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Sleep at night did not lock the door alone sleepy woman suffered a disaster

June 18, Liu suspected of rape and robbery on suspicion bvlgari mens rings sale knock off of being Dongyang City Public Security Bureau criminal detention on June 16 at 9 pm, temporary residence in an apartment in Dongyang Baiyun Street, a small girl in Jiangxi Province due to Her boyfriend went to work at night, she was lying in bed playing mobile phone, and later fell asleep unconsciously. About to around 3:00 on the 17th, the United States drowsily heard the voice came in, she thought it was a boyfriend came back, and did not open his eyes that people do not speak, sit on the bed after the hands of the United States Touched body. Small beautiful feel wrong, opened his eyes actually not their own boyfriend, but a strange man! Little America scared at that time 'ah' to shout loudly. Man hurriedly grabbed the United States and the United States neck, hand over the mouth of the United States, while using the body to suppress the United States fiercely said: 'Do not shout, or kill you.' Little Miss struggling desperately, but not at all. After the man sexually assaulted bulgari mens ring copy the United States, he robbed her of more than 300 yuan in cash and a gold bracelet (worth 2,800 yuan). 'Men are not allowed to call the police, bvlgari mens wedding rings knock off or I will come to find you.' Men also threatened before leaving the United States on the afternoon of 17 June, accompanied by her boyfriend, the United States to the police station in Baiyun police station in Dongyang City, police quickly launched an investigation. At midnight on June 18, according to clues the police in Dongyang Baiyun Street, a rental housing will be arrested Ryu bvlgari mens rings sale copy suspects, and recovered the small gold was robbed gold bracelet. This year, 38-year-old Liu is Guizhou Qianxi County, 2009 began working in Dongyang. Once for theft, has twice been Dongyang Municipal Public Security Bureau administrative detention on June 17 at 1 o'clock in the morning, Liu drink a lot of drinks came to Dongyang Baiyun Street, a clothing factory to find a female netizen, and in the dorm Downstairs shouting female netizen name. Shout for a while did not see the female netizen down, but Liu has been drooling. So, Liu looking for water to drink, he saw an apartment across the street, that there should be tap inside, they went directly to the apartment to find it. 'When I came to the third floor, I saw a room door is not locked, I would like to go steal something.' Liu confessed, when he found that the room was only a small beauty when a person is asleep, it played The idea of ​​rape.
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Do you really understand it?

Are you fond of jade bvlgari mens diamond rings imitation bracelets? Do you own your own jadeite bracelet?

Do you know what to wear emerald bracelet?

Emerald bracelet warm color represents the kind of faith; hard texture symbolizes tenacity; bright and sleek appearance is a man of peace, perfect attitude. When you understand these meanings, are you feeling more confident after wearing your favorite jadeite bracelet?

The beauty of jade bracelets not only reflect its external appearance, its intrinsic beauty is a symbol of deep Chinese culture. Smooth and sleek jade bracelets symbolize the smooth and happy life on the road, safe and happy. A pair of perfect ring jade bracelets, just like a pair of lovers have a perfect family and eternal happiness. Jade bracelet heavy style and rich color, mens bvlgari wedding rings copy all show noble status, showing the wealth and good fortune. Jade has a magical spirit, no matter what time it will be 'rather Jade broken' absolute loyalty, loyalty to protect the peace of the owner, the fate of bulgari white gold ring imitation the disaster In many jewelry, jade bracelets is one of the most popular varieties. Because it looks in addition to the appearance of gorgeous, noble, beautiful but also a symbol of gentle, harmonious, safe, perfect! Making people unable to escape its charm, it lapped the love and bulgari white gold ring replica happiness of a woman, but also trapped the man's life, warmth and care!

Emerald bracelet is a kind of circular ornament that people wear on the wrist, which is a handicraft product that people display the grade with. It shows the beauty of the wearer's wrist and arm. And then heighten the temperament of the whole person. Its gentle jade texture, beautiful colors, so that every wearer who reveals the elegance and the perfect green charm, infection around everyone!
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This jade bracelet has a green fake bvlgari ring women emerald and violet bulgari mens ring replica mosaic worth three thousand

