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Yinchuan citizens online shopping gold bracelets encounter Li ghost

(Reporter Zhang Xiaohui) 'The gold bracelet heavy, the color is also very good, after receiving the goods there are quality certificates, I thought I picked up the bargain.' Yesterday, Xingyuan District, Reporter, two months ago she spent 800 yuan on Taobao to buy a gold bracelet, and now has begun to fade Wu Lijie said she strolled through the store found that a 20 g gold bracelet at least 5,000 yuan of money, Is the cheapest have more than 2,000 yuan of money. So, she decided to Amoy to the Internet cheaper prices Taobao gold jewelry stores in a sale, Wu Li Jie fancy a 10 grams of gold bracelets, the price is 800 yuan. Shop vowed to say bracelet '100% pure gold' and the national authority as the certificate of quality certification. And told her the reason why the bracelet price is cheaper than the mall because there is less intermediary agency fees, venue rental fees, service fees and other costs. Li-Jie Wu said the store justified, but also to see a lot of buyers evaluation of the bracelet are real gold, she dismissed the concern immediately pay for himself to buy bvlgari men imitation necklace a 'bracelet to wear when it does and gold bracelet is no different, slower Slowly is not the same, the outside is clearly plated with a layer of gold, less than two months has begun to fade. 'Yesterday, Wu Lijie Internet to find the seller rights. Did not expect the seller to tell her explicitly, 'This section of the bracelet is marked with 100% pure gold, not 100% pure gold, of course, the outer gilded will fade.' Li-Jie Wu found that the business is indeed in the shop that the bracelet is '100% pure pendant imitation bvlgari gold,' she considered it to be '100% pure gold'. At the time of purchase, the seller deliberately neglected to ignore this point, knowing that the word difference, but the vast difference between the amount of gold, then Wu Lijie took the bracelet to bvlgari sun pendant fake do gold Jewelry testing, the defendant's bracelet does contain pure gold, but the pure gold content of less than 10%. Such a bracelet up to 200 yuan price, Wu Li Jie spent 800 yuan to buy obviously appalled by the seller Taobao customer knock off bulgari pendant service, online shopping pure gold jewelry buyers should follow two principles: First, the seller should be based on the price to determine the authenticity of the product Gold is lower than the international price of gold is certainly not pure gold; Secondly, after receiving the gold jewelry to the local gold testing center after the test to the seller to pay, if not gold can choose to return and apply for Taobao customer service intervention rights.
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The original price of 10,000 yuan Jade tomorrow only two thousand to win the group map

Highlights I understand that the first batch of emeralds arrived in Zhengzhou yesterday, the event Jade Huihui direct sale of a total of more than 9,000 pieces of goods A Jade, including bracelets, all kinds of jade pendant, buckle, pendants, hand pieces and so on, All ages, to meet the requirements of citizens of all ages This event Organizing Committee Director Li introduced the sale of jade jewelry, bracelets, buds, pods, Lunar New Year pendants, 18K gold inlaid jade jewelry for women wearing beauty , While the traditional Guanyin pendants, buckle, longevity, turtles, cranes and other pendant is more suitable for love Tsui man, in addition there are emerald bracelet, can be given to friends or children to wear and some high-end boutique emerald, is suitable as a status symbol And Investment Collection Organizing Committee Director Li introduced the 'Jade Hui Hui,' selling all Jade, all gold and silver jewelry jade national authority of the quality inspection agencies identified that each jade products have the only corresponding code and certificate for the public Save money and be assured. And the scene also invited to the professional jade jewelry industry appraiser, the scene for the public free testing It is understood that the exhibition of jade jewelry, both on the germplasm glass, ice, waxy, beans, violets all levels. Color, green, yellow, red, purple, white, colorless, multicolor. Carving vivid. The scene of another old green flying pendant, flying slim, elegant lines, is a rare artwork all A goods, the quality did not have to say

2. Thin sleeves, Hao Wan above, crystal clear jade bracelets cruising between the hand and arm, so that the original bright eyes of women favor more style, Qunfang Jing Yan the 'Jade Huihui' specially prepared more than 1,000 Jade bracelets. These bracelets, glass species, ice species, hibiscus species, violet species, waxy species all have carved exquisite, smooth and round. Modeling both the classical round bracelet, but also with the Royal bracelet, as well knock off bulgari gold pendant as the atmospheric flat bungee I also learned that the sale of jade bracelets, all the implementation of parity sales, the lowest only a few hundred dollars, the highest There are also one or two million. An ice through the bracelet, usually priced at more than 100,000 yuan, only 20,000 yuan tomorrow is very ice-pendant, only a thousand 4.

