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Ubyssey posts confidential 2016 admission directions for undergrads

Ubyssey posts confidential 2016 admission directions for undergradsGordon McIntyre, Vancouver SunMark van ManenOne of the things the UBCstudent newspaper discovered last week was spelling, grammar and punctuation don't matter bulgari b zero knock off ring to the school when undergrads are applying for admission. "You should be focused on the thoughts and intentions of the applicant's responses. For instance, you should not penalize applicantsfor using an incorrect verb or tense.

"Also, be aware that there are different dialects of English spoken within communities across Canada and around the world, and that an applicant's use of non standard English may simply reflect local custom."

But really, there isnothing untoward in the document UBC might want to hide, Jack Hauen, coordinating editor at the Ubyssey, said.

"It's a relatively benign document and it's a little confusing why UBC fought so hard against releasing it," he said.

The Ubyssey spent four years trying to gain access to the guidelines for grading broad based undergrad admissions applications. Supreme Court decision demanding the document be released.

The Ubyssey finally got hold of it through an bvlgari men knock off ring anonymous source last week.

The university said it will not comment onwhether the document published by the Ubyssey is valid, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Doing so "would allow prospective students to tailor their answers and compromise the authenticity of the response to meet UBC's requirements," Andrew Arida, UBC director of undergraduate admissions, said in an emailed statement.

The system in place broadens student access and enhances student diversity, he said, "by considering not only a bvlgari knock off men ring prospective student's academic achievements, but also their personal experiences and their self reflection on what they have learned from those experiences."

The 14 page document obtained by the Ubyssey bvlgari b zero1 knock off ring is stamped CONFIDENTIAL.

One reason for publishing it was to level the playing field between high school students who have access to guidance counsellors and those who don't, Hauen said. Supreme Court decision.
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Thieves use van to ram Vancouver pot dispensaries

A wave of thefts has hit Vancouver pot businesses over the past two weeks, including two apparent ram raiding attempts on medical marijuana dispensaries early Saturday.

Thieves drove a van through the front windows of Stressed and Depressed Association dispensary at 1353 E. 41st Ave. Saturday, manager Chad Rowsell said.

The thieves didn't gain access to the dispensary's bvlgari mens knock off ring backroom, where more products were stored, but they did cause significant damage to the building, Rowsell said.

"I'm always concerned about this s t happening, I have been from day one," he added.

He said police were investigating the robbery but he'd learned that a suspect was taken into custody in South Vancouver later that morning.

He pointed out the irony in the exact time of the break in: "4/20" is an oft used code word for cannabis and its use.

The dispensary will be looking at security upgrades, including the installation of concrete bollards in front of the building, Rowsell said.

It will also be hosting an art auction and fundraiser June 18 to help bvlgari womens knock off rings recoup costs.

Shortly after the dispensary was hit, the same thieves drove their van into the Canna Clinic dispensary at 2347 E. Hastings St., according to Rowsell.

No one from Canna Clinic was available bvlgari knock off ring for man for comment, but one of the dispensary's front windows had been smashed and a sliding metal gate on the property appeared severely damaged Saturday morning.

The storefront was surrounded by police tape and two people were outside sweeping up broken glass. It's unclear if anything was stolen.

The dispensary reopened Saturday afternoon, according to a post to its Twitter account.

No one from the Vancouver Police Department was available for comment before press time Saturday.

Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture Headquarters (CCHQ) store at 307 W. Hastings St. which isn't a dispensary but sells smoking equipment and pot themed merchandise was broken into overnight May 22.

Emery's wife Jodie said last week that it was a mystery how the thieves got in, but she noted CCHQ has been broken into by "very bvlgari ring knock off for man inventive" people in the past.

The perpetrators destroyed an empty cash register and made off with more than $1,500 worth of bongs and 16 boxes of rolling papers.

Ignite Smoke Shop in Gastown, which sells vaporizers, bongs and other smoking equipment, was also broken into May 22.

Scales and butane torches valued at a few hundred dollars were taken during the smash and grab, said manager Gabby Dionne, who suspects it was a crime of opportunity rather than a targeted theft.

