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To preserve the value of two to transport the United States Chinese New Year gold rush surge

According to imitation bulgari serpenti bracelet price the United States, 'World News' reported that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) public auction of 191 tons of gold came out, Wall Street gold futures echoed. However, the cashier shop in Southern California states that the current retail gold price has not been affected fake bvlgari leather bracelet with snake head but has plummeted. On the contrary, the rising price of gold since last year has caused many Chinese people to 'buy more expensively,' and 'not a few people wear their gold on their necks' The climax of buying gold during the Lunar New Year has made many Chinese businessmen laugh in vain to open up the concept of 'buying gold in times of trouble' among Chinese people. Li Xinghua, president of Los Angeles Li Xinghua Emerald City, said that since the second half of last year, more and more Chinese people have purchased 24K barefoot gold, and quite a lot of people purchase it in large quantities. Li Xinghua San Gabriel, Walnut, Arcadia and Irvine four branches, 'buy two, two imitation bvlgari serpenti bracelet price hundred and thirty-two gold necklace abound' Global gold prices in recent years continued to maintain more than 1,000 US dollars per British two and once soared to every Although the price of gold is high at around 1120 yuan this week, more and more people believe that it is more valuable to hold gold than deposits due to the continuous devaluation of the U.S. dollar and the reduction of interest rates by major banks. One of the people said that she put her dowry makeup over the past year more than half a century ago into the valuation fake bvlgari bracelet snake of the gold bank. The result made her quite satisfied. 'Like many Chinese-owned jewelry lovers who can grow old together,' although many Chinese-owned jewelry gold dealers said that for two consecutive years Jewelery business bleak, but the traditional gold ornaments rebirth. Especially during the Lunar New Year period, from the most traditional dragon and phoenix gold bracelets, carved gold necklaces, rings and other wedding gold ornaments to 24K gold decorations, full gold lucky star transit pendants, 12 Lunar New Year gold ornaments, sales are among the best in recent years, 'a hedge , And secondly to transport ', Changxing Jewelry Bank wife Li Ellen said that their San Gabriel branch New Year's Day, the second day into the crowd, the purchase of the Lunar New Year gold ornaments are particularly large, many people not only to buy their own, When giving gifts, many people believe that gold can be shipped 'In San Gabriel a gold shop to buy wedding gifts to the grandson of Mrs. Zheng said on the 19th, she thought, or decided to spend 2,000 yuan to the Sun daughter bought Longfeng bracelets, This thing will never be outdated. 'Lim Risheng, senior vice president of financial wealth management at UBS, said that at present the global gold market is rather optimistic. Although the IMF plans to sell nearly 70 billion U.S. dollars worth of gold, for the global gold demand, Is still 'a mere 191 tons.' IMF gold sales will not affect the gold market for several reasons: First, China, India and other central banks are interested in substantial acquisitions, At present, China's two trillion (trillion) US dollar foreign exchange reserves, the dollar ratio as high as 70% 75%, the golden ratio of only 10%, and the United States foreign exchange reserves more than 50% of the gold ratio is far from .. )
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While housewife handwriting also Shu grandma out of a new book heartfelt laughter

REVIEW: Editor Sun Yi told reporters that at present the East has published more than 40 books also Yishu, and Shishu books are generally first published in Hong Kong Tiandi, and they will be based on the book's market feedback, and then decide whether or fake bvlgari serpenti bracelet price not to . Therefore, not all the books will bvlgari leather snake bracelet fake be published in the Mainland. However, we have read the latest works of Yi Shoo (of course, the paper version) and generally the photos we interviewed many years earlier imitation serpenti bracelet than in Hong Kong. Moreover, in order to celebrate the serial number 300, the Tsim Sha Tsui Library and Commerce Center has also exhibited a rare combination of manuscripts (photocopies), book fake bulgari serpenti bracelet price cover illustrations and masterpieces last week. Forty years later, the world is mechanized. Emei Wang and mechanical life, self-sufficiency, carefree. Jin Yong taught us that way 2, as a former entertainment reporter, also Shu many female stars into the book, she also wrote the mainland actress?

