracelet cut into two parts

Afterwards, according to the introduction of the woman, after entering the store, she found that the bracelet was beautiful and tried on it. After learning that the bracelet was worth 300,000 yuan, she felt she had no choice but to take off immediately. I did not expect to take off when a hand slippery, bracelet 'pop' fell to the ground fell into two pieces smash bracelets, the shop people have been comforting her not to stress, can be a good discussion, but the woman is because of Too nervous and fainted In the past third-party assessment of 180,000 experts: fake bvlgari necklace uk the price can only be assessed through industry consensus

After the incident, the local gem stone jade bracelet assessment conducted by the assessment, the article jade bracelet market value of the whole 180,000 yuan. Evaluation comments also pointed out that damaged bracelets can be used to repair the gold inlaid package, still beautiful to wear. Evaluation is based on the current Ruili bracelet market, for reference only Even if the local gem association valuation and the price difference between the larger, tourists and some users are still not valued on the valuation. Some people think that gem industry association is a kind of trade organization, and the trade organization is to implement the membership system, which can not guarantee that it is purely 'third party', there may be a relationship between the two is broken off the interests of jade bracelet

Experts bvlgari silver necklace replica point out that third-party assessment agencies can only distinguish between jade and jade, jade is different from diamonds and gold, there is no standard and international quotations, there is no industry accepted the grade rating mechanism, only through industry consensus to estimate the price Range, so there is 'gold price jade priceless' argument. The value assessed by the local gem stone association may be derived from the market conditions and the quality of the jade itself, which is a relatively objective result. To

How much to lose? How to lose?

Price 300,000, 180,000 third-party assessment, tourists in the end or not to lose, how to lose?

Some lawyers said that how to compensate for this situation is not just based on business quotations, but also from the following aspects to consider:

First of all, if the business copy bvlgari diamond pendant did not fulfill the obligation of security, sales staff did not do to remind, inform the obligation to try on product safety. In this case, the business also has some responsibility, such as consultation fails, can be entrusted with the appraisal agencies to identify damaged goods, based on the value of the appraisal conclusion, according to the extent of responsibility to assume part of the liability; if still not reached a compensation plan , But also through the litigation process and to the court for third-party appraisal, according to the final appraisal conclusion by the court to confirm the liability size of liability, most of the damaged goods there is a residual value, the consumer should compensate the goods belong to the consumer. If consumers do not want goods, you can also propose to deduct the residual value of goods for compensation Second, if the business has tried its best to try the product safety warning and protection obligations, in this case, the consumer will bear all the liability, but compensation The amount can still be negotiated through the above channels to look more news

How to prevent the bracelet from slipping off

Insiders said that most of these accidents are because of the wrong way to get bracelets. How to get the bracelet correctly? In fact, there is a trick inside the wrong way:

Hold the outer edge of the bracelet, the bracelet is round, with this method is very easy to pop up, the bulgari copy gold necklace more careful, the more hard to grip, the easier it is to pop-up error demonstration

Into the palm of your hand, this approach may seem safer, but in fact it is not. Will inevitably have sweat palms, take a long time jade is also easy to slip wrong demonstration

The right way:

Hand sweat should first hand clean, and the first to pay attention to people next week will not hit you. When picking up the emerald bracelet, fasten the bracelet with your index finger or middle finger firmly and hold your finger back with your thumb.
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59-year-old Wuhan Lai Lai delaying plastic surgery into girls

After cosmetic surgery, the use of other people's identity cards to avoid consumer spending on enforcement. On the 26th, Jianghan Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau allegedly 'refused to execute the court's judgment' and criminalized Zhu, the enforcer, as 'Lao Lai' Zhu Na. Xiong Bin correspondent for the map

Earlier this year, Zhu was sentenced to failure to perform the verdict of the court, apply for enforcement Du Mou apply for enforcement, the implementation of the target of more than 2500 yuan. Wuhan Intermediate People's Hospital bvlgari b zero1 imitation necklace tried their best to find a solution, but the whereabouts of the 'old Lai' were still taken away by the police. Xiong Bin correspondent for the map