Usually people know that 'A goods' (without any manual treatment) after years of wearing jade, contact with human skin friction, jade will be more moisturizing, and the human body will be health care, the wearer's mood Very pleasant - this is what the saying goes, 'people keep jade, jade raise people,' the truth Why then, 'B goods' Jade can not stand the test of time and the quality of the phenomenon of deterioration? This is because 'B Goods 'emerald acid in the process of corrosion, although removed in the jade dirty, increased transparency, but the emerald structure will appear tiny cracks and holes. Usually people know that 'A goods' (without any manual treatment) after years of wearing jade, contact with human skin friction, jade will be more moisturizing, and the human body will be health care, the wearer's mood Very pleasant - this is what fake bulgari rings for men the saying goes, 'people keep jade, jade raise people,' the truth Why then, 'B goods' Jade can not stand the test of time and jade deterioration phenomenon? This is because 'B Goods 'emerald acid in the bulgari rings for men knock off process of corrosion, although removed in the jade dirty, increased transparency, but the emerald structure will appear tiny cracks and holes.
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Tourists broke the price of 300,000 bracelets continued

On the 27th, a tourist in Ruili, Yunnan, broke off the price of 300,000 yuan (RMB, the same below) emerald bracelet fainted on the spot after the scene, triggering a network hot, the reporter learned from Ruili Gem Association on the 28th, after assessment, the market value of the bracelet It is reported that at about 10 am on the 27th, Jiangxi tourists Miss Fei came to Ruili City, sister told Yucheng, shop in front of an emerald shop is to put goods, choose a worn on the hands. The shopkeeper told Ms. Fei wearing a bracelet price of 300000 yuan, she would like to remove, who knows the hand did not on the desktop, after the bracelet off the ground fell into two sections, after which, Ms. Fei fainted at the scene The reporter learned from the sister office of Jade City Administration and sister office that the Guoshan Police Station of the Public Security Bureau learned that after the incident happened on the 27th, both parties negotiated with the above units, but the negotiation did not reach a consensus because the two parties did not agree on the compensation price. 'Things have happened and we can Accept the cost of compensation below the cost, but do not let us lose too much. 'Business Lin Wei said that due to the other party's poor ability to pay, both parties are currently negotiating a reasonable compensation price According to Ruili City, gem association Executive Vice President Chu Yun introduced, After the Association under the evaluation of the evaluation of professional committees, broken by tourists Jade bracelet 56 laps, waxy waxy local, fine crystals, head, gloss is better, floating green, perfect, no crack, no dirty , The assessed market value of 180,000 yuan 'According to our understanding, was broken bracelet cost price of 170,000 yuan, the current tourist willing to pay the amount of 30,000 yuan.' Chu Yun He said that because of the huge disparity in compensation for the price and the actual price of the two sides are knock off bvlgari b zero1 necklace price still in consultation, go to justice does not rule out the possibility Ruili, Yunnan province bordering Myanmar, jade trading is one of the leading copy bulgari b zero1 necklace price business local. Sister Jade City Jade Castle is one of the local famous jade jewelry distribution center, attracting many jewelers and tourists to buy. Ruili Gems bvlgari b zero1 replica necklace Association in replica bzero necklace 1994 to build and declare, Ruili City Civil Affairs Bureau after registration, formally announced the establishment of industry associations, Ruili jewelry trade is also engaged in the most members, the most standardized and authoritative organization.
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Show plus prestige my favorite jewelry

Occupies the first two pages, it seems that only I have not been on the physical, and bvlgari bzero replica necklace price a few activities because too lazy to organize photos, so all went so knock off b zero1 necklace price far as to miss, really ashamed of today to fight it out, working hard to map a lot of looking forward to the moderator Gavin Oh!

I am a loving girl, like collecting all kinds of materials, a variety of brand jewelry, from diamonds to emerald to ivory to pearls, from TIFFANY to Swarovski to Chow Tai Fook to FOREVER 21 ... ... Given the number too much, on a few pieces Usually the most usual to wear it, because bvlgari b zero1 necklace price fake not married, diamond ring and the ring on the first show it friends :)

Figure one: (from left to right) Tahitian black pearl, European poetry freshwater pearls, Swarovski double star necklace Figure three: (from left to right) Swarovski bracelet, BETSEY JOHNSON necklace, JUICY three bracelets, ivory necklace And a set of bracelet, Europe and the romantic pearls necklace Figure IV and IV are JUICY three bracelets open flash and flash-like appearance, the kind is very knock off bvlgari b zero1 necklace price beautiful, black and gold with a very classic, and can be separated or any pair of combinations to wear, very practical. (Please ignore my thick arm, I would like to say that it is my calf, but unfortunately not ...)