She likes Chen Chong, Pan Hong, but Liu Xiaoqing awaits. She said: Liu Xiaoqing recently paid a visit to China. She wore bright red rouge, big flower clothes, a diamond bracelet and a rough gold neck on her neck. She wanted to join the Writers Association, feel higher level of art 3, Yi Shu favorite words to say?

Melancholy old dreams, Italy difficult, spent things, after all, is a new day tomorrow. There is also a word in many places have appeared: electro-optical flint understood.
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Can distinguish genuine and fake bracelets with your mouth

Jade market fish mixed, non-governmental appraisal practices are very different, but enough. A friend heard of a 'rivers and lakes rumors,' To identify genuine jade: lick with a tongue licked jade, natural jade Sese feeling, and fake will not have! This is not, recently, an Aunt to bulgari serpenti leather bracelet fake buy the real thing, licking the mall more than 100 jade bracelets! This is too unreliable!

Licking jade with tongue is actually a common folk identification of emerald authentic way, the method is: lick with a tongue licking jade, jade with a sense of astringent, while the fake is not astringent feeling! On the jade identification, each big God really superb ah! Licking a lick to know true and false, the tongue than those identification equipment also cattle? Listen, do not fly ah! But some people still believe and try it out

Not to say anything else, if you fancy piece of jade lick, it is too weird it, so many jade on the market, it is impossible for every fancy who can bulgari snake bracelet fake eventually deal, and failed to deal imitation serpenti bracelet goods again The next person fancy words ... ... Oh, it simply could not imagine!

In order not to buy fakes, aunt actually licked more than 100 bracelets! Mall sellers are staring! As a result, aunt do not know how many bacteria licked, the tongue is numb, but also failed to tell who is true who is fake jade culture profound, since ancient times there is a gentleman than the virtuous Jade, jade noble world is visible The aesthetics of the bvlgari serpenti bracelet price fake longing. Jade is the king of jade, its precious degree has attracted countless people, but Jade Friends in the purchase of jade, very worried about the authenticity of emerald let us not to mention the scientific issues of this method, just Licking jade tongue with such an incredible move, you know that people come up with this method of brain circuits and we must be different. This does not sound unpleasant, silly! If you think this method is feasible, it should go to the hospital neurology to take a look.
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Basic necessities of life in Hong Kong, Hong Kong play Raiders

Thanks for the 55 member 'nacyyang' post to share!

Holiday is coming, it is time to travel. Hong Kong, this shopping paradise is often the first choice for everyone, we should do a good job before going to see we prepare for everyone in Hong Kong Capital Airport: My plane is 8:50, go to the airport a bit late, plus registration Procedures to line up, the last remaining 10 minutes at the airport duty-free shops probably looked at the price, did not buy things. Later, I think the capital airport cheaper, at least I want to buy something like this Hong Kong Airport: I did not expect to go to the airport late, 13:20 aircraft, I went to the airport are more than 12 points, thanks to register without serpenti leather bracelet fake queuing, finish registration , Left a little time. Spent half an hour visiting the Hong Kong Airport, Hong Kong Airport store particularly large, can not be one one stroll, looked at the watch unfortunately not suitable, watch counter next to the Swarovski, I was impulsive Buying a bracelet Octopus card and subway:

Buy Octopus cards: to Hong Kong, out of the airport lobby is to do the Octopus card place, I bought a $ 100 Octopus card to pay another 50 bulgari serpenti diamond bracelet fake deposit (3 days to take the subway, take the Star Ferry, take the Peak Tram, not used to buy things , Almost all spent), bought a Tsing Yi round-trip airport express ticket 110 yuan. Because living in the hotel in Yau Ma Tei (reversing route: Airport Express - Tung Chung Line - Tsuen Wan Line), Tsing Yi from reversing unnecessary costly mistakes, you can also sit back to Hong Kong Station reversal can be less down a trip car, but a bit far . One-way Airport Express at Hong Kong Station is 100 yuan imitation bulgari serpenti bracelet leather back to Octopus Card: Back to the Octopus card where the next Airport Express Line, get off and saw a big round counter, found there is actually back Octopus cards. Retirement card to charge points fee. I am not a delicious family, generally just go along. But still go to taste the legendary Xu Lau Shan, my friend said she went to Hong Kong three times, this is the first time sitting to eat Xu stay Hill, because we went to the day is Friday. Very like soy milk pudding, the taste is very special in anonymous restaurant to eat a breakfast, ordered a bowl of small wings, a rice noodles, a preserved egg lean porridge. Bowl of wings like hot and sour soup bowl spicy, mesentery with my original eating is very different, is the addition of sesame sauce and another sauce stained with food. play:

