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Xiaoya melon downtown Jindian robbery robbery suspected robbery

East Ling Road, shops on the streets, coming and going, is the town of Xiaoshan District of Kuala Lek the most bustling street. After the night, the sky Piaoqian drip drizzle, the excitement of the East Spirit Road is still diminished Lao Fengxiang Jindian shop Xiaocui melon store on the street, the night lights inside the store. Around the salon, wash feet city, snack bar are also welcoming door. Because of the large flow of people, some pushing the car selling spicy hawkers also parked in the vicinity of the gold shop to attract business less than replica bvlgari ring sale 7:00 pm, the gold shop glass door burst suddenly, a figure running out from the store, then came inside the store Cries of 'robbery, robbery' ...

At this time, businesses around to know, just as they are busy business, gold shop next door such a big event Xiaogagualadian downtown gold shop robbery robbery also suspected with an ax

Honest gold shop

10 o'clock in the evening, Zhejiang online reporters rushed to the incident location - Lingling melon town Dongling Road, saw the incident in front of the gold shop has pulled the cordon, seven or eight police cars parked at the roadside, about 20 Police officers at the scene handling the door in the middle of the gold shop has been closed, a broken glass on the main door, glass slag spilled over. The store is brightly lit, but the clerk and the customer already gone, and only public security technicians in the shop taking photographs. Look from the outside and can not confirm the shop in the end that a gold jewelry counter was robbed, but the reporter found that the police basically stood on the left side of the counter gold medal forensic introduction, Dong Ling Road, Kuala Lek town center is the most prosperous of the two roads One, the old Phoenix Cheung shop is Wang Pu, opened for seven or eight years, usually around 9 pm and gold shop across the road is a lo mei shop, owner Mr. Xia introduction, robbery occurred when he and nearby People did not hear a little movement. He said at 7 o'clock in the evening there was a police car on the other side of the road. It was also thought that an accident had occurred. He had learned that someone had robbed the boss and said he did not go to the scene after the incident but his wife and several Neighbors go onlookers, to hear some description of the robbers. According to his wife, many people were gathered together at that time. Some of them said that the robbers were quite tall and about one to imitation bvlgari white ceramic ring eight witnesses said at that time the robbers were riding on a scooter, Is a motorcycle or a car battery, suspected of holding a gun when robbed, the other hand to take an ax, robbed of things rode away. This reporter learned that the robbery did not hurt the process of committing imitation bvlgari ceramic ring price the crime, the whole process of robbery did not cause too much attention, many people in the vicinity of the business is to see the police car after the robbers smashed two counter glass Friends said more than 50 gold necklace robbed

Police are investigating the scene

The store was robbed about 20 meters away from home shops, the owner Miss Yu's father just passed the store after the incident, but also looked at Ms. Miss wearing a gold bracelet, according to her that this chain is in the ' Old Phoenix 'to buy. According to her father's description, when the incident occurred in addition to store clerks, replica buy bvlgari ring as well as customers, there are security guards are robbed by the counter on the left side of the Miss Yu guess the robber was stepped on before the point, because 'he Go straight to the most expensive gold ornaments away. ' Miss Yu stroll the store several times, knowing that probably placed inside the gold ornaments. She said after entering the left side of the door has been going forward to the end of the counter, the gold necklaces and bracelets placed the most extensive, and the robbers happen to be robbed of the two counter here things after the incident, netizens said robbers Seized about 50 gold necklace, the police said the number is still in the statistics. Reporter: Huang Zhao Yi Liu Yong extension
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Natural gas pipe into a thief into the shortcut to the owner of the loss of 100,000

Mr. Shi, 53, lived in Fairview Jiangnan district, Binjiang District, Hangzhou for more than eight years. The reason why the choice of this district, one fancy community beautiful environment, and second, the house here is of good quality. What he could not think of is that a natural gas pipe on the edge of his own patio made his home stolen two times in less than two years, losing nearly 100,000 yuan as the thief crawled up the natural gas pipe