Emerald woman warm and smart, mature man wearing a jadeite. In addition to jade bracelets, all kinds of pendants are also the public's most concerned about the hot spots, 'Male wearing Guanyin female Buddha', the traditional jade Guanyin and Buddha pendant, is usually given Kangtai peace and good meaning. Jade bean pods, it is fruitful, happy and full of meaning. The sale of more than 2000 kinds of jade Guanyin and Buddha pendants, styles, categories, optional space According to reports, each jade pendant is carefully selected by experts, modeling full, crystal mellow, people put it down. According to different quality, the price is different. Only a thousand dollars for the public tomorrow, you can buy a fancy pendant. With some ice through the pendant, usually priced at 20,000 yuan, the scene more than 4,000 yuan to buy collectibles, only 20,000 yuan 5.

20,000 yuan, usually only buy an obscure jade, but tomorrow they can buy a collection of boutique In order to meet the needs of high-end jade collectors, the organizing committee in particular, including bracelets, pendants, necklaces, including A collection of collection-level jade, the price from 2 million to more than 100 million range, due to the first-hand sources from the jade factory, save you absolutely save a large part It is understood that the bulgari pendant fake purchase of collectable jade, jade species first Better, followed by color, is again shaped. The launch bvlgari copy necklace uk of the jade collection, are selected fine jade raw materials, style covers bracelets, pieces, pendants, buckle and other categories, many glass and ice species, fine carving, vivid vivid jade bracelets and more women Favorite

3. Venue: Henan Daily Newspaper Group Newspaper Building, 1st Floor Hall (Zhengzhou Jinshui Qu Agricultural Road and the Second Road, 50 meters east of the knock off bulgari pendant intersection)
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Hong Kong shopping was gold bracelets to pit

A few mouthfuls of this little cake to get a blanket, the outside is very crisp and very cream, which is very soft. Feel quite pleasant surprise to eat. . . Of course we still have to come to Hong Kong to do business. . . . . Although you know, though many defeated a lot of really like the baby, but there are mistakes ah. Actually lost a fake gold bracelet! ! ! What the hell! ! ! Let's take a look at this 'hypocrite' style is very traditional, is to buy even Mom. Wood has not thought of bringing a mother

The style is very traditional, is to buy even mom. Much less than a week after the wood had been thought of by the mom, the color dimmed, and the color faded. I Le went to us to get a gold store to identify, actually is a fake thing. Mad at me, mom is quite angry, her elderly now can only believe that the door of the stuff, and if a fake stuff, ran back on the return I do not know if I bought this fake bracelet can return? We give some advice ah? ? ? ? ?

This is for themselves and LG to buy the couple ring, simply can not be simple. But I like this simple streamlined. Now this ring I am wearing a lot of cosmetics worn on my hands all the time. Vii Ophthalmic stickers and the new listing of eye cream samples, care HK friend bought in the senior beauty club. Super big SK II god water, Clinique's anti-allergic cleansing milk and protective isolation SPF15, bliss eye mask, Kyle's compact eye cream, Estee Lauder fresh nutrition emulsion. . . . . . Etc., etc. The third picture is not in Hong Kong, right? Hong Kong restaurant food products will only come to use porcelain

Hong Kong gold price is unified, can only reduce the manual price, unknown landlord less than a few big gold buy gold? There are gold 9999 gold, gold, if you are not enough to buy 9999 gold into the Hong Kong Customs can complain

The public may promptly file a complaint with the supervisor of the customs office. The complainant may also contact the Complaints Investigation Bureau staff to arrange for him to meet with him. She may also lodge a complaint by:.