Only to the Avenue of Stars and Victoria Peak. On a sunny afternoon, stroll along the Avenue of Stars, looking at the tall buildings across the sea, feel the atmosphere of the Pearl of the East, it is pleasant Hong Kong's night view is certain, we take the Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central Station, 15 Road to the Peak, 15C to the cable car station. The first shopping mall Harbor City

Harbor City can be divided into the following four shopping areas:

Shopping Area OT: This refers to the Ocean Terminal. A major refurbishment took place in 2004, subdivided into kidx x on the ground floor, sport X on the second floor and LCX on the third floor with children's items, fake bulgari serpenti leather bracelet sporting goods and young people's clothing shopping areas respectively HH: This refers to Marco Hong Kong Hotel shopping malls. Here are Lane Crawford flagship stores in Hong Kong, as well as movie theater shopping district OC: This refers to the Ocean Center. Harbor City for Guangdong Road has one of the world's best-known boutiques: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, YSL, Prada and so on. Forming a shopping street shopping district GW: This refers to Gateway shopping malls. Here are Golden Harvest Grand City, restaurants, supermarkets c! Ty 'super and Ye Yitang cosmetics store here is basically complete, that is, the place is too large, can not find the mall staff must ask for directions , And there are shopping malls map booklet that can be used to quickly search across the Harbor City is DFS, only saw the cosmetic part of the second shopping mall Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is really chaos, because to give my colleagues with incense wife cake went to the underground sogo, it is under the subway and then another layer.
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End of the World moon knife vitality access to methods and use of analytical vitality value how to exchange proficiency

Identity play is another major feature of Sky Knife, Sky Knife currently has a total of seven major world: musician, scribe, killer, ranger, catch fast, bodyguard, Orion, in addition to each identity has its own unique style of play Outside have their own fake bulgari serpenti bracelet equipment production functions. Musician can make painting and calligraphy clothes and furniture and lined headdress and ring, scribe can make calligraphy and painting bracelets and necklaces and cuffs, killers can make ring necklaces and underwear, Ranger can make coat hidden weapon and vice bvlgari bracelet snake fake weapon, catch fast can make protection Wrist strap main weapon and furniture, the bodyguard can make the main strap and bracelet clothing, Orion can make coat necklaces and other weapons as well as the production of pet goods identity is heroes knife in the world of one of the shortcuts to make money, and Vitality is an essential element of identity making. Heroes want to make equipment, in addition to having the material will consume the corresponding vitality! Consumption of 1 energy is equal to 1 proficiency. Equipment production level with the bvlgari leather snake bracelet fake breakthrough in proficiency limits and improve the improved equipment production level will be more advanced random accessorial properties (of course, looking for OEM sales is the seller's energy Oh) different levels of equipment consumption of different numbers Vitality, while getting 1 to 1 proficiency. So the heroes can make their own equipment or stall production equipment to enhance the production level in order to be able to appear better equipment enchant. Of course, if too much energy, but do not want to waste time stalling foundry players can also learn to guide the people, Kaifeng 2363,1299 Division empty group use vitality conversion equipment proficiency. Among them, studying exchange 100 points vitality can get 25 proficiency, 100 experience. So whether you want to quickly make a high-capacity leisure identity or making a big fake serpenti bracelet splash in the sea of ​​white bloodthirsty heroes can use their vitality to create a career in the knife adds a touch of fun.
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Ivory jewelry embedded in milk powder