Mr. Shi lives in Fairview Park, Jiangnan District, a 3rd floor. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the district, he and the property staff to view the scene. 'This is the natural gas pipe, the imitation bulgari ceramic ring thief climbed down the pipe to my house.' Mr. Shi's terrace was more than three meters above the ground, next to the green belt, planted with lush trees. Reporter saw a fist of knock off bvlgari ceramic ring price natural gas pipe close to the wall, has been extended to Mr. Shi's home on the terrace, the recent walk away from the replica buy bvlgari ring terrace only about 10 centimeters 'probably occurred in the early morning of March 30. I go to bed at night, Phone on the edge of the pillow, that morning the phone was found gone, the beginning thought it was placed elsewhere, using my wife's cell phone hit the past, the results found that shutdown. copy bvlgari black ceramic ring 'Mr. Shi then get up to find the phone, but a Into the living room, but found the house's door open, the door of the patio was also pry open 'At that time I think it must be a thief, the last look, and sure enough there are many footprints on the patio railing near the natural gas pipe.' Mr. Shi After that, Mr. Shi inventory home property, found wallet, cell phone, 2 Longines watch theft, loss of more than 2 million Mr. Shi's terrace and a veranda connected, including his home, along the outside A total of eight people gallery, 'If you climb along the natural gas pipes, these thieves have access to those who want to pry someone who pry someone.'

According to Mr. Shi introduced, in addition to his home, on the evening of the 29th, next door, another family was also a thief, stolen two bracelets In fact, this is not the first time Mr. Shi was thieves in 2014 11 Month, there are thieves climbed up along the natural gas pipe, when Mr. Shi was married for his son the value of seventy or eighty thousand yuan worth of gold jewelry are all stolen Subsequently, the reporter contacted the residential property, the property's left director confirmed that on the evening of the 29th And on the early morning of the 30th, there were actually two families in the district who were stolen. In addition, the thief was found mistress by the hostess while prying the doors and windows of the third family and was therefore unsuccessful. Afterwards, the property and police took control and found that the thief was three young men in their twenties who broke the fence and escaped from the district after committing the crime. 'There was an individual with a dagger in his hand.' Migration pipeline design institutes need to change the design

Consider the property first pipeline piled up

According to the left director, following the theft of Mr. Shi's home in 2014, the natural gas company installed a security net on the natural gas pipelines and an additional lighting lamp was added nearby. However, such measures have not achieved much effect. According to Mr. Shi, Natural gas pipe too close to the terrace, is the cause of repeated theft. Therefore, he hoped that the relevant departments will be able to move the gas pipe outward at least 80 cm Yesterday, the reporter contacted Hangzhou Natural Gas Co., Ltd. Binjiang Branch. Deputy Manager Kim said that the natural gas pipeline set up by the developers to contact the design institutes with the relevant qualifications, they are only responsible for the construction and laying. In addition, in the process of designing and laying natural gas pipelines, the safety performance in explosion protection is mainly focused on, and there is no relevant regulation on anti-theft. Deputy Manager Jin told reporters that if the owners want to relocate the natural gas pipeline, we must first change the original design by the Design Institute, then by the developers to come forward, the natural gas company will cooperate with the construction of the left director said that the entire district at least 56 natural gas There is a problem with pipelines that are too close to the homes of residents and they therefore want to relocate all these pipelines. 'If the pipeline can not be temporarily relocated, we will consider using bricks to get the natural gas pipeline up so that the thief can not climb up the pipe,' the left director said.
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Weihai value of 265 million gold bvlgari ring sale fake ornaments stolen thieves way of committing the crime agent

Qilu Weihai June 29 (Reporter Tao Xiaodong single Wei Weihai Wang Xin)

Ms. Wei was a clerk in a gold counter at a shopping mall in Weihai. On the morning of June 22, when she came to her counter as usual, she found that some of the heavyweight gold jewelery in the counter disappeared and the same lost gold jewelery There are also two other gold stores, Weihai Tsui Tsui Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade on the loss of three stolen gold stores made statistics, lost bracelets, pendants, necklaces and other types of gold jewelry total weight of 7481 grams, worth about 265 Million Weihai Huancui Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigadier Huang Xianfeng introduced: 'The shopping mall and Yue Yue supermarket between the shutter door was prized open through the shutter door found in the supermarket near the checkout on the roof, an exhaust imitation bvlgari rings on sale pipe , Obviously sawing a hole 60 by 40 centimeters square. '

