High Pressure Diecastings (HPDCs)


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High Pressure Diecastings (HPDCs)

High Pressure Diecastings (HPDCs) are light-weight alternative components made from forcing molten metals into a mold at high speed and pressure. Casting molten metals allows for once multi-piece, welded-together structures to now be singular, aluminum castings - performing the same task with less mass and variability.aluminum die casting product

Manufacturers have adopted these components for their added value of:

High-volume, high-tolerance, high-strength components
Flexibility for creating complex shapes - particularly in the automotive and aerospace sectors
Light-weight capabilities - enabling more compact, fuel-efficient vehicles
Advancing engine design and sophisticated vehicle construction
High Pressure Diecastings are now commonly used within:

Key body structures - pillars, shock towers, floor and rear rails
Complex shapes
Chassis structures - engine cradles, suspension links
Every part, and its properties, is unique. Can-Eng works with their clients to develop custom fixtures for safely and efficiently heating and moving parts - minimizing scrap.

Further to Can-Eng's understanding of aluminum and High Pressure Die Casting heat treating, Can-Eng's unique Basketless Heat Treatment Systems (BHTS®) and Precision Air Quench (PAQTM) were both developed, from the beginning, with High Pressure Die Castings in mind.

These systems have been custom engineered to deliver uniform heating and quenching rates across individual parts; resulting in the anticipated metallurgical properties, lower maintenance costs, and enabling lean manufacturing practices.


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