The original title: Ivory jewelry embedded in the customs officers Guanghui see through broken

Ivory products wrapped in foil, 'buried' in the milk, vain attempt to get over the pass is still being seen. Huanggang Customs announced recently that it was discovered that a case of hiding of ivory products by tourists in milk powder occurred around 18:00 on September 16 when the Huanggang Customs Passenger Arrival Hall and the entering tourists traveled. There was a 40-year-old female traveler Holding a big suitcase hurried into the Customs Supervision Customs officers indicate the passenger to the baggage inspection area for customs inspection. Open the trunk, customs officers found the luggage stood a variety of clothing, daily necessities, etc., of which a imitation bvlgari b zero1 pendant can of infant milk powder appears to be 'unexpected' travelers hurriedly said that this jar of milk is imitation b zero1 pendant for their families. However, careful customs officers have found that this jar of milk has been opened, some milk particles leaked out, scattered in the trunk. Veteran customs officers aware of this milk powder may have bvlgari diamond pendant fake tricky, put the milk powder into the luggage X-ray machine for image inspection. Sure enough, the image shows fake bvlgari necklace the bottom of the milk canister possession of foreign body Guan staff will milk powder poured out, found in the bottom, there is a package with foil wrapped items. After opening it, I discovered a few fine ivory products, including a white elephant ivory bracelet and a few strings of ivory decoration pendants after a preliminary investigation, the parties claimed that the ivory products were purchased in Africa, and she knew that ivory products were the national restrictions Entry items, they came up with 'buried' in the milk steal with the transit method, the result was still caught by the Customs officers.
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Because of your finale Zhang Yu Xin attempted suicide attempted Xu Hui Jie

Zhang Guo-Guo finally woke up, Dong Lijun and others are very concerned about her situation, Kim Chi-ming is asking her if she still has an impression on other things, when the fruit of Zhang Guo-meng in memory to see her actually called Xu Hui Jie mother, but She did not bvlgari necklace uk knock off say it. For all this, she still has too many uncertainties. Jin Zhiming some urgent, want to determine whether the recovery of Zhang Guo-mei's memory, Song Xiuhua implied that he can not be over-riding on the unexpected memory, Zhang Guo-Guo was a bvlgari necklace knock off little upset, they plan to leave the House of Witch. Go out, she appeared in her mind shouting Kim Chih-ming dad's picture, I feel incredible Zhang Guo-fruit, asked Song Xiuhua Kim Y-bei's photos, she wants to determine the suspicion bvlgari bzero imitation necklace price in the end is not really Zhang Guo-Guo and Li Yun-Kai arrived Hospital, after hearing about the mother had no serious problem, rest assured. Looking at today's Zhang mother, Zhang Guo Guo feel some guilt. When Lu Ssu-chen will hand Zhang gold bracelets to Zhang fruit, she immediately understand that this is for Zhang Yu Xin. Look at her now lying in bed, but Zhang Yuxin know their mother hospitalized, refused to take a look, Zhang Guo Guo heart very angry because of the need to take care of Zhang mother, Zhang Guo Guo Le Tong handed over to Lusi Chen care. Being alone with her daughter is a rare knock off bvlgari diamond pendant happy time for Lu Sishen. Le Tong told Lu Sichen himself to follow Zhang's mother's move abroad and asked him to keep Zhang's mother and Li Yun-kai in secret until finally she woke up, but she did not dare to tell Zhang Guo-guo the real reason for her accident, To be discharged quickly.
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Pacific Internet PConline