Exhaust pipe is also stacked below the size of two tables and a chair, exhaust pipe and building connections Department of anti-theft steel mesh is also cut. Police initially determine that the suspects from the roof of the exhaust pipe into the mall crime surveillance video shows that day a man enters the mall at 1:30 on the 3rd, the man left at 09:03. Because the mall was dark when the incident occurred, the suspect wearing a hat, but also deliberately evaded monitoring, the police can only see a vague figure. 'We continue to call the surveillance video and found a figure in the Zhang Cunhe river found, and The suspect was dressed, physical characteristics match. 'Detective Huang Xianfeng said that through a number of junctions to monitor the video one by one investigation, the police eventually identified the suspects foothold, arrest activities in the early hours of the 24th, however When the police are ready to break into the time, the imitation bulgari ceramic ring suspect took the initiative to open the door of the suspect Zhang, 41 years old this year, Shanxi. According to its account, in April of this year, Zhang began to check out, replica vintage bvlgari rings buy tools, observe the internal structure of the mall, embarked on a steal gold plan.
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One day tour of the Great Wall Ming Tombs personally deceived experience

Marriage has come back for a few days, has no time to settle down to write something, today when you pick up a souvenir to see a few pieces of jade, want to go, or send up to everyone wake up, I personally in Beijing Fooled experience Before going to Beijing, did a little homework, bought a train in Beijing on the train travel map, there are two travel agencies travel advertising map, one is the knock off bulgari black ceramic ring CYTS, the other what seems to be International Travel Service, the specific name forgotten. After reading the flag-raising seated in travel agencies to rent the bus on the direction of the Great Wall to open in the bus passing Financial Street, the guide flicker subconscious brainwashing process began, first introduced the China Construction Bank Beijing headquarters building, said the building is Baoding shape, is to attract all kinds of wealth, Construction Bank Building does not open the main entrance, only open a door in the northwest corner, the flag never before the gate of the three flagpole implies three incense for Baoding, and in the thirteen Mausoleum invited two huge 貔 貅, and then began to tell the story of 貔 貅, said that as a result of stealing the Queen Mother's gold and silver vessels, was seized sealed anus, its mouth big, big belly, no anus, eat nothing, symbolic Lan P Plus's fortune, only unable to enter, while the town house ward off evil, designed for the owner of the power of wealth. The specific process does not elaborate on the way to Badaling, tour guides to travel expenses received, and then take you around the Great Wall. After visiting the Great Wall, everyone was tired. On his way to the Ming Tombs, the tour guide did not let everyone take a rest. If you fell asleep, the tour guide used more malicious language to stimulate you, Cemetery tourism is open eyes go in, and then open your eyes out, dead eyes closed to the tomb and so on language, we all are strong spirits, we continue to brainwash you to tell 貔 貅 on the road all the way through Somewhere to say what archeology how much arrogant, also said there are how many Mingziling howling, also copy bvlgari ceramic ring price said that there are serpentine jade near the Ming Tombs, and then took her with the 貔 貅 took out and said she Because of her child brought her home, blessed her mother and son safe, her son last year's college entrance exam more than 500 points because undergraduate bachelors are blessed, etc., and tell you, if there is business, please go to the Ming Tombs貔 貅 go back, because 貔 貅 eat only pull, will gather money for you, go to work, only 貔 貅, will bless you disabilities flat, after a certain archway, saying that they want to make money out of his left hand, Right hand pointing over there. To the Ming Tombs near the first did not take you to the Ming Tombs, but to a dinglong jewelry shop in the yard, said tour guides and bus drivers to a la carte, advanced to visit, learn about jade culture (in fact Is the tour guide and the driver went to the backyard to eat a small cook up), get off, each bus down the tourists have made a badge (badge above the number on behalf of the tour guide, but the name card for the United States said meal card, said without the can not eat ). Inside by the jewelry shop commentary led to explain to you how to distinguish between true and false jade, emerald and so on, and wrapped in hair on the bracelet, with fire, said the real jade hair on the wire will not be blown, and under the lights Irradiation, really jade inside the floc and so on. And then use jade pot to pour the jade cup, the water is higher than the jade cup will not overflow a certain height, and then let you free to visit. Because before under the guidance of subconscious guides, think how bad how good, especially in front of the Construction Bank building are shy, when the governor Zhou Xiaochuan has now risen to the central bank governor, so I would like to invite a go. Ding Yu Long bought a 貔 貅 and a jade mouse, spent more than 600 dollars, when paying the invoice Purchasing Guide deliberately let you take out the meal card to record the number, did not react to what happened, Later learned that the card number is on behalf of the tour guide, bought after giving a certificate to buy back to the backyard after dinner, the free lunch that unpalatable, it may be a tour guide with tourists to buy things, jewelry stores free supply of food. Because more than a dozen coaches are parked in the hospital, so eat a lot of people, but after buying jade left little time to eat, just take two meals out on the coach, simply can not swallow, Not to mention the question of whether to eat enough. Because the next tour takes you where you want to go is not the Ming Tombs, but to take you to taste the preserved fruit and roast duck, in the car is a brainwashing flicker Beijing's preserved fruit and roast duck how authentic, said to Quanjude to eat How much roast duck how much money, buy roast duck in this way only 68 dollars. Get off and then a hair card, and then go inside to go to free tasting. Taste a P ah, then the toothpick on the tie of preserved fruit or roast duck has no small thumb finger big. Free tasting finished, and finally take you to the Ming Tombs, to the Ming Tombs door, tour guide said she made taboo, do not go in, and say what Benming year, the new marriage, and so on some of the best to be afraid of taboo Do not go in, want to count the number, she only gave to the door. Inside came to know, there are many tourists inside N really did not take a guide to go inside. Because of the limited time, so go out casually came out. The next stop is to go to the Little Potala Palace, to the inside is still led by the inside guide, but also for your blessings and the like, continue to flicker before you go to Beijing, to do a little homework, in the train Bought a Beijing tourism map, there are two travel agencies travel advertising map, one is imitation buy bvlgari ring the CYTS, knock off bulgari ceramic ring the other seems to be what the international travel agency, the specific name forgotten. Two travel agencies in Beijing travel routes are similar, I chose the CYTS first line.