Two weeks ago, the Vancouver Seed Bank which sells seeds from marijuana and other plants had its location above the CCHQ store plundered, according to an employee.

"There seems to have been a rash of them (break ins) recently," said the staffer, who identified himself as Patrick.

"I'm not certain if it's all one person or if it's a group of different people."

He said the thief or thieves entered through a window and made off with "a good value" of specific seeds, which suggested they knew what they were looking for.
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Top 12 Energy Boosters Part 1

Being a busy mom I understand that there are days when your energy is drained whether it is from not getting enough sleep the night before, stress, sickness, or you just have very energetic monkeys that are wearing you out fast. Finding ways to get a boost of energy fast can help you be the best mom in every situation. Here is the first part of a list of 12 great energy boosters to get you going when you really need it.

Making sure that you get enough sunshine every day that you can (obviously the sun needs to be out) is very important for many reasons. One of the biggest ones is for vitamin D. I sure you heard reports lately about how most Americans aren getting enough vitamin D and should get out into the sun, drink fortified milk, or take a supplement. It is best to get out into the sunshine and get natural vitamin D. If you live in a place that stays cloudy a lot or it is fall/winter, a supplement can help to give you energy and help keep your bones healthy as well as drinking fortified milk. Another reason is to keep those morning blues away. By getting a healthy dose of sunshine first thing in the morning it will adjust your circadian rhythm to balance out and will help to energize your hormonal system for better absorption of calcium. If you work in a building and you don get natural sunlight where you are, try to take your breaks outside to get a great dose of sunlight as well as to energize you!

Breakfast is the 1 most important meal of the day for a reason. That reason is when you sleep you, obviously, are not eating, and if your last meal of the day was, let say at 6pm and you finish at 6:30pm, go to bet and wake up at 6:30am, you have just gone 12 hours without fueling your body with good healthy nutrition to keep going. Your energy stores are much depleted and need to be restored to full capacity to keep you happy, alive and upbeat through out your day. It need to contain about protein for longer lasting energy, and complex carbs for quicker energy boost to get your morning going. Try to eat your healthy breakfast no longer than 30 45 minutes after waking. If you know you are going to be pressed for time in the morning, get as much of your meal ready the night before. In my fit Fabulous system I show you how to save hours, and your sanity by getting most of every meal for a week prepared quickly and simply and it tastes delicious too.

Water is the most important thing you can do for yourself no matter what. Make sure that you are getting enough water to drink. A lot of times when we are depleted of water, fatigue will set in to conserve water and to let you know that you need to drink water. Pay attention, too, if you have a salty snack or meal to drink extra water to replenish the water and to also help keep you from bloating up. Drinking a cup of water will help you to, within minutes, gain lots of energy and help keep you healthy. If you are feeling sick or think you are coming down with something, or if family members are sick, upping your water and theirs will help keep you and your family from getting as sick by flushing your systems with the extra water. I can promise you this works as I witnessed it working with myself, my family and friends, and my neighbors. Keep hydrated and energize yourself.

The second item on my Boost Your Weight Loss article is another great way to increase you energy. Green tea has natural caffeine to that will give you enough of a boost without kicking you into overdrive and crashing again later. The added benefit of drinking green tea will not only give you an energy boost, but will help you lose extra pounds as well.

Because of the way most people tend to eat in this fast paced society, many people tend to be severely lacking in the vitamin and mineral department. To be running at full capacity as well as having a boundless amount of energy, taking a good vitamin supplement is important for our body to function properly. The key is to make sure you have a good quality vitamin, not just the cheapest on you can find. A great way to test if a vitamin is of good quality is to take a 6 oz cup of vinegar which is about the ph of our stomach juices, warm it up to about 98 degrees, drop your vitamin in and gently stir for a few minutes. If you bulgari gold knock off ring can, put the cup in a bowl of hot water to keep it there at 98 degrees for at least an hour. Warm the water if need be. Your vitamin, if it is of good quality, will dissolve within an hour. You want the vitamin(s) to be able to dissolve and be absorbed into your system to do your body good! You don want it to pass right through you that would be wasting money! If you are worried about the expense of a higher quality vitamin, you can think about it like this pay for a bottle of good quality vitamins each month to keep you healthy, strong mentally, physically and emotionally, help you lose fat and gain muscle, get sick less often, and avoid expenses for the doctor, prescription and non prescription drugs, less sick time you have to use for sick times, etc. It up to you what you put in your body, but me, I go for better stuff to live a better life!