In early July, according to insider notification, Zhu Najuan, being executed, not only concealed bvlgari necklace uk knock off property, but also had cosmetic surgery. When the court got Zhu photos, was shocked by her appearance, obviously 59-year-old person, actually formed a 'girl looks like.' It is bulgari gold imitation necklace understood that plastic surgery, Zhu ID card using other people's lives and consumption Escaping Enforcement On the morning of July 11, the executive police officer at the Wuhan Intermediate People's Court, who took control of the appearance in Zhuhai, controlled his appearance on the 15th and detained him in different places. The next day in Shenzhen Evening News published the implementation of the reward notice, offering a look at Zhu's property clues during Zhu was detained, the Wuhan Intermediate People's Court found that Zhu only a micro-letter binding bank card, so far in 2016 Capital expenditure as high as 3.88 million yuan. After the court heard the case, according to the bvlgari necklace imitation for men law of Zhu Apple 7 mobile phones and worth hundreds of thousands of jade bracelets detained. On the 26th, the Wuhan Intermediate People's Court assisted Jianghan Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau to return Zhu Zhu to Wuhan for 'Lao Lai' Zhu Na. Xiong Bin correspondent for the map

It is learned that in the first half of the year, courts in Wuhan only took a total of 46 compulsory search measures, 3 compulsory audits, 310 judicial detention decisions, 186 actual detentions, 24 non-executions, and 3 convictions. Strike 'high Lai' high-pressure situation.
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Brother in law to 100,000 red envelopes

My family members called my wife to buy their own gold, my bvlgari necklace uk copy wife bought 15,000 rings, about 8,000 a bracelet, about 10,000 necklaces, 1,500 yuan a pair of earrings, married for more than a month I pocket My wife bought about 15,000 watches, my first time to my home my parents gave 8000, a total of 16,000 And I first went to their home, gave me a total of 2000, but the wife and mother also gave me 10,000 Bought a root necklace and 3,000 ring. Reward 18 million 8, returned to 8000, the rest of the penny did not return, did not give my wife, when my heart is unhappy, when buying a wife now even more problems, brother in law in December of this year married , My previous 18 million gift money to Linpu down payment to buy a 89 party house, I have no reason to oppose, anyway, also can not get it back on Friday, my wife said, how many red envelopes we get married, I said 20,000, my wife turned out to be too loud, too little, and I also only this pro-brother, or I have 50,000 in Cary, you paste a 50,000 to get him about a million cars to buy a car, which under my fire ...

Saying that buying a car I know my wife said to my wife, said to be borrowed, in copy bvlgari b zero pendant fact, is to take, when the wedding red envelopes to him. I said I myself married to buy Civic, and now did not change, give him a new car? My brain is faulty ...

In order to this thing now turned me down, I said, you want bvlgari white gold imitation necklace to give their own 50,000 to give them, I will not come up with a penny anyway, although a little savings at home, but are my father and mother earn My parents, since my mother did not go to work with my child, my dad is still doing business at the age of 63, and my wife and her parents, mother-in-law never work, on the home cooked rice, noon what little poker poke , Lao Zhangren also opened in the town of yellow croaker brother in law to buy clothes, living expenses are we give. Married wife also wanted us to help him marry, really funny!

Ah Pan brother 2012: Your wife should say 180,000 with his mother did not give me, I gave my brother 20000 is good, my husband-in-law have to live, but also the cost of money. A man can not be too greedy, earn money to earn his son married. Help my brother is, but also a degree! Marriage 180,000 should be returned to you or buy something for you, my brother married to 20,000 good. Get rid of people who do not know how to talk sweety Xuan: the wife a bit too. Although I also have a pro-brother, when my husband made the bridewealth, her family also only eight thousand, but I never thought his younger brother got married to help him why NavyKing: hey, really every family has this copy bvlgari b zero1 pendant inquisitive After the main family to see their own situation, my bottom line is his wife's money can take away, or his wife can take away the money, his brother-in-law married up to himself out of a 10,000.
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Do not use glass bracelets as jade bracelets