Figure six is ​​with the Swarovski bracelet look, I was shot empty. This studded with broken diamond above, in-kind flash map seven is TIFFANY ATLAS classic Roman digital bracelet. Saying that I do not have many silver jewelry, are basically TIFFANY.
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Heart filled with negotiation experts

Tianjin Northern Network News: 55-year-old Tian Jingang is a branch of the Public Security and Peace Branch advised police station police, colleagues and community residents are called him 'Tian old.' From the police for 31 years, he helped the public more and more reputation of solving problems, and even other areas of the police, residents have asked him to come forward in difficulty because everyone knows that he is a 'negotiator' to successfully mediate the injured compensation dispute

Since the transfer to the Quanguye police station since the end of 2006, Tian Jingang successfully solved hundreds of various difficult disputes. Talking about the deepest impression, bvlgari pendant replica necklace Tian thoughts took reporters back two years ago. Tian Jingang immediately rushed to the scene. It is understood that the wife of a middle-aged man fell into a capless well while riding an electric car knock off bvlgari b zero1 necklace white gold in Jinnan District and was disabled. Since there are many departments involved in the operation of blind wells, no one has been held responsible for any compensation claims made by families. Four elderly people are some parents and parents. He said to a: 'Young man, you love someone accidentally responsible for them, but you look at these four elderly people, such a big cold day to the door a block, imitation bvlgari bzero necklace you are not afraid of the crowd said you take the old man as a gun? Besides, Sparring is not a way out, the negotiation is not more than the arm thick, we eventually have to solve the problem? 'He again on the responsible party, said:' You do not say no ownership of the cover, people spine broken, and you have no responsibility You think about it, if your family's old man did not eat and drink, a cold is 8 hours, you can do ?! 'In this way, without a few words, the two sides reached an agreement in a no longer downtown, the company to The old man bought lunch, the elderly invited to the conference room. The next day, the two sides and several other related units finally sat together face to face, and finally a number of units jointly assumed the injured part of the compensation a few days ago, the Shenyang Road Antiquities market a dispute. Dongmou is a antique shop owner, a buyer saw Zhang Dongmou a bracelet, however, in the transfer of the bracelet fell to the ground fell into three, for which two contradictions occurred. Tian Jingang learned that Dongmou presented his receipt to buy bracelets, said the bracelet value of 5800 yuan, Zhang required compensation. Zhang believes that the receipt does not reflect the true price of bracelets. With their own work experience and identification skills of jade, Tien Lao conducted in-depth and meticulous persuasion on both sides. After consultation, the two sides reached an agreement and satisfactorily resolved the problem. Many policemen saw that Tian often dealt with the thorny things and asked him one after another: 'How can some things be dealt with badly by us here and can you be easily met?' Tian Tian Slight smile: bvlgari b zero1 necklace white gold fake 'As long as we heart filled with people, take the masses as their own family, to find out things, reasoning that there is no problem can not be solved!
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The bells on the silver bracelet faded copy bvlgari bzero necklace price and darkened

For many beautiful ladies, wearing a nice wrist bracelet is essential. However, recently, Miss Wen Wenling is very depressed, the bells on his silver bracelet even quietly discoloration. code begin> Reporter survey

Last May, Ms. Chen spent 350 yuan bought a silver bracelet at a jewelry shop in Songmen Town, said Ms. Chan, the bracelet is replica b zero1 necklace price very good-looking, put it down and bought it so that she did not expect it Recently, silver on the surface of the bells on the bracelets gradually peeled off, revealing the completely different dark colors imitation bvlgari b zero1 necklace price of the bracelets. After careful identification, Ms. Chen found bvlgari b zero1 necklace white gold fake that the bracelets were indeed silver, but the contents of the bells And know. Lin Yu:

'Consumer Protection Law' Article 8 provides: What is 925 silver?

925 silver on behalf of the purity of silver, is the international standard silver jewelry to do, refers to the amount of 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper alloy. 100% silver is softer, can not be formed when making, inconvenient to make silverware, and it is easier to oxidize, commonly known as content () parse end 1ms cost!
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Wu De Sheng new work this year Appreciation