6. B complex Vitamin Supplement

Well now I know what you are thinking, you just said taking a good quality vitamin is a booster, wouldn it have B vitamins in it? Yes it would, the thing is your body doesn store these vitamins, bvlgari knock off wedding ring and because they are depleted easily and quickly, you need to be able to give yourself a boost of these vitamins. Please keep in mind that these vitamins work together so it best to get B complex vitamins rather than individual B vitamins, which can for B3 and B6 vitamins, be harmful if you take too much. So be safe and get the B complex and feel the energy flow through you!

A mineral that is very important to the body. It is very important for adults and kids alike to make sure you have adequate iron, especially if you are a menstruating woman. The reason for this is that iron has two main functions, the first is to carry oxygen to all the cells of the body, and second is that it makes hemoglobin, which is the carrier for oxygen, so really it is one BIG function. When you have a lack of iron it can lead to anemia where you feel tired or exhausted, weak, you just have no energy. If you think this might be you or your kids (whose grades can suffer, who are hard to wake up and sleep often, have little energy, to play with friends etc.) you should go to your doctor to have your blood checked for iron levels. If your iron is low there are many different ways to boost it. Lots of different foods have great amounts of iron and will do for a lot of people. Some examples are spinach, red meat, lentils, beans (red especially), iron fortified cereals like Total, Special K, Product 19, Multigrain Cheerios, etc. Read labels for cereals! When you are eating foods or taking supplements to increase your iron make bulgari knock off gold ring sure to limit or avoid calcium for an hour as it affects and can block absorption. Instead make bvlgari ring knock off men sure you drink or eat foods with vitamin C which is said to aid in iron absorption. One last hint for those who take a supplement, which most menstruating women should about a week to a week and a half before their period, look for gentle iron or slow iron non constipating iron pills and you shouldn have any digestive problems.

These are just the first 7 energy boosters to help you get amazing energy during your day. Try just a few of these at a time and give them a chance to work. Once you have 2 3 established and you need a bit more kick to your energy levels, then try a few more. Don forget to read the last 5 energy boosters in part 2.

Kim Van Dyke is a Busy Mom of 3 preschoolers, a 4 year old and twin 3 year olds. Having not a lot of time to spare, she found a way to lose over 50 lbs in 6 months by exercising less than 2 hours per week and eating as healthy as possible.
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The World's Greatest Drummers

Led Zeppelin's drummer, John Bonham, bulgari diamond knock off ring is bvlgari knock off gold ring arguably one of the world's greatest, most influential, and most innovative drummers ever. He is recognized as a pioneer in rock drumming and is most known for his power, his speed, and his ability to improvise.

John Henry Bonham was born in Redditch, Worcestershire, England on May 31st, 1948. He taught himself to play drums on tin cans at the age of 5 before his mother gave him a snare drum at the age of 10. It wasn't until he was 15 years old that he received his first drum set.

In his late teens, Bonham had gigs with a few bands, most notably, the Crawling King Snakes which was a blues band featuring Robert Plant singing lead vocals. Bonham left the King Snakes to go play with another band that he was in prior to joining the King Snakes. But, Plant and Bonham stayed in contact with each other.

Jimmy Page was wanting to bvlgari rose gold knock off ring start a new band after The Yardbirds broke up in 1968. He ended up hooking up with Plant who recommended Bonham as a drummer. Bonham was reluctant to join after receiving offers to play for Chris Farlowe and Joe Cocker. Ultimately, he agreed to join Plant and Page because he liked their music better than Farlowe's and Cocker's. And it's a good thing he did. What John Bonham has done for drummers as a member of Led Zeppelin is timeless.

Watching one of his improvised solos during songs like "Moby Dick" which could last for 20 to 30 minutes at times is nothing short of amazing. He was an intense and powerful drummer. At times, his solos sounded like rhythmic thunder.