Jade: Popular saying, beautiful stone is jade, jade is the essence of stone, Buddhism and Taoism is called relics of the earth, it is a precious stone with curse and avoid evil spirits, and is widely welcomed in various regions bulgari copy gold necklace of the world (especially in East Asia) Classification. Broadly speaking, jade is the most beautiful stone, including Hetian jade, Burma jade, Nanyang jade, serpentine jade, quartz jadeite, crystal stone, heliotrope, calcite jade, lapis lazuli, agate, coral, marble jade and Other Gems of Meaning July 4, 'This jade bracelet was so good that the jade bracelet was handed down from my ancestral home at the time, and at that time I was only 8 and 9. Now that my son married a wife I want to sell it, Change some money, to bvlgari necklace uk imitation his son to marry a daughter ready for some money, but also can make children's life better. 'This year, 57-year-old Lee uncle who lives in Nanchong City, Shunqing District, although living in commercial housing, but he told Xiaobian his economy Indeed, more difficult, Uncle Lee said that this jade bracelet was actually a friend at home was difficult, and then the equivalent of bought over, is their ancestral home, but it is true or false? An identification center in Chengdu, an expert said that alone can not determine the true and false photos alone, you need to verify the need to carry items to the identification center for authoritative identification July 3, Xiao Bian jewelry appraisal knock off bvlgari b zero1 pendant experts drove to Nanchong City Shun Qing Li too replica bvlgari b zero1 pendant my family. He will Xiaobian and experts brought to his home, he went into the bedroom to get his 'baby', and hinted Xiaobian and experts do not come after a few minutes, saw Uncle Li came out from the house a box , Inside wrapped in a red cloth tightly, Uncle Lee carefully out for expert appraisal see 'Baby' came out, Uncle Lee also specifically asked Xiaobian and experts, pay attention to, do not break, but that baby , Careful half an hour later, after experts through professional equipment, experience and other methods to accurately tell Xiao Bian and Uncle Lee, weighs only 23 grams, this is not a true bracelet, this is the glass. 'How is it possible? This is another ancestral home, but also my friend, bought from there more than 30,000, they say that this can be worth a lot of money? I also made a special network to send pictures to a Shanghai Auction house, he said I can sell 200,000, I am also going to Shanghai auction it! 'Uncle Lee said experts remind Uncle Lee, do not blindly believe that their things can sell hundreds of thousands or millions, because they did not see the kind , Is unable to pass the picture identification and testing.
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Fantasy novel reading page

Two men in white robes look down at Zhou Yue, while Zhou Yue's dark, stout body is creeping under their feet. 'Zhou Yue, but you live up to the expectations of the week priest, let you stay in the wilderness just want to let You see the wilderness, and now you have caused the wilderness to run under your eyelids. If you can not find him in two years, you and this temporary city do not exist anymore. 'The two white men spoke together, When talking one word, as robots generally blunt 'adults, if it is not that Chen broad stolen sent soulplates, waste species will not escape, are that Chenkuo wrong' Zhou Yue prostrate on the ground, the opening explained , Sharp voice echoed in the room, 'Enough, and now you are still looking for excuses, Chen wide we will deal with, and you quickly find the shortage of species' white man said, 'that shortage and his sister deep feelings, If he is still alive, he will come back to find her. 'By then,' Zhou Yue would like to say more. The white man's mechanical voice interrupted him. 'No matter what method you use, you should find it as soon as possible. Bring it to me

'Good, bring up' more and more sharp voice of the next part of the door outside the roar, wearing a strong armored bodybuilder with a soldier scattered clothes, broken tattered Chen entered the room Chenkuo against the Zhou Yue Fled, the two soldiers will be withdrawn at this time Chen Kuo wearing a lock chain, extremely vicissitudes, the original sturdy body is also a lot of weight loss, whole body spiritual power is also because of the bulgari diamond imitation necklace lock chain compression becomes extremely weak Two men in white blunt steps, together with the floor to mention Chenkuang, and then the whole body a flash of light, together with the disappearance of Chen Kuo in the air watching the two left, the more deeply sigh of relief, he is now extremely Anger, obviously only two years, but when he served as Lord of the city when a shortage of species to flee things, if angered the priest, he said not to want to join the church, may not even life will be guaranteed, are damn He is the only bargaining card to force Chen Yi to come back. He knows that Chen Yi cares very much about him, who is not a biological sister, and then he Out loud outside the door Under exclaimed, 'The language that leaves me optimistic about the bamboo'