This is the case, we are also deceived. It is strongly recommended that you do not fool around in front of the front door and around Tiananmen Square for an informal tour of the Great Wall Ming Tombs. Get on the car to keep up with the thieves car, the tour guide is a bandit, the whole story is not like to explain, but to clarify the interests and advertising. Said to be the Badaling Great Wall, the results of good change What the route sent us to what the Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall and the Ming Tombs became the only way off (not get off, just passing). Own expense project is compulsory must pay, a hundred and white and dig out 45 dollars to see what boring 'old Beijing.' A total of tossing tourists to three shopping stores, the whole day to swim down, the Great Wall less than an hour to play, shopping spent three hours, they really shameless!

According to these black-hearted guide philosophy, travel no repeat visitors, a game, so how much blackmail how much extortion. In order to avoid being cheated later, to protect the interests of tourism consumers, people come over should write down experiences, so strongly support the landlord!

2016.9.9 In the Ming Tombs were tourist bus B11928, do not know where to pull, that is, back to the Beijing single, check the bus safety, health, go in, the boss began to pull pull a bunch of pull that middle Send a 貔 貅, a string of bracelets, and then say to us a bet, if you ask him to eat, you will ask how much the value of the restaurant, took a piece of paper to write their car number of several vehicles 2999,4999,6999,9999 , He also said he had several big casinos in Macau. When his friends went to Macau to eat and drink, the meals were very high on the tens of thousands. Afterwards, let's swipe the card because before he Misleading us and saying that he believes in righteousness and righteousness, we mistakenly believe that he will return the repatriation to us, but after all of us finished, he himself said that we bet against us and then casually gave us some broken stones. Jin Yuyuan boss, there are many stores in the country, I was cheated a few thousand ...
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Billion treasure jewelery necklace bracelet how

Brief Description: z9 is very much like the billion Zhen Ge brand products, the evaluation of the billion Zhen Ge jewelry bracelet necklace pendant ring: the ring is very good, the business service is not bad, especially the customer service Blue Moon has been patiently answering one of my praise! . If you want to know Bijouterine Jewelry Bracelets Necklaces Pendants Good or not, Ezhen Pavilion in the light section of the quality of light down jacket how, and Jane billion jewelery bracelet necklace diamond pendant workmanship on the grade, the price is good style

z9 very much like the billion Zhen Ge brand of products, the treasures of the precious jewelry bracelet necklace Pendant ring evaluation: very good ring, business services are not bad, especially the customer service Blue Moon has been patiently answering one of my praise! . If you want to know if there is no need to know the quality of Eternity Lightweight Down Jacket and how to make Ebian jewelery necklace diamond ring pendant work grade, , Let us take a look at other users of the evaluation of this brand treasure bar.

m8: good style, logistics also fast, pick a long copy bulgari ceramic ring time or choose this style, but also very grateful to the customer service recommendation, very satisfied

Sha Xuan: bracelets have been received, and counters, like shopping malls, which sell more than ten thousand. This price to buy too appropriate, will introduce other friends to buy later, and the store service Ye Hao.

