LED Gel Lamp Comparison


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LED Gel Lamp Comparison

I've owned a nail salon now for about seven years. We've really seen the gel manicure business become very popular and comprise a large percentage of service requests. Over this time we've seen the gel products and equipment evolve as well.quick UV led nail lamp

In terms of the equipment, when we first started the best lamp tested was the CND UV Lamp. The lamp used four 9-watt compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) for a total of 36 watts to cure the gel. The CFL bulbs are the long round tube-like bulbs that are inserted into the lamp.

The lamp cured any gel we used very well, had easy-to-use timers, and all the features needed for a professional gel lamp. The only problem we faced with the CND UV Lamp was a hardware design issue. The lamp included a removable power cord that you would plug into a black receptor in the rear of the lamp (see below).

After some investigating I discovered the black power receptor was held in place by two plastic pieces screwed into a metal brace. Over time these plastic pieces would crack. I found you could glue the metal bracket to the inside wall of the machine and this would prolong the life span of the lamp but wasn't an indefinite fix.

As the equipment has evolved Light Emitting Diodes or LED lamps have become very popular. They require less maintenance than the old CFL lamps. With the old CFL lamps you had to replace the bulbs every 100 hours or so...or when you dropped the lamp and they broke ;). Also, the curing process is faster with the LED lamps and will reduce curing time from six to three minutes or roughly 50% (For more details on the curing process see the link below). The newer lamps also seem to have new features like motion sensors or rechargeable batteries.


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