In the temporary prison jail, Ye language bamboo has fallen into a drowsiness, a Qiao face is full of bloodstained, chopped ax was tied on the shoulder bandage, bulgari gold imitation necklace had a rough treatment, because the soul of the road was more and more Ax cut off, and now the leaf language bamboo body condition is very poor, if not more than remember that she still has a little use, may have already let her fend for themselves 'Eunice brother,' sleepy leaf language bamboo issued a weak voice ,, ,,,,

A magnificent hall

In front of the hall there is a seat made of gemstones, a show of gestures full enchanting beauty woman sitting on the seat, supple long hair neatly discounted, the crown of gold crown, dressed in gold robes, white like hand Wearing some exaggerated gold ring, and gold bracelets, a gold in her body is not significant rustic, but exudes a noble and luxurious atmosphere, she micro-squint, it seems a bit lazy fake bvlgari necklace uk at this time the main hall into A karmic bird, parked in the hands of the United States and woman, hand gently petting the petite Xuan Ling bird 'Chen wide, and finally sent the child to go yet, even if the waste species left the temporary city, in the two churches Chase down, may not be easy to survive it 'a slight hook in the mouth, a touch of fascinating smile emerged from her face,' you go, people quietly protect the child, which is considered her humanity 'Elegance hand lifted up, Xuan Ling bird took off from her hand She is looking forward to, this child out of Pro City, how will grow?

This days Ze continent will again set off what kind of storm because of the absconded fleeing it. Wasteland, waste temple

At this moment, Chen Yi, who was watching the change in the body with his eyes closed, did not know that his body surface had undergone tremendous changes. The purple lines circulated on his body surface, and the thin body gradually became robust. Although the body muscles did not bulge exaggeratedly, But the power contained therein is numerous times before, the pale face has become rosy, eyes open, eyes bright at this time of Chen Yi, as if reborn, in general, compared to the previous thin and inferiority, and now he is full of confidence , Even the figure is tall and straight, a handsome face is also appeared a little angular, black eyes have become more profound has been observed Chenyi's Yiyi a sudden sign, but not because of the appearance of Chen Yi change, because Chen Yi's despicable can actually strengthen the whole soul, but think about it, but this is the shortage of God's soul, knock off b zero1 pendant can have the talent to strengthen the whole soul is not surprising at the same time Yiyi surprised at the body even have two kinds of soul, I thought There will be only a more powerful desolate soul in the body of the body, but did not expect even the weaker soul will open up the soul of the road, although initially very strong, but in the future you want to upgrade it is very difficult.
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Xinjiang jade jade jewelry and seed raw stone collection doorways

For example: Currently on the market there is a 'green stone' series of products, is one of the typical 'color-only' specimens. The stone's 'place of production' is unknown. However, due to the stone with people's favorite 'color of life - green', its products in the market is very 'active.' Its products: bvlgari copy rose gold earrings 'brand, pendant, put the pot, hill and beads ...' and so on the stone's 'physical characteristics' point of view, should belong to the 'typical debris' category. The 'stone' no matter what 'angle' to see, all with the Xinjiang golden silk jade 'do not take the world' - but there are 'brick' to 'the stone' abruptly classified into 'Xinjiang jade silk category ', Really make people' speechless '...)

It is said that 'mud and stone' is a self-contained 'long ago' rock species, the history of 'mud and stone' can not be said that 'and' and Tian Yu 'keep pace', but jade people do not know 'mud' is very small . Xinjiang jade silk custom since, at best, also 'short' ten years, why there are 'brick home' happy to already have the 'mud line' also hard to 'Xinjiang jade' in the draw , Behind the 'story' I do not say, we can guess 'one or two' ......

So how can this Amoy in the 'mixed', Amoy to 'you want' Xinjiang jasper 'value-added objects.' It seems that at present and even in the future, it will be the time when 'jade lovers' need to be studied because the jasmine jade belongs to the 'national standard' in Xinjiang because the jasper jade in Xinjiang has stepped out of the 'national frontier'; because Xinjiang Jinsi jade only 'seed material' there is no 'mineral mountain material.' Because the Xinjiang jasper 'colorful' to build a 'common people' love request - 'pick up the army, endless' is the best portrayal Xinjiang jasper is no longer just 'jasper' local jade species , But the 'quintessence' on the Silk Road. The unique combination of 'Jade and Cui' and the symbiosis of 'Jade and Cui' in Xinjiang's jadeite jade are the main 'support' of the future possession of jasmine in Xinjiang. Therefore, the collection and play Xinjiang jasper you then use 'shortsighted' to treat it, it is estimated that 'you' will no longer be lost, 'pain.' So at this stage collection Xinjiang jasper 'at the time' ...