He was an innovator on the drums. He would use his bare hands to play the drums at times during some of his solos. The song, "Four Sticks", was named by the fact that Bonham had failed a few takes of the song in the studio because he couldn't get the drum track just how he wanted it. In his frustration, he grabbed a second set of sticks (four sticks total) to lay down the final track.

Bonham has influenced drummers like Dave Grohl of the Foo bvlgari ring knock off mens Fighters, Alex Van Halen of Van Halen, and Neil Peart of Rush all great drummers in their own right. Zeppelin's music is timeless. Because of this, Bonham's drumming continues to influence drummers today. He is arguably one of the world's greatest drummers ever.
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Tories hold on to seats

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe Liberals and Conservatives each won two of the four federal byelections Monday bvlgari ring knock off mens night, a result that maintains the electoral status quo but may be seen as a partial victory for Justin Trudeau's party which nearly pulled off an upset in a Manitoba Conservative bvlgari b zero1 knock off ring stronghold.The Manitoba riding of Brandon Souris had been too close to call all night. At one point, Liberal candidate Rolf Dinsdale had taken a slight lead, but Tory candidate Larry Maguire, a prominent provincial MLA, was able to claim victory, winning by just under 400 votes. Maguire secured 44.1 per cent of the votes compared to the Liberal candidate's 42.7 per cent.Dispatches from the byelection battlegroundsLiberals win in Toronto Centre: CBCManitoba byelections: Live coverage"Thank you Brandon Souris! Your support tonight is truly appreciated," Maguire tweeted shortly after his victory.Thank you Brandon Souris! Your support tonight is truly appreciated. They also retained Montreal's Bourassa riding, where Liberal candidate Emmanuel Dubourg claimed victory."The NDP is no longer the hopeful optimistic party of Jack Layton," Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said in Montreal. Freeland won over McQuiag by a substantial margin 49.1 per bvlgari mens knock off ring cent to 36.4 per cent.In the Liberal stronghold of Bourassa, Dubourg, who won 48.1 per cent of the vote, will be replacing former Liberal MP Denis Coderre, who stepped down to run for municipal office and is the city's newly elected bvlgari gold knock off ring mayor.Stphane Moraille, a former singer in the musical group Bran Van 3000, the candidate for the NDP, came in second with 31.4 per cent.Dubourg's first post election tweet reaffirmed his agreement with his party's stance on marijuana legalization.
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The remodelling of Brutalist Salters' Hall is a triumph

London is a city of marvellous layers, and few places have as much strata as the Salters' Hall in the Square Mile. A Brutalist livery hall in Fore Street, rebuilt for the third time in the early Seventies after it was razed in the Blitz, the stubby concrete keep is entangled with London's Roman wall, the ruins of the ancient church of St Alphage and the Sixties "pedway" system of elevated walkways designed to separate people from traffic at street level.

More layers are now being added with the hall's remodelling by DMFK Architects and the still emerging London Wall Place office complex that is pushing the surroundings of Salters' Hallever higher; layers above, layers below.

For a 14th century organisation devoted to salts in food price of bulgari serpenti watch copy and chemicals, the Worshipful Company of Salters has long been surprisingly on the ball culturally. It was Sir Basil Spence, architect of Coventry Cathedral, who produced the concept for the Salters' post Blitz hall, complete with its bush hammered concrete ribs and jutting ceremonial staircase. Spence's failing health meant it was completed by his successor, John Bonnington. The interiors were completed by influential designer David Hicks, who also lavished his rich colours and geometric patterns on projects for Vidal Sassoon, Helena Rubinstein and an apartment for the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace. Hicks laid out the sunken public garden too, with pergolas and a parterre.

Spence won the job against a rival scheme by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the legendary German American architect later championed by senior Salter Lord Palumbo at the nearby No 1 Poultry site (an unbuilt project which will, incidentally, be the subject of a RIBA exhibition next March).