Dark Emperor dark contract set is a lot of civilians DNF player choice, DNF Dark Emperor dark contract sets of equipment how to match? DNF Dark Emperor dark contract sets of skills how to add? Xiao Bian here to teach you a dark secret dark Covenant set of specific games played in the Dark Covenant package under the premise of separation of Contract 9 and Contract 6 play, both are different. Contracts 6 tends to increase with the package effect pumping soul strong scattered to make a set of skills to play a higher output, you need to have a certain basis for the equipment. bulgari copy necklace The contract 9 is in addition to the use of suits bulgari gold imitation necklace to save the soul to increase skills damage can also use low-CD high-damage missiles for sustained output, more suitable for novices and civilians. For the contract 9 Today, not much to say about the contract to the Advanced 6 The above chart is the contract 6 package properties, you can see for pumping power and soul release missiles have a relatively good addition. Recommended novice players can do the contract first 9 transition, the latter use of a variety of epic slow transformation slowly, after all, contract 6 outbreak is unparalleled contract 9 Second, casual equipment

1, soul hunter

Necklace position we can do about soul chain, 20% of the upgrade is very good, but there is a problem that the team will have a BUG. A little later can be meditation, but the same vacuum 2, yellow bracelets

Previous recommendations can do relic bracelets, 10% of the yellow word damage, and now send a variety of activities to ancient materials, to be made very easy. Angel's achievements bracelet is very good, but did not have the equipment to enter the regiment is a relatively large problem 3, crit ring

Fortunate enough to vote out imitation b zero1 pendant of the crit ring to steal music right, a very good a spare part, crit bonus for the injury is very much. You can also change Annette achievement ring, crit damage + 15% 4, is a strong right groove

Because the dark Emperor's skills only eat dark attribute enhancement, so when choosing the right slot is to choose dark attributes to strengthen the stone. Dark altar can be done through the altar +40 right groove, the auction house can also buy a strong stone, according to individual circumstances to choose it 5, soul jewelry

In the graduation vote did not give any good epic case, it is recommended to do ghost jewelry. Now Antoine brush it well, the union will be over with people, just need some time and patience 6, the other strong

Fortune out of the graduation ticket out of the magic boxing chest like a strong dispersion can also choose to match, in the final analysis, there is no specific and bvlgari necklace uk imitation fixed with what equipment for the development phase of what equipment. But there is a premise is to meet the yellow and white storm three types of injuries and do not conflict, so you can enhance a large number of injuries three, skills plus

There is not much to add on the controversy, I am here to give a template reference, there is no perfect plus point, only the most suitable for their own plus point, you can adjust according to their own habits These are the Poconline Xiaobian DNF Dark Emperor dark contract set for everyone Play introduction.
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Mentioning border awareness is a ridiculous economic situation