Xinjiang jade 'jade jewelry' and 'seed (original stone)' collection 'doorway' - 'generalization' to say is that you can not 'simply to determine the color of' 'mining' Xinjiang jasper 'jade jewelry' and 'Seed material', not only to 'view it - color', the key but also 'research - quality' 'buy meat' friends all know, 'meat' will have the natural color. Whether it is 'fresh meat, braised meat or dried meat.' In addition to 'carrion' will have its own color, the estimated 'artificial meat' or how much will be different - at least 'artificial meat' 'fiber' should still be different ...

There are currently three types of output of Xinjiang jasmine seed (raw stone): one is the early primary surface seed material - including sandy soil seed material on top of the 1.5 bulgari bzero copy earrings m permafrost layer; Is output from permafrost areas greater than 1.5 m below ground level - including under grassland wetlands; under ground coverings of gully surface gullies and valley gullies - 'shell cover' 'Oval seed material', there are 'irregular shape package slurry' surface raw material whether from Karamay Urho area, or from Tacheng and Fengxian territory, or from the Altay region under the jurisdiction of the four counties and two cities ( The two cities - Altay and Beitun), the early native seed material on the surface had traces of 'wind erosion' on the surface. Almost all of the native seed material on the ground surface had a 'coated' coating - - Or like 'patent leather', or like 'matte', or 'like the' Gobi jade potholes 'no' envelope (skin) 'display Xinjiang jasper ground surface seed materials are' new ground surface seed 'category Fresh surface seeds, We are close to the surface like a 'flash flood or wind,' after baptism exposed to the surface of the output. This part of the seed material, the general performance of the 'skin tender meat', there is moisture content of the underground material, usually more in the 'gravel yard and grassland wetlands' dug part. This part of the output, mostly manifested as 'immature pulp inclusions' 'gravel yard' just excavated a portion of the seed material, looks are gray, but slowly see the light 'oxidation' reaction is White (white-orange) wrap. The internal color of the inclusion package will mostly appear as a 'gray color' - but there will bulgari copy diamond earrings be 'green (gray) yellow color and green (gray) red color' and other 'pasture wetlands' just dig out part of the seed material , Mostly in the Altay region Duyun Township Fu Yun Du 'red hot' as the main body. At first glance, it looks 'glowing', but after oxidation it 'oxidizes' to 'sub-red - decreasing to rust red, greyish red, maroon ...'

Early ground surface raw seed and fresh ground surface seed, because they are direct or indirect contact bvlgari b zero1 knock off earrings with nature's baptism, so this part of seed products - whether it is 'bracelets or pendants, egg noodles, buckle or beads ... ... 'And so on, will not happen' from cotton, turn over flower and lose color 'reaction. Stability and spirituality full valley ravine seed material, although many belong directly or indirectly to accept the baptism of nature. However, the environment in which it is located is not as direct as the Gobi Desert, so the 'qualitative' part of the output of this 'seed material' or 'shell material' will be 'slightly inferior' to the surface native seed material. But it is much better than 'prospective underground material' - especially from the 'gold mine, mountain surface adhesion of seed material', its stability is no less than the 'desert Gobi' seed material such as: the current market in Xinjiang gold Ssangyuk 'bracelet' part, as long as it is a regular 'Xinjiang Northern Xinjiang seed products,' as long as the 'light bracelet', whether it is 'grass with light, pretty ribbon light or smoke green band light and butter yellow light ... 'and so on, basically came from the areas under the jurisdiction of Altay, Xinjiang. Most of the 'light bracelets' are produced with the output of 'gully material in the valleys (such as gold ore and other excavated materials)' - as long as the 'material quality' is delicate, As long as there are no obvious 'flaws' ('flaws' here generally refer to 'speckles, impurities, water lines and stone flowers ...'); 'flaws' here generally refer to 'diseases' Etc.) ', as long as' do not rub the oil, not oil immersion ', under normal circumstances, this part of the bracelet will not happen' qualitative change 'under normal circumstances, we in the selection process of Xinjiang jade jade jewelry, most in need of' Remember that the principle is to try to 'avoid' flaws - especially on the 'bracelets, Egg noodles and peace buckle,' the material has the harsh requirements of jade jewelry.
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Limit of liability of security guarantor who failed to fulfill security obligation