With pipework just about held together by sticky tape, and asbestos throughout, DMFK had to take the building apart to put it back together again. The practice has moved the original entrances to an elegant new pavilion that will give onto the reorganised gardens. The pavilion is lined in travertine and timber panelling inspired by Hicks's work in the great hall upstairs. Indeed, Hicks's work throughout has been faithfully restored, with honeycomb patterned carpets and the fifth floor "salt lobby" reinstated. This is a vaulted corridor loosely modelled on a salt cave and lined on one side with antique silver salt cellars. The main brass and concrete staircase has been restored and hung with a cascading chandelier, whose lights are rock salt crystals.

Sometimes the recreation has been too faithful. An example is the former ladies' dining room, where the mad, purple tinged interior has a touch of the front room about it.

Refurbished offices will provide additional income for the Salters' Company, whose main role these days is to support education in chemistry. A basement level caretaker's flat has been substituted with more offices overlooking the gardens.

More controversially, the architects have replaced the cladding and windows on the 10 storey building's expanded floor plates so that Spence's trademark projecting concrete roof doesn't jetty out as far as it once did.

Spence was, however, a patchy architect of the old school. Coventry was a triumph but other projects such as his high rise housing in Glasgow's Gorbals were an unmitigated, damp infused disaster, no matter how sculpturally interesting. The patrician, Rolls Royce driving Spence apparently told its complaining residents they could improve matters by growing peach trees on their balconies (it's also rumoured that he was attracted to the Salters' job by the quality bvlgari serpenti watch price imitation of clarets in their wine cellar).

So in reality, the change to the Salters' Hall cladding is no major loss. It was a tired old thing that now relates so much better to its surroundings. Crucially, the DMFK project radically improves its relationship to the street, the existing garden and the proposed new street level link to the Guildhall. Spacehub is in charge of the new landscaping; it is working with Make Architects, the designers of the surrounding London Wall Place development (where white concrete and glazed ribs seem to pay tribute to the Spence architecture). This work is due to be completed next year but the visuals of a COR TEN (rusted) steel bridge meandering its way past the Salters' Hall, the city wall and the ruins of the tower of St Alphage, are enticing. Spacehub is also providing a series of terraces that will link the new ground level route to the Salters' sunken garden.

You do not have access to view this Atom.

Yet these wider proposals remain problematic. London Wall is a foul Sixties dual carriageway quite alien to central London. In past decades it has been the connecting tissue for many office developments, including those by architectural luminaries Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, Eric Parry and Terry Farrell, whose post modern Albangate straddles the street like a lumpen colossus.

MAKE and Spacehub's new London Wall masterplan replaces a detestable Sixties slab and podium block that, ironically, used to house the City of London's planning department. The elevated pedways that connected it to the Barbican estate and other buildings have been only temporarily removed to allow for its redevelopment. Elsewhere in the City, this misguided network of walkways has been permanently removed and active street frontages restored.

At London Wall, though, the walkways are to be re instated in part at the Barbican's insistence. True, these walkways wind around the layered ruins and landscaping in picturesque fashion. True, too, that a once bleak podium is being replaced, in part, with a row of street level shops topped with a roof terrace bar. Plus, London Wall will get pavements along part of its length for the first time in generations,

But conceptually, the segregation of pedestrians from ground level remains fundamentally problematic. Instead of being re instated, these walkways should have been banished altogether. It may be sacrilege to suggest as much but the Grade II listed Barbican could benefit from a few less of these objectionable barricades to street life. Its perimeter brick bastions could be much reduced, for example, when the old Museum of London relocates to its new home at Smithfield Market.

There are always judgments to be made in a city imitation serpenti watch bvlgari about which layers to keep and which to discard, but the raised walkways remain a layer too far.

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Van der Vaart lifts Spurs

Rafael van der Vaart's speculative long shot just before halftime sent Tottenham Hotspur into the FA Cup fifth round with a fortunate 1 0 win at Watford on Friday.

The Dutchman's 25 yard strike eluded Watford keeper Scott Loach to ease the Premier League side's nerves after the Championship (second division) side had dominated possession in the first half at Vicarage Road. Everton joined Spurs in the fifth round with a 2 serpenti bulgari watch knock off 1 win over Fulham.

Spurs manager Harry Redknapp was in the dugout after a snake watch bvlgari knock off week spent at Southwark Crown Court where he is on trial for tax evasion, which he denies.