June 22, occurred in a mansion in Hangzhou, arson as the media continue to dig deep coverage, the whole matter of the matter also gradually conspicuous. Suspect, 34-year-old nanny Mohuan Jing, a long-time nanny who, due to prolonged indulgence of gambling, accused her employer of intentionally setting fire on her employer's family property, caused four deaths of her mother and her mother. This is a gambling arson, similar to other gambling crimes. A little search, two months ago, Hainan Province, Haikou City Public Security Bureau informed of a gambling killings, the suspect due to long-term indulgence of gambling led to the breakdown of the marriage, armed with a knife in a dispute stabbed his ex-wife stabbed. A month later, Guangdong Huian Police informed another case of gambling killings. The suspects had opened 4 baby products stores and were well-respected. They continued to murder gambling victims for victims of gambling disputes and hiding places after the incident Innocent elderly A month earlier, Jiangsu Yizheng City Court sentenced a gambling murder occurred a year ago, the perpetrator of a dispute with his family due to addicted to gambling, thereby killing his mother, stabbing stepfather Hangzhou luxury gambling arson case and cited above A series of criminal cases have similarities. Both suspects and perpetrators have long-term background of indulging in gambling. They impose crimes in the process of disputes. Mok Huan-ching, a suspect in a mansion arson, has long been a victim of gambling; her employer found her theft in an arsonist attempt to dismiss him (the hostess wanted to wait until the man came back before dismissing, but Mo Hwan-ching knew he would be fired two days later ), On the second day of deliberate arson attacks. It is generally accepted that gamblers addicted to gambling is a problem with weak willpower, but in fact gambling addiction is a typical psychiatric disorder in psychiatry. Gambling addiction is the only non-material related disorder in the 'Substance related and addictive disorders' category in the Handbook of Mental Disorders Diagnostics and Statistics (Fifth Edition, DSM 5) Known as the 'Gambling disorder.' As a mental disorder, long-term and serious gambling addicts have been unable to control their own gambling behavior. Their dependence on gambling is similar to that of alcohol dependence or drug dependency. It is essentially a mental illness requiring correction 34-year-old bulgari copy diva necklace Of the Dongguan suspects Mohuan Jing, because of long-term serious gambling addiction, leading to the breakdown of marriage, serious social damage so far from home to Shanghai to make a living; as always borrow money does not return, lying, theft, even if engaged Nanny work unsustainable. She had worked as an employer for the nanny and had previously lied to build a house in the home to borrow 100,000 yuan. Later, she was found mistreated by the hostess for stealing low-priced luxury bracelets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, trying to dismiss after two days and causing arson The events evolved from the development of her life trajectory and the whole affair, in line with the typical psychopathological abnormal behavior characteristics of gambling addicts. The essence of this matter should mainly be the small probability extreme events that occur to serious gamblers in specific contexts. If the employer hostile act promptly dismissed, or to avoid the tragedy behind. The hostess discovered her theft (Psychological Incentive 1), tried to dismiss (Psychological Incentive 2) but waited two days later for the host to come back and execute before she was likely to worry about other misconduct (such as other undiscovered theft, Psychological stimulation3), or worry about the loss of this high-paid job next is more difficult to meet the needs of gambling (psychological stimulation 4). Specific situations, coupled with suspects with long-term serious gambling disorders, occur with a small probability of extreme events. This occurs as a knock off bvlgari b zero1 pendant result of this gambling arson occurred in urban fake bvlgari necklace elite affluent families, took place in Hangzhou worth tens of millions of luxury residential district, occurred After the employers treat nannies kindly, they will complain about revenge and at the same time bring about the staggering vicious result of the death of four mothers and their children. The case also caused widespread concern in the community as well as heated discussions of the media. The problem, however, is the analysis of the low probability extreme events committed by serious gambling disabled in specific contexts that can not carry such jargon. For example, from this glorious case of luxury gambling, the 'border consciousness' of employers and nannies is actually reflected It's ridiculous. Employers looking at nannies as part of their family are, in the vast majority of cases, conducive to getting along well with each other. Even in Europe and the United States, treating babysitters as a family member is also a norm in itself. This is like, even if it is a domestic pet, owner and pet can also establish a close relationship, the pet as a family member, what is so strange, what is worth reflecting on? A family mistakenly put a wolf cub as a Husky pet, without any precaution, the result was wounded by the wolf, is it still from the reflection to sum up the owner and the pet dog's 'border awareness' it? A serious gambling person with a bad tracker can not work as a nanny at all. She needs correction or should be unemployed. For example, the proposal to stay away from the trash people is ridiculous. In the gambling killings that I quoted in the preceding few months, the suspects or criminals are their own sons, ex-husbands and former son-in-law. Or, they have opened four baby-product shops and good urban middle class. How to stay away? In fact, not every gambling person will commit a criminal offense. Mohung-hwan, who is not quite addicted to gambling, is in fact quite a quiet and diligent person, and employers once thought they had finally hired a competent nanny. Not to mention those who are gambling, even the so-called normal people without any mental disorders may experience wounding and killing in specific situations. bvlgari silver necklace copy The suggestion of bewitching away from the 'rubbish' probably feels a little further away from human society. Analyzes such as the hatred of the rich and the urban stratification are at least even more outrageous in this case of arson. Mohan Hsuan, a suspect in Dongguan, is not only a 'poor man,' or even an affluent man, who can earn 200,000 yuan a year in working with relatives. If not for a long-term and serious gambling disorder, she can let her pass What makes me think that over 90% of the people who envy the lives of eating melons? In my opinion, what really should be remembered and summed up is why a severely mentally disabled person will be smoothly recommended as a salaried nanny in urban elite families? (Social Wage in Hangzhou is about RMB 5,097 per month, while Mohuan Jing's monthly salary is RMB 7,500, while eating and drinking) Household intermediary services for city elite families are so unprofessional and unreliable that even few people are aware after a vicious incident To the real problem, I am afraid that this is a chilling chestnut deep wonders. 'I'm afraid this is an analysis of cut-throat.
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Hewlett-Packard appeared in the Black Watch Party for Citizen Black Table world debut