On March 28, 2011, Zhu Hung had dinner at the Aoxing Aixin Restaurant, operated by Aixin Olympic Sports Branch. At about 10 o'clock that night, Zhu Hung came out from the private dining room to the bathroom and fell to the ground when passing the corner of the cashier in the restaurant hall. The emerald bracelet on his left hand fell into four sections. Jade red broken jade bracelet was purchased in 2009, the purchase price of 100,000 yuan. Before the fall of Vermilion, the cleaners at the A-Hing Memorial Olympic branch just dragged them over with mops on the ground and the ground was dry. However, a sign of 'carefully sliding' was placed where the ground was mopped. In April, Vermilion and A Hing Kee Olympic branch broke the jade bracelet identification, concluded that 'broken emerald bracelet is assumed intact, no chapped state, March 28, 2011 the market value of three Zhu million was prosecuted to the Jiulongpo People's Court of Chongqing Municipality, asked A Xingji Olympic Sports Company to compensate the plaintiff was broken bracelet loss of 350,000 yuan Jiulongpo District People's Court of First Instance that, Natural persons, legal persons and other organizations engaging in business activities such as lodging, catering, entertainment or other social activities shall not be liable for their personal and property damage if they fail to fulfill their obligations of safety and security within reasonable limits. A Hing Kee Olympic Branch mopping the floor with a mop when the guests are not yet fully away should be expected to slippery on the ground may lead to the risk of falling and the A Xingji Olympic Sports Branch failed to take effective measures to prevent the danger Resulting in Zhu Hong fall caused by the emerald bracelet damaged, A Xing Kee Olympic Branch Zhu Hong due to the fall caused by the property should bear the liability for compensation. Vermilion, a well-intentioned adult, should pay due attention to walking on slippery ground and fall because of his own negligence. Therefore, Vermilion's bracelet damage caused by the fall was also somewhat faulty. Therefore, combining the degree of fault of both parties and the specific circumstances of the case, it is more reasonable for Aixingji Olympic Sports Subsidiary to assume 70% of the responsibilities and Zhu Hong to assume 30% of the responsibilities. Although the red jade bracelet is 100000 yuan to buy, but because of the identification of the bracelet in the damaged market value 300000-400000 yuan, now vermilion jade bracelet according to the legal value of the market value of damage, in line with the law, court of first instance Confirm the value of the bracelet is 350,000 yuan Jiulongpo District People's Court verdict: A Xingji Olympic Sports Division compensation plaintiff Zhuhong 245,000 yuan Chongqing Fifth Intermediate People's Court held that in considering the administrator of public places is done to a reasonable limit In the event of safety and security obligations, it should be judged mainly on the basis of the benefits of the manager, the costs and the ability to prevent and control the risks or damages. As the manager of a restaurant, A Xing Ji Olympic Sports Branch is most likely to know and grasp the actual situation of the whole business premises, anticipate the possible danger and damage, and will most likely take the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of damage or mitigate the damage degree. In the case of guests who have not eaten before leaving the restaurant fully, A Xing Ke Olympic Sports Branch should foresee the slippery floor may cause personal and property damage to guests. However, Aixing Olympic Sports Branch set only 'carefully slip' warning signs did not fully meet the standards of good managers, should be liable for the loss of property Redress verdict. Jade bracelets are highly valuable and easily damaged in personal possessions, and Vermilion, as the owner of the property, should take a higher degree of caution in wearing such accessories or take risks that may arise as a result of property insurance . At the same time, Zhu Hong did not express himself to A Xingji Olympic Sports Branch at the time of the meal that he or she carried the valuable property with him. If he asked A Xingji Olympic Sports Branch to bear excessive liability for the loss of such property, obviously it exceeded The benefits that may be gained from providing services to Zhu Hong et al. Are beyond the normal foreseeable bulgari imitation snake bracelet scope of the manager and increase the cost of risk prevention and control. Therefore, A Xing Kee Olympic Sports Branch should assume 30% compensation for the property losses of Zhu Hong, namely compensation of 105,000 yuan is appropriate. Chongqing Intermediate People's Court ruling: Chongqing A Hing Kee Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Olympic Sports Division Within 10 days after the entry into force of this verdict compensate Zhu Hong bracelet loss of 105,000 yuan.Safe guarantee Obligation to obtain benefits for security interests Obligation of the obligor's liability is higher than for the benefit of the security guarantor Obligation to get more It is also based on fair consideration that the liability of the obligatory security interests with multiple benefits should be higher than the liability of the security service obligors with less interests. In this case, A Xingji Olympic Sports Branch as a catering operator, the plaintiff to the restaurant consumption, A Xing Kee Olympic Sports Branch can be profitable, though the plaintiff's consumer behavior through its limited access to the interests of the dangerous nature and The ability of the obligor to control the risk of security The risk of the security to protect the obligor's liability to the perpetrator is higher than those who can not control or take a higher cost risk bvlgari copy bracelet snake control of the security obligations Obligation. In a general sense, if a security guard's obligor bvlgari imitation serpenti bracelet can control the risk easily or at a relatively small cost and fails to take effective measures to cause the victim's loss, it can replica bvlgari leather snake bracelet be interpreted as a big mistake. If the risk needs to be significantly increased, The controllable obligor is out of control and, for the benefit of equity consideration, the lesser is found to have less fault than the victim. Specific circumstances of victim damage In the case of property damage, victims carrying or wearing valuables should themselves To a higher degree of cautious obligations, rather than one-sided emphasis on security obligations to fulfill all obligations. In the present case, the market value of the bracelets worn by the plaintiffs was at 350,000 yuan. The restaurant itself should be cautious when dining at the restaurant run by the defendant. In particular, the plaintiff's duty of care More obvious. In case of the plaintiff's fault, the case number of the case shall be reasonably shared for the loss: (2011) Jiufa Min Chu Zi No.621; (2012) Yu Wu Zhong Fa Min Zhong Zi666
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Silver annual net sales exceeded 1 million yuan