Which few gold shop in Hong Kong is better? Thank you!

1 due to the daily price of gold are floating, pay attention to the same day the price of gold 2 gold is not discounted, but the manual fee can be discounted, the clerk should strive to bvlgari copy men necklace fight for 3 attention to the information on the gold label is bvlgari pendant fake the same with the clerk introduced 4 gold jewelry prices according to three Indicators to determine, that is, copy bvlgari pendant necklace the copy bvlgari sun pendant weight, purity and manual, the first two affect the largest part of the overall price. Payment receipt should clearly indicate the weight and purity of gold ornaments, consumers should keep a good receipt 5 Note the weight unit of gold, if the 'g / g' as a unit on any harm, but if the 'two' as a unit, tourists It should be noted that the number of grams represented by 'two' in the Mainland and 'two' in Hong Kong are different.
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Zerg Church jewelry Clover culture

Jinhua City Zergophyllum Church craft gift Manufacturing Co., Ltd. referred to as Zerg Hall, also often referred to as Zerg Church jewelry, Zerg Church Clover, the company is located in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, Zerg Hall is replica bulgari gold pendant a Clover gift jewelry-based High-end brand. Zerg Hall combines the concept of luck, happiness and fresh natural consumption, with the ever-changing trend-oriented to show the natural texture and beauty of Clover grass as a fundamental basis for the full interpretation of the unique charm of Clover jewelry Tricky Hall craft gift manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the only one specializing in the production and marketing of Clover (Clover) jewelry business, the company has a strong product development and production capacity, the products are exported to Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States mainly produces and sells products have

Clover necklace

Clover gift

Clover jewelry clover bracelet

Clover handicrafts

Clover bracelets

Clover cell phone pendant earrings sweater chain bvlgari copy necklace gold Zergophila Church through constant market precipitation and self-improvement, already has from product development, specimen cultivation, jewelry production and processing, around the market agent to promote a complete system. New products after bvlgari copy necklace another, beautiful products, high-end, on the grade. And through the market changes, new products emerge bvlgari copy chain necklace in an endless stream, and can be adjusted according to market changes at any time product strategy.
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Natural emerald market rebound B goods emerald prices 2