"They say it's better to be lucky than good and tonight we were lucky," Redknapp told reporters. "That was not the replica bulgari serpenti watch price list Tottenham side I see every week, we were poor. Watford were fantastic, top class. We rode our luck and we got away with it.

"I don't know what was wrong with us. We were off colour but we got the luck. I think we've got a big chance of winning the Cup this year. A win's a win and we are in the hat."

Tottenham, eight times FA Cup winners, were joined in the fifth round by Everton who came from behind to beat Premier League rivals Fulham at Goodison Park.

Marouane Fellaini squeezed a header past Fulham keeper David Stockdale in the 73rd minute to secure Everton's progress. Danny Murphy had fired Fulham ahead from the penalty spot in the 14th minute but Argentine striker Denis Stracqualursi levelled 13 minutes later when he headed home Landon Donovan's cross.

Champions Manchester United travel to arch rivals Liverpool on Saturday in the pick of the weekend's ties.

United go to Anfield for their first time since Liverpool striker Luis Suarez was banned for racially bulgari serpenti watch price list imitation abusing United defender Patrice Evra in October.

Chelsea go to Queens Park Rangers in another tie where Chelsea captain John Terry may face QPR defender Anton Ferdinand, a player he is accused of racially abusing during a Premier League match in October. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.
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Trout poaching 'worst in a decade'

A trout poacher has been jailed for a year while his co offender is now on the replica bulgari gold watch price run in what's been called the most serious poaching case to come before the courts in 10 years.

In the Rotorua District Court today, Thomas Tawha, 41, of Kawerau was jailed for 12 months for poaching as many as 60 spawning trout from a stream near Lake Rotoiti last June and July.

Eastern Fish Game officer Anthony van Dorp told the Rotorua Daily Post serpenti secret watches fake this was the first case he knew of where a poacher had been sentenced to a jail term.

Thomas Tawha in court last year.

Tawha's co offender David Pake Leef, 35, of Te Teko failed to appear in court and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Judge James Weir said it was the most serious case of its kind in the last decade in New Zealand.

When bvlgari serpenti price imitation Tawha and Leef first appeared last year they refused to acknowledge the court's jurisdiction and guilty pleas were entered on their behalf. They were found guilty at a hearing in November.

Yesterday, Judge Weir ordered a man out of court who claimed he was Leef's 'representative' and demanded the judge stand down because his position wasn't recognised under the Maori Land Act.

Leef's mother shouted at Judge Weir, saying her son's conviction was being appealed in the High Court.

He said Tawha's sentencing would be a legal benchmark as no one had been sentenced under a new act that doubled penalties bulgari serpenti watch price copy for poaching.

"This case is the most serious to come before the court in at least a decade,"Mr Bodie said.

He said the effect the poaching had on the progeny of the trout taken was incalculable.

Tawha's lawyer, Moana Dorset, said her client had been surprised to learn the impact his offending had on the spawning ground and recognised the court must consider imprisonment.

Judge Weir referred to a letter to the court from a respected Ngati Pikiao kaumatua who'd pointed out Tawha and Leef were not members of the local iwi.

The kaumatua wrote it was offensive and disrespectful for the men to claim they had the customary right to take the trout, he said.

The judge noted Tawha had 38 previous dishonesty related convictions and had been jailed for violent offending.

Eastern Fish Game region manager Andy Garrick said the sentence reflected the seriousness of the offending.

"The sentences the judge imposed today serves as a very stern warning to others that poaching trout is just not worth it," he said.
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TV's iconic home in Hollywood goes on the block

The historic former Warner Bros. studio on Sunset Boulevard, now occupied by television station KTLA TV Channel 5, has been put up for sale by Tribune Co. amid a wave of high stakes real estate investment in Hollywood.

No price has been set for the block size property at the southeast corner of Sunset and Bronson Avenue that also houses Tribune Entertainment and Tribune Studios. In recent years, other studios and historic properties in the neighborhood have sold for millions of dollars as investors race to take part in Hollywood's resurgence.

