Fiber laser cutting machine dust removal


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Fiber laser cutting machine dust removal

As we know,fiber laser cutting machines do not produce a lot of harmful smoke and dust like traditional plasma cutting or other cutting methods.So for laser cutting in a shop floor, local soot treatment plus full ventilation in the workshop can reduce and eliminate the effects.Most laser cutting machine manufacturers have dust removal devices on the equipment, and generally use wet or dry processing methods.industrial dust extractor vacuum

Wet treatment is wet cutting. In fact, it is to make a water bed cutting platform, place the work piece in water. And then complete the cutting operation underwater or close to the water surface. And use water to capture the smoke and dust during the cutting process.So as to achieve the purpose of purifying the environment.

Dry processing method is dry cutting. It adds a set of dust collection device for the cutting work platform, and directly transports the collected smoke to the dust filtration and purification equipment.Finally discharges it after the unified filtration treatment reaches the standard.
A variety of soot collection programs, supporting different types of laser, plasma, flame cutting CNC cutting machine.Which complete dust collection effect, so that the operating environment is spotless.
Foreign advanced industrial-grade high-pressure air blowers with an air flow of up to 10,000 cubic meters.That will completely absorb the fumes and exhaust gases produced by the cutting process, and can also satisfy 24-hour uninterrupted production.

Adopt international advanced technology to filter materials, fine dust with 0.1μm or more filter accuracy can reach 99.9%, completely meet the emission standards.Equipped with a microcomputer-controlled automatic pulse cleaning system.It automatically removes soot adsorbed on the filter bag and lasts to completely absorb dust.

The dust remover and the numerical control cut jointly act.When the cutting machine works, the dust remover opens automatically.It avoids the invalid work, saves the energy consumption, the operation is simple.


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