Nanhe: pearl necklace is good, full of stars, the seller is too good service, delivery speed, friends looked good, with the same loading, will continue to patronize

New leaves: Baby received, beyond my imagination, really good. The first time on the Internet to buy such a precious baby, but also finally believed that the Internet is still the real thing. give it a like.

Shu 1: I received the ring, the fire is good, the diamond is a special feeling of flash is not seen in the store, asked the next customer service is the same weight is the problem of countertops, but I really like, after the money and then change big.

w6: mother's gift for Mother's Day, my mother is very satisfied. Pearl is authentic, and businesses described the same package enough grade, service is also very first class, in short, are very satisfied with all five-star

Liu Tao: things are good, very beautiful. And describe the same, if bulgari ceramic ring fake there is still need to buy this, service attitude is also very good

Qin: I really like your home Kaka, enthusiasm really did not say, take the initiative to solve my doubts, there will be no discount information I, so friend-like customer mm really too little, Ring I really like

Dry flowers: very good, good-looking style, quality is not bad, my wife's favorite pick, a few small mezzanine is buy bvlgari ring fake also very delicate

j5: Yes, bracelets are like, a bit big, a lot of gifts, a professional certificate. , Bracelets really beautiful, though not understand jade, but I feel pretty good

w8: okay, the price is very cheap, a little small, the seller also agreed to change but I find it troublesome, no retreat, good service attitude

g7: a very good diamond was very large cost-effective at the same level considered a diamond drill, but the color is not expensive, but after all, but also very good girlfriend really like haha

Li 3: ring is good, cost-effective, cheaper than the mall which is nearly half. Logistics is very satisfied with a shopping soon

fa: ring is very good, that is, I want the kind of style, simple and elegant, classic. Wife adults like it very much.

y9: pat when anxious to buy inappropriate, do not like. Surprise after opening the package receipt, very satisfied. I want the style, green jade bracelet color cotton, as well as fine stone, exudes natural pure luster, size just to bring a kind of cool feeling, specially brought a few days before to evaluate. Packing is very strong, thank you for the store knock off bvlgari ceramic ring price to send a small gift,

Sitting 2: Baby received, the bracelet is very good, I really see a surprise, value for money, delivery is also fast, well packaged, the box also has grades, all to the perfect score

Note: Overall, the evaluation of the brand of diamond ring pendant is still very good. Since billion Jane Pavilion

Brand loved by the majority of users and praise, so love Jane Treasury bracelet ring jewelry buckle Jade Buddha Guanyin friends can be assured of purchase.
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History of 100 love books completely read

The Bridges of Madison County Year: 1995 / Director: Clint Eastwood / Starring: Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep

'Watching movies' sentence evaluation: Extramarital affairs, but surprisingly touching, unexpected sad.

Qin Guan's 'Magpie Bridge Fairy' said good: If the two conditions long time, but also in the twilight time. Since ancient times, people in China advocate the 'beauty of distance'. Therefore, there is no companion between morning and night that will make the feelings of a long and steady stream of water. Although this is not a universally accepted theorem, it also reflects some people's common sense in some aspects. As the saying goes, 'the thing you can not get is always the best' . On the one hand, 'Cangqiao Nianmeng' earned a lot of tears from the audience and on the other hand, it really showed us the valuable and touching aspects of imperfect love.

'Follow me' 'I can not'

In real life, people always have demeaning and contempt attitude toward extramarital affairs. However, filmmakers often name their extramarital affair, and many poignant love stories are mostly extra-marital affairs. 'British patients' 'Casablanca' 'Mood for Love' is one of the leaders. However, when it comes to extra-marital affairs in the movie, people think more of Francesca and replica bulgari bzero earrings Robert in The Covered Bridge.

Francisco is an ordinary rural home woman who lived a bland family life with her husband, son and daughter. Preparing breakfast for the family every morning, watching them eat, watching TV with her husband while weaving sweaters at night. In fact, franciscah knew that this was not the kind of life that her girlhood had imagined. However, she gave her family an unconditional life in exchange for the happiness of her family. This is exactly the source of her satisfaction.