How to distinguish between B goods jade and natural emerald? If it is in Guangdong's jewelry store or other large shopping malls in developed regions, consumers can rest assured shopping; due to the smooth flow of information, the number of jewelery appraisal stations, there will be little confusion in the concept of B merchants, A cargo case, currently occurred in two hardest hit, one tourist area, and second, the network, especially the latter, seldom sell B merchants will admit that they are B goods, not to mention that they are natural emerald, so that Young consumers accustomed to replica bvlgari pendant online shopping are hard to detect. Suggest that you buy emerald online cautious attitude, for those moderate prices, the unit price of 10005000 yuan in particular need more than one eye, similar to the large number of goods B Moreover, in the natural jade market, with a ribbon 'spring '(Purple) The value of emerald as a whole rose, so as long as the green bracelet on the higher saturation, an area of ​​more than 0.5 square centimeters, even the bean species, the price is more than 8,000 yuan; if less than 5,000 yuan, be careful In the end, you can use a magnifying glass or a glass of water to carefully identify the texture. Guangxianbiao Jewelry Center director Xiang Xianbiao that: jade structure has not been destroyed, is the identification of jade key. Natural emerald with granular, directional arrangement, continuous structure, and B goods jade showed loose structure, long columnar crystals staggered or broken, the crystal structure has been destroyed the orientation. In addition, Jadeite A was glass or sub-glass luster, jade B goods due to deterioration of the texture and filling, darker luster, lack of Aura, showing waxy glass luster, and even waxy luster. In the air, emerald B goods higher transparency, but in the water was slightly transparent milky white wax; and Jade A cargo in the water clearer than in the air, can see the internal texture of the recent B goods Jade Why heat pin? Emerald market pick up, A cargo emerald price increase is only a secondary reason, in the final analysis because of its superior appearance, relatively low-grade A cargo Jade is more beautiful. Hualin jade market in Guangzhou C Museum, the reporter interviewed a number of stalls, they told reporters: the recent rebound in the sales of goods B trend greatly increased transaction prices rose 23% over last year, an increase of more than A Middle and low-end products 'In the past, my customers are mostly tourist areas, jewelry shop people, some recent brand jewelers, shop owners also come to buy goods, saying that summer is coming, and customers like B goods style. Mr. Lord Lin said reporters found that there is a big difference in the price of B goods: the same white bracelet, expensive to 12003000 yuan / only, and little room for bargaining, while the mid-range of 500600 yuan each, the cheapest As long as 200300 yuan. Different types of goods pendants farther the difference between the price, the same volume of leaf pendants, expensive but also more than 1,000 yuan, about 100 yuan cheaper, a difference of 10 times Mr. Lin and other files told reporters: According to the raw material texture, add materials, Carving class bvlgari copy chain necklace to classify, B goods Jade also have 369 points; Moreover, the level of law will change with the changes in the market. Currently the most expensive is light green or dark green bean pure B cargo jade, only done plastic injection and bleach treatment, using the equivalent of A cargo jade carving. The reason is that the color factor is increasing in the value of A cargo jadeite value system. Natural emeralds whose water quality is much worse then double their worth, and sellers rarely use similar products to make knock off bulgari pendant B cargo. The market is similar to the B goods are the first few years of inventory of the second highest price is better injection material, no bleached white pure B cargo, Liwan Square to the Hualin jade market, currently selling more than 1,000 yuan Most bracelets, pendants fall into this category. Its shape is very similar to 'ice' imitation bvlgari pendant and 'glutinous rice' in the high-grade A cargo jade, warm and shiny at the same place and Hetian jade, ornamental effect is very high. The second is the carving is better, after the plastic injection B + C goods jade. Far view similar to jade, its processing is delicate, the simulation effect is good, the color level, and A cargo emerald shape close, some consumers also bought from the Internet similar to the alleged natural fake, but its outstanding effect.
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Yiwu Suxi a jewelry shop masked male robbery police to hunt down

'I copy pendant bvlgari am a man, wearing a helmet and a wig, a wig is curled up, and here I was, at first I thought it was a madman.' He said at about 8:55 pm, the robbery man went into the shop with an umbrella Wearing a helmet and a wig, as well as a disposable medical mask with white gloves in his hand and only seeing his eyes 'come in and throw the umbrella on the ground.' The king said the robbery man was moving His direction, said not allowed to move out of the money all the robbers took a fruit knife about 60 cm long and look at each other this fierce posture, the king boss pressed the side of the CK knock off bvlgari pendant alarm system, see someone reported the police, Man looting from the bag and pulled out a 'gun', pointing to the boss and another 20-year-old woman clerk, threatening them not to disturb each other have a weapon, Wang boss, etc. not dare to act rashly, but carefully observe this name Men's changes. At this time, Wang found that the other side had a problem with the gun and was more like a toy gun from the outside. 'At first I did not know, and later I saw that the gun was wrapped in black tape.'

That is the toy gun, taking advantage of a strange man turned knock hit the counter the moment, Wang boss quickly ran out the door, 'I pulled the door a pull, want to delay time.' Wang said the boss, see Like, to pull the door up, replica bulgari pendant also during the knife to cut Wang saw the boss let go, rob the man climbed the moped away, the knife on the attack readily thrown aside, '55 minutes came in, 57 minutes to run away, the whole process Just two minutes. '

After the man escaped, Mr. Wang back to the store a look, the two counters were hammer broken, placed on the inside of the gold was looted Subsequently, Yiwu police rushed to the scene, the inventory, Wang boss of the gold shop loss twenty million 'The main bracelet, dozens of bracelets, before he escaped, and then knocked on the chain cabinet, walk the bracelet away.' Wang said the reporter learned at replica pendant bvlgari 5 pm today, Yiwu police have been involved in the investigation, is trying to chase suspects 4 Lanxi Agricultural Bank of China 'Happy Blue • Peace Tree' staff code of conduct enhancements like this