A real estate expert who asked not to be identified because he may become involved in the bidding process valued the property at about $175 million. Nearby Sunset Gower Studios, the former Columbia Pictures headquarters, sold this month for more than $200 million.

KTLA occupies the prominent Colonial style mansion facing Sunset that was built by Warner Bros. in 1919.

City officials expressed hope that the property would remain entertainment industry oriented. Several historic properties in Hollywood are being turned into condos, apartments and shops.

Television shows filmed at Tribune's production facilities on the property but serpenti secret watches fake separate from KTLA include "Judge Judy," "Judge Joe Brown" and "Hannah Montana."

Chicago based Tribune, which also replica serpenti watch price owns the Los Angeles Times, has retained real estate brokerage Cushman Wakefield "to explore strategic alternatives for the property," said Gary Weitman, a Tribune spokesman.

Even after a sale, KTLA would remain at its current location as a tenant for an indefinite period, said Carl Muhlstein, a Cushman Wakefield broker. "They hope to start planning for a new facility either somewhere else on the site or nearby. KTLA has a long term commitment to Hollywood."

KTLA needs to update its facilities, General Manager Vinnie Malcolm said. "We have been working around a lot of not very efficient uses of space. There is no question we could use a better physical plant."

Tribune is moving quickly to sell the property by year end, Muhlstein said. That could coincide with the company's pending $8.4 billion buyout by Chicago real estate price of bulgari serpenti watch fake magnate Sam Zell, expected to close in the fourth quarter.

A representative for City Councilman Eric Garcetti said the councilman hoped the property would continue to be a hub for entertainment businesses.

Garcetti "looks forward to having a continuing conversation with the new owners to ensure that we keep vital entertainment related jobs right here in Hollywood," said David Gershwin, the councilman's chief of staff.

"This stretch of Sunset Boulevard and its surrounding neighborhoods have bulgari serpenti watch price copy a critical mass of post production facilities, entertainment venues and cultural institutions that makes this a prime location for film and television production in the years ahead," Gershwin said.

The Colonial style building and a sound stage on the former Warner Bros. lot are registered historic properties, Gershwin said, and could not be demolished or substantially altered.

The studio, situated just west of the Hollywood Freeway, was the site of Warner Bros.' first studio. It is where talking pictures were born when Al Jolson recorded his first words in "The Jazz Singer" in 1927. In later years, Warner used the site to produce musicals and dramas.

Paramount Pictures Corp. purchased the studio in 1954 as an annex to its studios a few blocks to the south at Van Ness and Melrose avenues. In 1956, KTLA, then owned by Paramount, moved onto the lot, according to KTLA. Cowboy star Gene Autry bought KTLA and the studio from Paramount in 1964. It was sold to Tribune Broadcasting in 1986.

The site, which includes about 10 sound stages, has plenty of room for expansion, broker Muhlstein said. He predicted that a buyer would add more film and television production buildings and office space. There is little vacant office space in Hollywood, and Technicolor Inc. agreed months ago to rent an entire six story office building under construction at Sunset Gower Studios.

Other studio space has been taken off the market, creating a shortage of facilities, Muhlstein said. In recent years, about 70 acres' worth of production facilities such as KTTV's Metromedia Square, KCOP Studios and CBS Columbia Square have been closed to make way for residential and commercial redevelopment, Muhlstein said.

KTLA "is the only active television lot left in Hollywood," City Councilman Tom LaBonge said during a phone call from Ireland. "I hope Channel 5's beacon still stands brightly there as an active television production center. It's so much a part of Hollywood."

Hollywood's largest commercial landlord, CIM Group, will be among those evaluating the property, said Shaul Kuba, a company principal. "We are definitely going to be very interested."

The site is potentially big enough to accommodate studio production, housing, office and retail uses, he said, "but it would require a huge amount of planning to find the right balance."

The site will be marketed to large potential buyers such as CIM Group that are capable of closing the deal by year end, said broker Michael DeSantis, also of Cushman Wakefield.
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Trump clears way for controversial oil pipelines

President Donald Trump signed orders on Tuesday smoothing the path for the serpenti watch bvlgari knock off controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines in a move to expand energy infrastructure and roll back key Obama administration environmental actions. Gulf Coast refiners. But going ahead with the pipelines would mark a bitter defeat for Native American tribes and climate activists, who successfully blocked the projects earlier and vowed to fight the decisions through legal action.