Xinhua Guiyang, March 21 (correspondent replica bvlgari leather snake bracelet Liao bulgari serpenti bracelet replica Shanggang) 'How much is this flower flower bracelet?' 'A hollow collar how to sell?' A customer from Guangxi carefully selected in Yinxing Street, Gu Long Town, Huangping County. Now, The town to Yang Wanfu, represented by more than 30 silverware processing households composed of silverware Street, in the town of Long Valley has become a hilarious place to patronize Chinese and foreign tourists. With the continuous increase of social replica bulgari serpenti bracelet price purchasing power, the product of GuLong Miao Silver Street is not only greatly increased in annual sales, but also many beautiful silver handicrafts are clicked through by the mouse. Through the courier and logistics, Who's only this one, silverware electricity supplier in the annual turnover of more than 1 million yuan Gu Long Town, Huangping County is a town inhabited by Miao people. Silverware has always been a symbol of happiness and wealth for ethnic minorities. Therefore, wearing gold and silver is the pursuit of the Miao people for thousands of years. In this historical and cultural background, the silverware processing industry has always been inherited in Gu Long Town is not bad With the deepening of reform and opening up and the continuous improvement of people's life, in recent years Gu Long Town, silverware processing industry has shown a strong momentum of development, the whole In addition to villages in each village can craftsmen production and processing of ethnic silver jewelry, less than 5 square kilometers of Valley Street, there Miao Silver entity processing shop 38, these Association registered shop owners, in a unified store signs and a color Sales framework, not only can be processed, but also good business, while they follow the traditional production process, while the fashion aesthetic art for a variety of fancy innovation, silverware varieties have now reached more than 100 species. These silver products due to exquisite workmanship, genuine, popular throughout the county and abroad by tourists and consumers, silver jewelry sales of up to more than 2 bvlgari imitation serpenti bracelet million kilograms per month, with an annual output value of 120 million yuan Gu Long Miao Silver Street popular products, is also currently driving Other industries, and solved the employment problem for more than 200 workers.
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Xi'an street cheat gang cheat gang appeared saying you will never win