5 Granny picked up the hill 3 'chicken' did not expect to go home but it is medium-sized raptors

6 Wuyi Rural Commercial Bank: 'Trinity' to serve the new rural cooperative economy

7 Jinhua first three quarters of environmental transcripts baked good rate of air close to 80%

8 transformation and development of 'beautiful economy' Jindong resource 'water' build landscape pastoral

9 night read the history of the party 112 丨 delegates of the 13th CPC National Congress: Jinhua dismantled to build the city after the election of the first secretary Fang Genxiong
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Pediatric constipation how to massage

Pediatric constipation how to massage? I believe in life, we all know that pediatric constipation can be used to relieve symptoms by massage. However, many newborn babes who do not know how to massage. Below, let Xiaobian introduce it for everyone!

Pediatric constipation how to massage Constipation refers to the stool knock off bvlgari sun pendant dry and hard, reduce the number of intervals, extended, or although the meaning, but the discharge of a disease permit. Children due to improper diet, too spicy food, incense, broiled goods or food is too fine, resulting in hot knot, bowel conduction disorders, causing constipation. Can also be due to congenitally, the weakness of the large intestine or wound healing fluid, constipation. Due to the difficulty of defecation, some children can occur loss of appetite, restless sleep, or may be too much force when it is, cause anal fissure or hemorrhoids.

Empirical mainly due to diet. Card see dry stool, then the hard stem, the shape of particles, hot naked face, bad breath, lips red, yellow urine, chest fullness, reduced sodium food, abdominal swelling, thick yellow fur, fingerprint color purple. The treatment should be Qi stagnation, Qingrong laxative. The main methods are:

1, clear large intestine: large intestine point in the radial margin of the index finger. Operation by the tiger's mouth to the fingertips, 100300 times. To treat dampness, diet, phlegm and other closed intestinal, gas machine obstruction of constipation, abdominal burning, jaundice and so on.

2, retreat six fu organs: six organs copy bvlgari sun pendant in the forearm ulnar edge, Shenmen point to the elbow into a straight line. Operation, to the index finger pulp, from the elbow to the palm root, 100500 times. Can bowel purulent heat, bowel diarrhea, for the Yang Ming Fu Fu solid full solid firm.

3, kidney water: located in the little finger thread surface. Operation, push the little finger from the little finger root 100 times. There Bushenzhu, heat diuretic effect.

4, Mount Abdomen: Use the palm or four fingers lightly abdomen, slowly clockwise shift. Have to reconcile the spleen and stomach, Jiangni descending, spleen and stomach the effect, can be directly followed the gut to promote bowel movements.

5, pushing down seven bone: located in the fourth lumbar vertebra into a straight line. Operation, from top to bottom, rub the skin redness for the degree. With the spleen and stomach, conditioning two effects. Apply to all heat syndrome, such as irritability sleepless, constipation and so on.

Mainly for the appearance of virtual cardography pale, fatigue-shaped, stool effort hard to earn, stool quit, pale tongue coating, fingerprints pale. Treatment should be Qi and blood, open plug catharsis. Techniques are:

1, Spleen: spleen is located in the radial margin of the thumb. Operation, from the tip to the root of the finger 300 times. Can regulate the spleen and stomach, strengthen the spleen and stomach function.

2, push the three off: Located in the forearm radial side, too Yuanxue to Quchi hole into a straight line. Operation, pushing 100500 times from bottom to top. With warm and cold, warming the effect of blood. For a variety of virtual evidence, such as weakness, Shenpi gas shyness, complexion and so on.

3, Chiropractic: the first thoracic vertebra into a straight line. From bottom to top 30 times. Adjustable yin and yang, qi and blood, and organs, through the meridians. Where the spleen and stomach card, are available.

4, the other can also be used to clear the large intestine, rubbing Shenshu to Ziyin Runzao, diarrhea bvlgari ring imitation necklace laxative.

Note: Children with constipation should be regularly scheduled bowel movement training, a reasonable diet, increase activity. Should eat more crude fiber foods and grains, vegetables.

Pediatric massage Notes 1, pediatric massage for children within 9 years of age.