Trump campaigned on promises to increase domestic energy production. Before taking office he said the Dakota pipeline should be completed and that he would revive the C$8 billion ($6.1 billion) Keystone XL project, which was rejected in 2015 by then President Barack Obama. crude imports have fallen dramatically in recent years as domestic production has boomed, but the world's largest oil consumer still relies heavily on imports. energy security.

"It goes to show we as a nation build infrastructure that is part of a comprehensive energy plan to make our energy secure," Republican Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota told Reuters.

TransCanada Corp said it would resubmit an application for a permit for Keystone XL after Trump signed an order saying the company could re apply. State Department, which has 60 days to reach a decision.

The orders look set to undo victories won by protesters in North Dakota against Energy Transfer Partners, which has nearly completed construction of the Dakota line. Despite the advanced phase of the project, the Obama administration in December denied the company a permit to tunnel under the Missouri River.

Protesters rallied for months against plans to route the $3.8 billion pipeline beneath a lake near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, saying it threatened water resources and sacred Native American sites.

At one point, nearly 10,000 people had flocked to federal land in North Dakota, including 4,000 veterans after protests turned violent at times. Army Corps of Engineers denied the easement.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Standing Rock Sioux said they would fight the orders.

"Americans know this pipeline was unfairly rerouted towards our nation and without our consent. The existing pipeline route risks infringing on our treaty rights, contaminating our water and the water of 17 million imitation serpenti bulgari watch Americans downstream," said Dave Archambault II, chairman of the Standing Rock tribe.

The North Dakota Petroleum Council, the trade group for state oil producers relying on Dakota Access to expand their crude transport options, cheered Trump's order. About 1 million barrels a day are currently produced in North Dakota.

"We think this is a great step forward for energy security in America," said Ron Ness, the council's president. Gulf Coast. shale revolution has redefined oil flows, with domestic refiners finding themselves awash with supply and needing fewer imports.

Canadian Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr said in Calgary that Keystone XL has all the regulatory approvals it needs in Canada, and that the project would be "very positive for Canada."

Environmental activists campaigned against the Keystone XL pipeline for more than seven years, eventually winning a victory when Obama rejected the project in 2015.

Trip Van Noppen, president of nonprofit environmental law organization Earthjustice, said in a statement that Trump "appears to be ignoring the law, public sentiment and ethical considerations" with the decision.

TransCanada shares closed up 2.7 percent on the Toronto Stock Exchange. State Department environmental study that said the project would create 3,900 construction jobs and 35 permanent jobs. trading.

Trump owned ETP stock through at least mid 2016, according to financial disclosure forms, and ETP's chief executive, Kelcy Warren, donated replica serpenti secret watches price $100,000 to his campaign.

The protest against the 1,172 mile (1,885 km) Dakota pipeline was concentrated around blocking a permit to tunnel under Lake Oahe, a reservoir that forms part of the Missouri River, adjacent to the Standing Rock reservation.

The Army Corps earlier this month said it would begin an environmental assessment that could delay the project further. Tuesday's White House memoranda said the Army and the Army Corps of Engineers should review and quickly approve permits for Dakota Access.

In Cannon Ball, North Dakota, protesters, many of whom have stayed at the camp for months, said they would continue fighting to protect the environment.

At a protest in front of the White House, a few hundred demonstrators shouted slogans and carried signs, including one that read: "Now environmental rapist."

"What happened today is an attack on our homes," said Jade Begay, a spokeswoman for the Indigenous Environmental Network, which fights against mining and dumping on native lands. "We are going to continue to show up at your home, Donald Trump."

In New York City, about 300 protesters gathered outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower, chanting slogans such as "If all lives matter, then Native lives matter" and "You can't drink oil, even in the soil."

Actress and activist Jane Fonda, speaking to protesters with a bullhorn, called Trump "the replica bulgari gold watch price predator in chief" and warned of the danger of oil spills.
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