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With the huge rise in smartphones, Android has become top mobile operating system. There is big increase in Android hacking applications for both devices rooted and non-rooted. Here we have made a list of latest top best hacking application for your Android device. These applications can be used by ethical hackers or technology enthusiast. In our this article, we have included various famous phone and Wi-Fi hacking applications, then you can download any Android hack app according to your needs.

Below we have listed all the best Android hacking applications of 2019 for your beloved smartphone. We have given a short description for each application with their ratings and download link, so you can quickly and easily download the application and use it. If you need to root your Android phone first before using the hacking tools, you can refer to this root tutorial.

Hackode is one the best hacking application. In this application you will find multiple tools for ethical hackers or IT specialist. Hackode contains three modules in application, name as Security Feed, Reconnaissance and Scanning. In this application you get different functions like SQL Injection, Whois, Scanning DNS looking, IP, MX Records, DNS, Google hacking, DNS Dif, Security RSS Feed, Exploits etc. This application will never ask you for your private information to work.

The AndroRAT stands for Android and Remote Administrative Tools. This is a totally free hacking tool and introduced long time ago in market as a server application. This great application allows you to control on Android system remotely and get out the information from that. You need to boot your Android phone to access this application on your device. By call and SMS services you can also trigger the server connection.
zANTI is a great hacking app for Android, which is introduced by Zimperium. Software contains many tools, which can be used for multiple purposes like penetration testing, etc. This is an amazing testing toolkit, through which security experts can easily scan network. IT experts can use this amazing toolkit detect multiple malicious techniques.

Application contains different types of modules like network mapping, port discovery, sniffing, packet manipulation, DoS, MITM, and much more.cSploit is an advance tool which can easily specify local hosts, find week signals and their exploits, easily crack WiFi passwords, installs backdoor and much more. Due to these advance functions cSploit calls itself most advanced IT security toolkit for Android OS.


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