2, to pediatric massage, should choose to shelter, avoid glare, noise, small places; indoor should be kept quiet, clean, fresh air, the temperature is appropriate. Tuina attention to avoid wind, eat cold.

3, massage parents should keep their hands clean, remove the rings, bracelets and other accessories. Nail often pruning, just cut nails, must use the nail file rasp level. Winter massage hands warm.

4, children hungry or over-fed, are not conducive to massage effect. Crying in children, we must first appease children's emotions, and then massage.

5, pediatric delicate skin, massage do not scratch children's skin. Family massage can generally use massage oil or talcum powder and other media to prevent skin damage when massage.

6, the sequence of operations of manipulation of children: general head, face first, second upper limbs, chest and abdomen and then back, and finally the lower extremities; also be the first focus, bvlgari copy chain necklace the general; or to the main point, the distribution points.
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Look for hot meteorite Shangri-La attention

'Alien visitors' in the end to whom all? Find the hot meteorite Shangri-La cause concern

Xinhua News Agency, Kunming, October 12, 电气: 'Who is the sky visitor'? Find the hot meteorite Shangri-La cause concern

October 4, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province, a meteor shower occurred. Astronomy enthusiasts, travelers and others all came to Diqing looking for 'Shangri-La Meteorite'; netizens' concern about it continued unabated, and more businesses sold 'Shangri-La Meteorite'. So, the sale of 'Shangri-La meteorite' is bulgari pendant fake credible? Looking for meteorites how to grasp? If you find a copy bvlgari sun pendant meteorite, in the end who should go?

Meteorite price of 10,000 yuan? Anti-punctuality

'Meteorites are the windows of human understanding of the planets in the solar system.' Wang Xiaobin, a researcher at the Yunnan Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said meteoroids have been ablated when they pass through the Earth's atmosphere and those that have not been completely ablated fall to the ground as meteorites. Earlier this month, Yunnan Diqing is the phenomenon of 'meteor' after the air burst, the online sale of 'Shangri-La meteorite' businesses, the reporter saw in a network platform, one of the merchants sell 'Shangri-La meteorite,' priced at 10,000 yuan. At the same time, some sales of stone, bracelet businesses also 'Shangri-La Meteorite' as a gimmick. copy bulgari pendant 'Meteorites bvlgari chain imitation necklace need to go through scientific identification, we remind the meteorite collectors and consumers, not to rely on business description of the transaction, to prevent being deceived, suffered a loss.' He said the reporter learned from Shangri-La City Hall, the current local Did not receive the report found meteorites. 'The night when' Meteor 'appeared, the voice was shrill and then there was a sense of shock.At the next morning, he also took the rural cadres into the village households for publicity.' (At present) feedback from all over came back and found no abnormality. 'Shangri-La City Office Director Chen Yongping said.
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She was greatly appreciated by Zhao Benshan because of being cheated so far unmarried

According to well-known bloggers, 'Southern Tang Wusuo' news, in the movie 'happy spies' in the 'Dragon' corner of the actor Dong Lifan, actually by Zhao Benshan and Zhang Yimou appreciation of the Queen's supporting role. Not only that, she has also shaped the 'crazy car' to spend money to kill the rich lady, and the 'golden robbery' mercenary charter woman 'Golden Sister' A fat girl, but the love of art and superior literary talent, let her get imitation bulgari pendant some confidence. Once the mason, finally relying on a good voice was excavated into the Shenyang Song and Dance Ensemble, with the opportunity to perform on stage. During a performance by the Song and Dance Ensemble, Dong Li-fan and Zhao Benshan met each other and acted copy bvlgari pendant as a country woman with a strong personality in the movie 'The Living World,' starring Zhao Benshan. Since then, Dong Li-fan has collaborated with Zhao Benshan 'Comes are off,' playing a greedy canteen waiter 'fat sister'; in Wu bvlgari copy necklace uk Yujuan, Shi Lanya starred in 'the temptation of the United States', starred in a beautiful woman with double fold eyelid; 'Aijia' starring Yu Meng In the 'Night's Thrilling', she acted as a fat sister who was in no danger of infighting. In addition, Dong Li-nam also exposed several faces in Zhang Yimou's movie. She was also the heaviest 'seeking girl'. In the film 'Live,' starring Ge You and Gong Li, she offers a chubby servant. In 'Happy Hour', she acts as a relative of Zhao Benshan. There are quite a few opponents in the movie 'Green Hat' , Dong Li Fan played a hijacked kiosk proprietress, Liao who was pointing a gun that period of play is impressive. Remember Yao Yao and starring that part of the 'New Love Era'? The play that send Zhang Kelly bracelet female fat is her role played imitation bulgari gold pendant by Dong Li Fan in the film and television drama in the role of small or pungent, or marketplace, or comedy In the indispensable green leaves. However, now over fifty years she is still single. Twenty years ago, Dong Li-nian, a brains during the ignorance of his life, was harmed by a dross man. After being fooled, Dong Lifan feels some feelings of love and has never talked about love again. Today, like all women, she is eager to have a man who loves her and knows how old she is.
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Her jewelry is enough to illuminate half a globe