This work is Wu master master masterpiece innovation. At first he thought about this piece of material for a long time, if the traditional themes, can not reflect his pursuit of jade carving art, his heart unwilling. Once in Spring Festival, a ladylike painting in the boat aroused his interest, he thought: I can try. This previously no one tried the theme, how much courage and superb skills ah! Master Wu retained the shape and color of the materials in the production. There are hollow carvings and the two characters live lifelikely. The puppies, wooden pails, wood grain and bamboo mat on the boat were all shown to make the whole work full of fishermen's music Hetian white jade and live in different shapes, colors are also different. So in the design of the work we must first see the best side of jade material, put it in the front, skin color to be placed in the most important position. This natural gift of natural jade has become the best feature of the work. According to the jade material type and color to design the subject position of the work, the work will have a strong vitality. 'Crane count Tim' to three-dimensional Yuandao made with a slightly exaggerated approach to the performance, to Longevity as the theme, the meaning of copy bzero necklace its table. Works vivid style, natural and smooth lines. I saw a foot lotus petals marching cents leisurely move forward the longevity, beside accompanied by a title Chi Ling He echoes, longevity that prominent forehead, hand winding colander Ganoderma crutches. And in the details also added bats, Ganoderma lucidum, crane and other symbol of wealth, Fu Yun Gao Zhao, wishful auspicious details, making the characters more vivid, carving fine, sparsely populated. Works make full use of the structure of raw materials modeling and color, reflecting the theme of the work. Longevity kindness appearance, hollow crutches and activities of the bracelet, it is the exquisite carving Master Wu embodied, making the work more vivid and vivid, is a typical Shanghai-style carving copy bvlgari b zero1 necklace price craft with cut and carved hollow cut made to Master Wu Decency good bvlgari b zero1 replica necklace Beauty as a theme, the main performance works snake and beauty dances scene - a Ganoderma lucidum Xian Qi spit out from the white Shekou, the beautiful figure is located in the coiled body of the snake, and snake in the process of carving appropriate Hollow makes the whole work more lifelike, with hollow snake as a backdrop copy b zero1 necklace to bring out the fairy in the snake body graceful. Snakes and women represent the beauty of femininity, using the graceful curves of the snake to set off the beauty of the human body. It even highlights Master Wu's eclectic creative thinking. Ingenious modeling ability and just art exaggerated, giving the viewer a strong visual impact and enjoyment.
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Psychological pressure someone to help Olive smart bracelet recently released

Olive uses a variety of sensors to measure heart rate, skin conductivity (which indicates degree of excitement), ambient light, exercise, and skin temperature. When Olive notices higher than normal pressure levels, it gives the wearer mild tactile feedback or activation of the LED light source. When the wearer puts pressure management practice on the agenda, the bracelet also exercises the same instructions, and the user triggers the practice by wiping fake bvlgari serpenti watch the bracelet in one direction while the other moves the finger to terminate the exercise Olive is not just a reminder of a user's breath to breathe: double-clicking on the bracelet means that you are happy now and you can review what happened on that day and what makes the moment of pleasure right now. On the other hand, the user rubs Olive bracelet is telling this bracelet, you are in a state of stress, pressure relief exercises immediately needed. As the bracelet's Indiegogo crowdfunding home page states: 'It's like rubbing the Aladdin's magic lamp to summon monsters.' In addition, the Olive bracelet can be pre-styled for the wearer by looking at the schedule, location and other personal data Custom stress management exercises. It also copy bulgari serpenti watch price gets information from your daily activities and work patterns, increasing the device's ability to save the wearer from stressful conditions. Olive and the phone, can carry out a comprehensive stress management, of course, it can also be used in stand-alone mode Olive imitation bvlgari gold watch price is equipped with a stylish standard USB socket base charger, black and white colors are available, the bracelet can be replaced, and the future will be There are more bvlgari watch snake replica colors for the user to choose Currently Olive crowdfunding on Indiegogo, is expected to begin shipping in May 2015. In addition, the project has ended on November 29, but they have already completed the goal of $ 100,000.
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Microfinance helps students entrepreneurship bleaching a family of dreams

China Jiangxi Reuters reporter Ye Xinkuang, intern Ji-Yuan reports: brightly colored bracelets, exquisite pendants, shiny shining earrings, colorful gifts into the wooden porcelain, like into the paradise of ceramic jewelry. In a few years ago, ceramic jewelry or Jingdezhen ceramic product structure of the vacancy, it is also a vacancy, so just graduated Zheng Ping Ping with great concentration and struggle. With the support of such fine policies as micro-loans in Jingdezhen and the 'Sannian UNPROFOR' series, he started his career as a model of college students' entrepreneurship by developing a well-managed factory and storefront with a team of lay people who totally do not understand art. Entrepreneurial story, is the epitome of 'Jing drift' family, but also a true portrayal of helping students to innovate and start a business in Jingdezhen. In recent years, under the environment of 'mass entrepreneurship and innovation', Jingdezhen actively improved the preferential policies, improved the construction of micro-loan services and entrepreneurship system, and continuously increased its efforts in supporting entrepreneurship. Today, Jingdezhen government departments and financial institutions with the strong support of 'Jing bleaching' are taking root in Jingdezhen, to achieve their dream of ceramic art sculpture factory stall setting sales 4 years Grind to help grow

