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While browsing on the internet, browsers such as AOL store information about the websites that you have visited to improve your experience completely. During this process of enhancing your experience, AOL footprints would then display the records of the websites that you have visited, the information that you had entered in the websites, items that you searched and therefore turn out to be a huge privacy issue if you are working on a shared computer. The footprints that AOL store on your system would also slow your browser and the performance of the computer system. When you come across such an issue, the most ideal option that you would have is to connect with aol support phone number. The users also have the option of seeking information from this blog, which would help them in clearing the footprints saved by AOL.

What is the need to clear AOL Footprints?

The saving of your footprints can also look like a breach of your privacy, and in order to protect your privacy and to improve your system’s performance, it would be ideal for you to clear ‘My Footprints’ in the AOL explorer regularly.

Process of clearing all footprints in AOL browser

If you wish to clear all the footprints from your AOL Explorer, then the steps which you would have to trail are as mentioned below:

·         Access the AOL browser window and then choose the ‘Security’ option, now you would have to click on the option which says ‘Clear My Footprints.’

·         Then click on the footprints button and select the clear selected footprints option.

·         You can then easily change the list of AOL footprints by using the select footprints to clean option.

What is the process of clearing specific footprints in AOL Explorer?

In the AOL explorer, you can easily choose to keep some footprints and then clear the remaining footprints.

When you wish to clear specific footprints in the AOL Explorer, the steps to be followed are:

·         In the AOL browser window, you would have to select Security and then ‘Select Footprints to clear.’

·         Further click on the boxes which are next to the footprints you wish to clear.

·         Then click on ‘Clear Selected Footprints’ button and finally click on OK.

What is to be done to clear footprints from the ‘History’ panel in AOL Explorer?

If you wish to clear footprints from the ‘History’ panel in AOL Explorer, then the steps which the users would have to follow are:

·         To access the History panel on your AOL browser, you would have to press Ctrl+H option.

·         Then you would have to press the Clear My Footprints button on the window.

·         Finally, click on the Clear Footprints option and press on OK to finalize the decision.

If you come across any confusion while following the given steps, then you can promptly contact aol technical support number and let the professionals help you with the issue. This service is available all around the clock and is also free of cost.

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