This morning, my husband and two children took a car to the city to participate in the competition, which took four days to go. Francois, who was alone at home, accidentally met a lost photographer, Robert, who took a photo for National Geographic magazine and wanted to find the Manning Bridge. Their first meeting was a bit embarrassing, and Francia Sika took his car to lead him, and when Robert reached out to take a drawer in front of Francisco, Avoid open. To reach the Bridge of Manson, Robert intends to point the lens at Francisca on the bridge, this time people and bridges into one, as a beautiful picture. Robert took a bouquet of flowers for Francesca, and Francisco gave him a modest joke. When bvlgari fake earrings Robert sent Francisco back home, she invited him into the house to drink something. They sat at the table chatting about their own affairs, Robert went to many places, Africa impressed him the most, while Francesca said the family's current feelings. Talk to Francisca and stay with him for dinner. When Robert took a shower, Francesca quietly looked out the window, but his mouth complained that he was 'crazy.' When supper was made, Robert's personal close-up gave Francisco the suspense. Visible, Francisco cautioned from the very beginning of the vigilance, and later to take the initiative to invite, and then concerned about his move, a long time sleeping family women began to sprout. Her self-blame shows that she still retains a sober, but she is unavoidable. However, dinner was overruled by Robert's overly immediate language. In fact, Robert's question just asked the question that Francisco was worried about at this time: the affair came out of the wall. So Francisco is so concerned and unhappy.

Francois finally thought for a night to send out an invitation, hoping Robert could have dinner together again. However, Robert was worried that people in the town would speak bad words and bring bad reputation to her and her family and would not bother to disturb her again. Francesca heard the news of disappointment, heartbreak are written in her face, her sincere impressed Robert, finally promised to come down. It seems she really touched this time. That night, romance jazz was played in the gramophone, and Francisca and Robert embraced slow dancing. Two middle-aged people feel each other's heartbeat in each other's dependence, so the romantic embrace finally let them no longer camouflage. They are in love That night, Francisco said to Robert 'Take me away', she put Robert as she dreams ideal reality springboard.

On the fourth day, they returned to reality. Francesca knew she still loved her husband and children, and they did not do anything wrong. If Francesca really followed Robert, then his family will live life in the cold. The responsibility to the family led Francesca to retract the phrase 'take me away.' The ideal and the reality are ultimately the end of two paths. Since the dullness of reality has been chosen, it is destined to take on everything for ordinary but sacred responsibilities , Which is not understood by Robert, accustomed to wandering life. When the stormy car window, Robert's car waiting in front, Francesca grabbed the door handle tightly, but gave up the courage to rush out, she covered her bulgari fake earrings face crying, the reluctance earrings fake bulgari to cut off the feeling of suffering a long time long time.

I actually admire Francesca because she is one of the few who can really see the true meaning of love. Because love is not as easy as flying away, it is more important to pass through the affection among the affection. Before I could not understand soda green singing 'lover animals': 'animals become lovers, lovers eventually reduced to relatives,' and now I finally understand. In his later years, Francisco was influenced by the bracelets, letters, photographic collections Robert gave her, and the necklace that she had given him. In this sense, what regret is Francisco? She put the feelings in my heart, and has been to leave the world, this is not the best example of Qin Guan's sentence it? She said she gave her love to family when she was alive, and gave her body to Robert after she died. So she asked to cremate the body and scatter ashes under the bridge over Mandenes. Because the bridge witnessed their short but gorgeous love.

Old cowboy love pieces

When I saw 'Director: Clint Eastwood' in the subtitle, I admitted that I was really surprised because the old cowboy was known for filming masculine men's movies, and the delicate, gentle, Very feminine movie turned out to be from his guide tube. The whole movie for more than two hours, mainly by a large number of character dialogue and characters within the heart play. Each of the conversations between Francesca and Robert reveals some subtle emotional changes that affect the initiation and infiltration of their love step by step. And Francisca's inner play is also an indispensable scene. For example, the first night she looked into the mirror at night and looked at her body with a longing in her eyes. Her flesh and soul needed the caress of love. And many empty shots also provide a lot of beautiful atmosphere for this love, making the whole movie looks very delicate.