Zheng Pingping, who was admitted to Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in 2006, was deeply attracted by the ceramic culture of Jingdezhen. 'Perhaps it was because of the fine porcelain, perhaps due to the concentration of artisans, perhaps because kaolin was able to withstand the temperature of 1350 degrees. In short, everything was a fate, and I decided at that time to place the rest of my life in this land And must make a contribution, make a difference. 'Zheng Pingping said he did so in college. Zheng Pingping told reporters that he started from the junior year, Jingdezhen sculpture in the porcelain stalls, posing is 4 years. 'I am very pleased that after four years of sharpening, from a ignorant college student to becoming the owner of a ceramic jewelery franchise.'

Today, every weekend, porcelain factory has become very lively, many young 'scenery drift' with their own business work to come to the stall sales, visitors walk in front of the stalls, an endless stream. Zhang Zhe, director of Jingdezhen City, Labor and Employment Bureau admitted that 'we just want to market through ceramic creative, leading students to set up business, start small, down-to-earth, and stabilize the initial pace of the cause, the only way these students to venture on the road Farther. '

As more and more young people like Zheng Ping-ping, who carry their artistic dreams and entrepreneurial impulses, come together in the porcelain factory, the Bureau of Labor and Employment has also started to innovate the employment support measures for college graduates. It is understood that since September 2013, the Bureau of Labor and Employment has set up a Help Desk for Business Start-up for Undergraduates in the Sculptures Porcelain Factory for Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship. The subsidy for booth fees has been distributed to university students entering the market to start their own businesses. Since 2015, Subsidies 158,200 yuan, 7,909 subsidies 7 times locked jewelry difficult to start government aid helping hand

Women have always been the main force in market consumption, while jewelry is an indispensable match for women. Zheng Pingping, who is well versed in this theory, quickly found out the vacancy in the ceramic product structure of Jingdezhen after he learned about the ceramic market in Jingdezhen - ceramic ornaments. But aspiring but not understanding art, for a college graduate from ordinary rural home, the economy of light can not afford However, those who have a dream often have more courage. After two years of repeated inspection, Zheng Pingping decided to start from the wholesale and sales of ceramic jewelry and accessories, first in the school shop to open a store test. After the patchwork, the store finally opened in 2010. However, the problem followed, lack of product control, lack of management experience, as well as the follow-up of rent, purchase costs, the cost of transportation back and forth are as overwhelming as the store is facing the crisis of closing time, Jingdezhen employment Bureau learned Zhengping situation, and he described the ceramic jewelry industry is very interested in the future prospects. 'The municipal government has imitation serpenti secret watches price helped me to encourage young people who are willing to work hard to contribute to the ceramics industry in Jingdezhen.' Zheng Pingping said that after being given a total interest-free loan of 100,000 yuan, the urgent need has finally been solved and I am even richer Passion. The next few years, Zheng Pingping and applied for a start-up loans, and through college students to start a 'triple UNPROFOR' loan 100,000 yuan to solve the financial difficulties 'funding bottleneck has been an insurmountable barrier in the entrepreneurial process of college students.' Zhang Zheya said that the micro-secured interest subsidy loan policy is good, for start-up college students, but it is like 'painting bread to eat' falls practically. In order to solve this problem, Jingdezhen City, lowering the threshold and actively use the 'three guarantees' of college students, so that three registered students in the same area Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurs guaranteed each other, jointly assume the financial risks and break down the pressure of repayment of loans due. Up to now, college students apply for loans of up to 150 entrepreneurial entities, the loan amount of 183,500 yuan, which greatly solve the financial problems of entrepreneurship Zhengping Ping in his ceramic jewelry shop to support long-term planning and development of peer team to seek development