Women's love of jewelry is endless, to say that the world has the largest number of women jewelry, you will first think of who? British Queen? Princess of Monaco? Then you are wrong, speaking, Queen of England once said that 'my jewelry is only less than half of the grandmother Queen Mary,' Queen Mary, who is so powerful? Let us today witness this woman who claims to have the most jewelry in the world. Someone once said: 'The jewels of the Empress Mary have shone half of the earth!'

Queen of England, wife of George V Born in London in 1867, Kensington Palace is the daughter of Duke Te Teke, Württemberg and Mary of Adelaide, Cambridge (the granddaughter of George III). In 1891, she was fancy Queen Victoria, personally selected her grandson Albert, the bride of Victor. Unfortunately, on the eve of the wedding, her fiance suddenly died of flu. After a year of mourning, Mary married to Albert Vidal's brother George V.

To comfort the unfortunate fiancé, Queen Victoria presented her with up to 1,500 wedding gifts - 3 crowns, 26 bracelets, 44 brooches and 15 necklaces, all studded with precious diamonds and red sapphires.

When Mary became a real queen, her jewelry was even more amazing. In those days, when the world's largest diamond, Curry South, was dedicated to the British royal family, the old king handed it directly to his son bvlgari rose gold imitation necklace George V. On the throne of George V on the throne of the throne in 1911, it was surprisingly discovered that the diamond actually shone on the crown of the new Queen rather than the king.

On the day someone counted the coronation, nearly 10,000 diamonds and precious stones were worn by Mary. The crown with 2200 diamonds is set with a crown of copy bulgari pendant 530 carats of the Culinaryan I and 63.6 carats of Curimian diamonds and a brilliant diamond of 186 carats from India mountain. Even the necklace she wears falls in a 22.48-carat Lahore diamond.

Queen of Great Britain and Ireland replica bvlgari sun pendant Tiara

The crown was raised by a committee of girls in Great Britain and Ireland to raise money for a wedding present for Queen Mary. Crown at the top of the original nine large pearl, the original can be worn as a necklace. Crown original design a total replica bvlgari pendant of 38 pear-shaped pearl, so this crown is also known as 'pearl tears.' Crown a total of 19 arched structures, each hanging a pearl below.

In 1914, Queen Mary transformed the crown, removed the pearl and replaced it with diamonds. In 1947, Queen Mary again gave the crown as a wedding present to her granddaughter, the incumbent queen.

The crown was first customized by Queen Mary from Empress Marie Feodorovna, the crown of the early crown was arc-shaped. Further completed in February 1914 by February, it became a rectangle with some of the larger diamonds in the new section coming from Surrey Tiara.

Queen Mary has a mix of different jewelry hobby, crown in the design of the time with a pink Topa brooch, a sapphire brooch, Curry South V diamond brooch. Can be used in the Crown Center honeysuckle. Pink Topaz brooch and matching diamond necklace. The Curie V diamond was inherited by Elizabeth II, the sapphire brooch reportedly passed on to Princess Margaret, the pink topaz brooch and necklace handed over to Princess Alice after the death of Queen Mary in 1953, reunited with the crown.
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