Chinese Business Daily (Reporter Yang Dehe) Recently, a gang of nine street cheaters was destroyed by Xi'an Weiyang Police. After a suspect in the demonstration of deception trick, advise the public not to participate in because of being cheap and melon seeds, touch the prizes and other street activities, the public said the police alarm: rejection of the prize was robbed

At 8:00 a.m. on May 12, 2016, when a 58-year-old woman sent her grandchildren to go to kindergarten and walked home, a young man stopped her and pulled at 50 meters to the west of Wenjue Road Crossing on the 28th Street. She went to the road to touch the prize. Ms. Mao felt quite right and tried to break away from each other but was surrounded by many young men and women. Ms. Ng, the husband of Ms. Mao, said that these people took away their gold necklaces, gold earrings and gold rings from their wives, After the incident, Mr. Wu reported that the police, bulgari snake imitation bracelet Weiyang Central Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade and Weiyang Palace police station set up a joint task force to crack the truth of the case: the robber was originally deceived

Police call for monitoring found that the criminal gangs along the Wenjing Road west from north to south walk for a kilometer after the turn to Fengcheng Road, on a license plate number Shaanxi A138 van. The car often Yaguan District, such as driving near the slope appeared, the police went to touch the area to visit and found that this is replica bulgari snake bracelet leather composed of nine suspects fraudulent criminal gangs on the evening of May 23, the suspect vehicles appeared in such as driving a slope village, times At 9:00 a.m., in the traffic flow of 'Morning Peak', the task force police intercepted on 'Electric Massage' and arrested all nine suspects in Tiezha Temple Street. At present, 9 suspects such as Zhang Moumou were interrogated by Xing Ju, the original date of the day Miss Mao saw the lottery, see the child carer frequently around the lottery, wanted to try their luck, the result was deceived the body jewelry, etc. When you come back to understand it, the other one rushed to the ground, then the police were robbed demo tricks: Mo to participate in the street touch prize

According to the suspects, the nine-member gang led by Zhang Moumou commits the crime in a crowded place, often setting up 'touching prizes' The replica bulgari serpenti bracelet rest of the staff sitting around Zhuang around when the 'care', if you touch replica bvlgari bracelet snake leather out the lottery with the specified number, you can exchange the money, if the touch out of the lottery for other numbers, you need to dig 588 yuan to buy their so-called 'magnetic Treatment of bracelets '(in fact, the price of about 10 yuan to buy fake and shoddy products) The suspect said that the members of the organization around the' care ', hands are hidden in the lottery tickets, performing a high frequency of winning and successful 'Duijiang', so that people do not know the truth that they can win the prize, but in fact are the jackpot will not win the figure. Picking melon seeds is more simple, there is a melon seeds melon seeds, the deceiver's hands are hidden in a magnet, can randomly determine whether the absorption of iron melon seeds, causing the deceased guess the wrong number Yesterday, the suspect also live demonstration of melon seeds way of doing. 'Do not participate in these street touching prizes and seeds melon activities, are deceptive, you can never win a prize.'
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Unusually inventory replica bvlgari leather bracelet with snake head of America's most weird eight museums

The Connecticut Bureau of Recycling turns people forgotten into 6,500 square feet of educational entertainment (you can visit of the Trash), explore the old town dump, and then the Children's Garbage Museum Stroll around, check out a giant compost, and be shocked by the dinosaur model serpenti imitation bracelet made of trash. Also on display is a 1236-foot fresco depicting the development of rubbish, replica bulgari snake bracelet price first of all people throwing rubbish on the streets until now for waste disposal: landfill or waste combustion. More than 27,000 people a year learn about trash and recycling, and this weird museum provides a good introduction to commonly overlooked issues. The Lila Hair Museum, Missouri

Hairstylist Leila Cohoon founded Lilla's Hair Museum in Missouri, collecting over 2000 pieces of bulgari serpenti bracelet replica classic artwork made from hair. Although this may sound vulgar, the world may be the only place dedicated to collecting hair. Here's the hair samples dating back to 1725, when people usually made hair accessories to the people who love to commemorate the Museum in Lira, you can see the beard, mustache, long curly hair made of garlands, rings, Bracelets, paintings and circular reliefs. The oldest exhibit in the museum is a brooch made of hair, dating back to 1680. There are many celebrity hair accessories here. (Internship compilation: Ye Xue reviewer: Zhao Xiaoxia)
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