After tackling the thorny problems one by one, Zheng Pingping conducted a deep introspection and looked for the core of the issue. He made a clear and accurate long-term planning - batch, large-scale ceramic jewelry driven industries, in addition to the core lock in the product quality, variety, variety of weaving, but also to enrich the accessories, packaging and improvement , Design innovation, strict production and diversification of sales channels are implemented one by one, and build their own factories to meet the storefront, the formation of the sales benefit such as the clouds to see the sunrise, Zheng Pingping but often come back early and late, and sometimes busy To two or three points late at night, or even overnight, three meals a day is filled quickly or even forget a meal. Over time, his stomach more and more serious, huge pressure and irregular life also led to its lymphadenopathy, and conducted a surgery. But he still insisted, did not forget his responsibility and mission. He integrated and decentralized funds, decentralized and integrated, and finally developed into three physical stores, two factories, an online sales center and a public kiln burn, and now he has his own business incubator park in Jingdezhen have their own Studio 'Young people should be like this, have a dream to work hard, hope hard work, so that the future of society will be even better.' Zheng Pingping said at the same time as his own development, he also took the initiative to lead and support their friends and friends, friends And do not know friends. 'The government has helped me and I should help more people to do this.' Zheng Pingping said that in addition to imparting experience, I will work closely with them to help them sell and provide financial assistance starting in 2009 , Zheng Pingping will take the initiative to pull more people to join the ranks copy bvlgari watches serpenti price of jewelry production, hoping to use Jingdezhen perfect production industry chain, quickly led the entire jewelry market. 'At first we just scoured some ceramic beads from Yiwu for weaving. Later, everyone started to use their brains to make some bells and jewels from what they had learned.' Zheng Pingping introduced that ceramic products themselves are representative of green things. High-temperature firing method to make it non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and its own communication of the cultural and artistic taste is the pursuit of personalized 80,90 after like, so it's affordable to make the market more lively Zhengping Ping Never mind, the spirit of selfless dedication, so that his friends and teammates more and more, now in Jingdezhen ceramic jewelry wholesale market to expand a few, almost all of Zheng Pingping was knock off bulgari snake watch brought out, including beautiful ceramic jewelry venues Most of the area is more than 1,500 square meters, and production and sales volume. Zheng Pingping and his friends together to support each other, the product more rich, tourists have increased day by day, Jingdezhen ceramic jewelry market is a thriving grasp the trend of bold innovation to lead the ceramic new direction

The rise of an industry is not easy, to ensure that it is sustained, healthy and stable development is not easy, 'innovation' is an indispensable part of the industrial development process. With the improvement of people's material life, the time has come to integrate art into life. Grasp the trend of ceramic jewelry, design more unique, eye-catching ceramic trinkets imminent. 'For this I often visit shops, and other shop owners To exchange, will also buy a lot of fashion books and ceramic art book, but also often collect information online, and designers to exchange views and often go to Yiwu and other places to learn and study jewelry fashion trends. 'Ping Zheng Ping said that the ceramic jewelry industry More healthy snake watch bulgari replica and rapid development, in addition to production management, sales and operation of close cooperation, the design team is particularly important. According to Zheng Pingping introduction, in all aspects, they are equipped with more than two staff, but also continue to recruit new designers. Kung Fu pays off, since 2012, the variety of ceramic jewelry products slowly out of tradition, with new changes, and this new ceramic jewelry form quickly accepted by the market, but good products also need good shouting, sales The diversification of strategies is the key to bringing more people into contact with ceramic jewelry. Faced with the huge domestic market, Zheng Pingping decided to go out Jingdezhen, is no longer just store duty, and take the initiative to go out to find partners, and actively expand the network sales. 'I called myself a few colleagues with their products to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places, in order to test the market potential of ceramic jewelry, we together in each of the artistic atmosphere of the street commercial street show the result that we Overjoyed, the jewelry quickly sold out, and customers have the initiative to leave contact information, I hope we can help sell.

With the development of expansion, Zheng Pingping that simply the development of ceramic jewelry industry is not a long-term plan, the image of the industry should be improved, rather than always stay in the stalls. Today, his factory staff has grown to 56 people, sales of products on average more than 400,000 in the north and other places have also occupied a stable market, in 2015 the company product sales of 700 million. 'I will take the opportunity to do their own business and brand, with a more formal attitude for the ceramic jewelry industry to earn a more dignified image, and actively set an example for Jingdezhen ceramic jewelry industry, and set an example.' Zheng Pingping said ' Ladder ladder is never used to rest, it just let people's feet for some time, so that the other foot can go up again. 'Zheng Pingping said, whether for themselves or after the development of the industry For me, I will always remember these words. He who knows how to share and silently contributes will never trip over his own success. He always remembers the determination he made under the support of the government. He endeavored to spare no effort in the ceramic jewelry industry in Jingdezhen. .
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