It's needless to say that the former 'unforgivable' conquered Oscar's jury, and I think his most successful place in 'Covered Bridge' is the choice of Meryl Streep Featuring actress. In fact, Meryl Streep has full power to get the best actress Oscar by virtue of this role.

In 1996 the film was also introduced to our country by the Shanghai Film Studio, in the voices of the older generation of voice actors, numerous viewers burst into tears.

Call Index:

Francesca and Robert 4 stars

Kissing shots: Love Proverbs:

1, Robert: 'This exact love is only once in my life, and I learned today that my wandering is to get closer to you.'

2, Francesca: 'I hope I always share a love, I hope I can love you all my life.
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What are the newborn baby jewelry preparations?

[Post] to prepare a gold lock bracelet it? [Post] baoma to the baby's stomach to prepare the gold decorated it? [Post] bvlgari leather snake bracelet copy baomai baby ready to lock the gold [post] to the baby to prepare the gold yet? [Post] there is a gold lock for your baby? [Post] January premeditated mothers you are ready for the baby gold lock gold. [Post] Moms are to give the baby gold ornaments it? [Post] Mommy are ready to lock the gold and gold bracelets it? [Post] Mommy baby full moon you have to reserve gold locked? Already. [Post] Bar ?????????????????? You are ready for the baby gold or silver jewelry. [Knowledge] Baby's facial care copy bvlgari bracelet snake leather [Knowledge] [Parenting topic] Maternity bvlgari snake leather bracelet imitation maternity leave [Knowledge] Newborn baby when to see [Knowledge] My baby tree _ Favorite list [Knowledge ] What is the symptoms of myopia [Knowledge] newborn baby to sleep to refuse a small bvlgari serpenti bracelet copy pillow
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My mother-in-law said that copy bvlgari bracelet serpenti men do not carry gold

[Post] Why do we all have baby copy bulgari snake bracelet price silver bracelets to wear it? [Post] baby need to wear silver bracelet it? [Post] A lot of pregnant women are wearing silver bracelets, what is the role? [Post] a silver bulgari serpenti bracelet copy bracelet allergy it? [Post] can you wear a silver bracelet or a road bracelet for your baby yet? [Post] treasure mommy baby wearing a silver bracelet? [Post] We all give their own baby wearing silver bracelets it? [Post] Po mother gave the baby wearing a silver bracelet it? ? ? [Post] your baby wearing a silver bracelet it? [Post] Po mother wearing silver jewelry it? [Post] Dai silver bracelets in addition to fetal poison ... [post] About baby wearing silver bracelets, treasure moms who you give the baby bvlgari bracelet serpenti copy to wear it? [Knowledge] Western medicine treatment of vitamin D deficiency (rickets) [Knowledge] Chinese medicine treatment of vitamin D deficiency (rickets) [Knowledge] [Parenting] What this year, 'June 1' to send [knowledge] [Parenting Topics]佝 偻 door 'talk about' universal calcium '[knowledge] children just born father to take care of a few days [knowledge] child right brain development game
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Indians how to prevent derailment map