Citizen high-rise, black table art consultant, international jewelry designer Long Tsz Ka, Nature Preservation Association Zhao Peng, as well as the capital of the fashion industry gathered in Party, with the fans at the carnival together, a 'black' in the end the scene, Hebe and fans We are passionate about the story of her choice of small black table, but also share her experience as the world's first user wearing black table Since Hebe Hebe Tian became the spokesman for the Greater China region in 2015, the cooperation between the two sides collided with many sparks, leaving fans Recognize the other side of Hebe and share his time insights with Citizen. This copy bvlgari b zero pendant time the signature limited edition cooperation excavated Hebe character in the 'black' color side: quick and easy, eclectic, insisting that they are not follow. All people who agree with this attitude are gathered in 'MeePark' to share each other's recognition and understanding of 'Black' - Xiao Hei is He Be the director of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. Mr. Yasuhiro Nagasawa, Managing Director and General Manager, announced that Hebe was the world's first user of 'Black Table' and thanked Hebe for his efforts in the birth of the Small Black Table and expressed the hope that the straightforward, positive power of Hebe Passed to the fans This HeBe inspired by creating a 'black table', angular, cool full. Earlier, there was an extensive solicitation of users for the name of 'Black Table'. Hebe lurked fans' hearts. Hebe said: 'The small black table is a cool and homophonic' Little Hebe 'very cute.' Hebe personally put on the first black table, happy posed POSE, attracted fans scream This rare black design is also Citizen 'fusion of technology and beauty,' the new proof: let others unmanageable black, Become a regular partner with ordinary citizens, through the black table to express their fashion attitude fake bvlgari necklace and taste, but also a combination of fashion and environmental protection. At the scene, Mr. Shigeru Tanaka, head of design department at Citizen Timepieces bulgari gold imitation necklace Co., Ltd., shared: 'With a stylish and charming Miss Hebe as the prototype, the black-toned case and bracelet strap perfectly match the black dial Combined with prominent fashion, golden scale embedded in them, creating a gorgeous woman's beauty.

In order to demonstrate the limited edition of 'Black Watch', this special Citizen invited international cutting-edge jewelry designer Long Zi-jia to work together as a special art consultant for the 'Black Watch' not only provides advice for overall visual presentation, but also To create a limited edition set of exclusive theme necklace, so that each wearing a small black table bvlgari necklace uk replica 'Little Hebe' who have their own exclusive mark. And this set of signature limited edition suits, in addition to Hebe's own strong imprint, it is done in detail the details. Behind the limited edition watch engraved with Hebe Hebe Hebe Chinese and English double signature, in addition all package custom packaging, everywhere reflects the fashionable texture of black gold 'cross-border' is not only fashion, black tone, there is correct adherence Concerned about the public welfare. At Hebe's initiative, the Black List project will also support the Nature Conservancy's Yunnan Rhinopithecus Conservation Project, allowing small Hebeans who identify themselves with Hebe's 'black philosophy' to do charity with idol. This black attitude Carry out in the end. Hebe talked about the rarity and protection of the Yunnan golden monkeys, and even attracted fans who shouted 'I want to give you a monkey.' On the same day, Mr. Zhao Peng, Deputy Chief Representative of TNC China, sent a thank-you letter to Hebe with a hand-painted Yunnan golden monkey print pillow from local villagers. Hebe led the fans to pay attention and support to the project. Hebe wore the 2017 Citizen Advertising Visual Shooting Show people, cordial and interactive fans, more intimate as a 'star manager', with the fans with the staff of fashion, aroused enthusiastic response. 'Hebe manager' amazing eye and eloquence, guess one after another in the characteristics of three fans, get Citizen (China) Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Ryuu Ryuka sent honor certificate.
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