There is an old Chinese saying: 'There are different styles and different customs in Barry.' China, on the verge of the Pacific Ocean, and India in the Indian Ocean, despite their landscapes, have their own distinct traditions and cultures, Accessories and so on. People who have watched Indian movies must have been bvlgari bracelet snake copy dazzled by Indian women's feminine eyes, lively dancing, sweet singing, and jeweled costumes, especially Indian women's 'nose' nosepieces, including the nose ring , Nails and so on. Initially, this kind of thing spread from Arabia to India, its intention is that people through the animal's nose tied to the rope tied to show the absolute 'ownership' of the animals. Today, the nose, nose, has become the symbol of Indian women married no doubt indeed Indian women a wide variety of jewelry, can be divided into earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, bracelets, hair accessories, forehead, pectoral, anklets ... This ancient country, very particular about the jewelry, they think: 'Jewelry is half the life of women.' Difficult to talk about the wife of a rich lady, often do everything possible to dress themselves with jewelry, even bvlgari serpenti bracelet price copy small jasper, or poor woman, All, find a few pieces of ordinary jewelry or plastic ornaments, as a substitute. This feeling, much like a child wearing a red string rope. Only Indian women's jewelry, red rope can be much heavier Indian women's 'nose' and 'earrings' very ethnic characteristics. According to local customs, unmarried girls and married women, wearing these two kinds of jewelry, the argument is also very different unmarried girls, generally do not wear nose ornaments. Only when married, was solemnly worn. It is said that India is also a popular 'auspicious mole' that delicate color, red, yellow, purple, but also black, mainly based on the color of clothes. Good luck mole can both beauty, but also evil. Visitors who have been to India will find that there are no exceptions to the status of women of all ages and different positions. There is a bright red dot on the forehead. Even the great woman of Sonia Gandhi was the first to have an 'auspicious mole' on her wedding day, in front of her bvlgari leather bracelet with snake head imitation husband, Rajiv Gandhi. As for the traditional 'nose ornaments' and 'earrings', one can not naturally have fewer married women. They must pierce the nose, wear precious gold rings, and some even use gold chains Ring and earrings connected to form a unique face decoration. Of course, different regions, wearing 'nose ornaments' and 'earrings' stress is also very different. For example, in the southern region, the bride wore holes on both sides of the nostril, put diamond studs on her nostrils, or worn pearls on her copy bvlgari serpenti bracelet nose below her left nostril. In addition, she wore rings on her toes. In the northern region, the bride wears a gold nose ring and connects it with a beautiful gold chain. The other end of the gold chain hangs on her ear to remove the 'nose ornament' and 'earring'. Married women also have to wear a more fresh Gadgets - 'foot bell.' This metal accessories, always issued a 'Tintin Dangdang' percussion. First, beautiful; Second, evil spirits; Third, in particular, to prevent the bride bee Queen butterfly, to make the derailment to the scandal.
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Leisure play

I am free egg pain, to help you analyze it! 39 Battlefield most cattle career list feathers> Yunlu> Yi copy bulgari snake bracelet price Jian> Wildfire> 魍 魉> secret> Bingxin = too empty!

Feather, battlefield that is God, needless to say! Even the most cattle of the 39 rare harmony, but still so cow! Equipment: head grass essence, clothing Qi Road, shoulder white tiger, belt white tiger, pants water pattern, hand iron, fabric anti-defense, shoe defense guards, earrings sun, bracelets, water, rings, necklaces, , Weapons like the wind (which is the most economical and practical equipment)

Cloud Foot: 39 seconds inside the second kill perverted profession, micro-operations like the feathers also Niubi! Equip: Xia Phi full set, earrings Youcao, a curse of autumn and winter curse, ring Shahua, necklace citrine or purple coral, jade citrine, weapons 35 manual!

Also Sword: Metamorphosis of magic knife Mizuno spill flow and return, let him in 39 rampant! Due to too copy serpenti bracelet price many points plus points sword, such as sensitive sword, sword disease, sensitive disease, sensitive soul bulgari snake bracelet leather imitation and so on! So the equipment is not one by one said, say it under the Sword equipment, the other please own mother! Equipment, head bulk, shoulder bulk, clothes breeze robe, the belt of the old one produced by the spring, trousers elves pants, hand in bulk, put the kelin pendulum, shoes bulk, earrings, bracelets, necklaces all thirty battlefield, ring Manzhu, Such as China! In the sword or the disease copy bvlgari serpenti bracelet price or full sensitivity in the battlefield Niubi!

Wild fire, known as the longest blood 39 jobs, small wings to nine thousand blood! Commoner occupations twice! Attack is also more perverted! A wound can hit 3,000 blood! 39 wild fire also divided into two kinds, sensitive high-power and wounds attached! Sensitive equipment reference feather equipment! With the wound flow of weapons can be changed fast sunny! A need for identification of fast sunny can have 250 attached injuries, plus body equipment, wounds can be on more than 400, killing high anti-armor! But the commoner effect is common! Equipped with the same reference above feathers!

魍 魉, 39 did not make him lose a lot of advantages! But in 39 kill commoner is still very cattle, but also the advantages of shadow! Good people are still very good! Equipment reference feathers (hard armor equipment are mostly the same, do not flat I _)

Celestial plane, in addition to full of anti-foreign, no advantage, a steel O! Equipment, or semi-reference feathers _ addition to clothing, money, higher, anti-chain armor and shoulder high, no anti-recent shoulder outside the change ... jewelry earrings for 39 battlefield, bracelet Ye Yuan, ring Manzhu, necklace Broken coral , Jade loyalty! Weapon Saber!
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