Preparation method for high-purity amino trimethylene phosphonic acid


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The invention especially relates to a preparation method for high-purity amino trimethylene phosphonic acid, which belongs to the technical field of chemical engineering. The method comprises the following steps: step 1, pumping phosphorous acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid into a reaction vessel and putting ammonium chloride into the reaction vessel; step 2, starting a steam jacket for heating to a temperature of 100 DEG C, strictly controlling temperature in the process of a reaction to be more than 100 DEG C and slowing adding 35 to 37% by mass of formaldehyde drop by drop; step 3, atmp chemical controlling a temperature to be more than 100 DEG C and maintaining the temperature for 1 to 3 h; step 4, concentrating a material until water content is 15 to 25%; and step 5, carrying out centrifugation so as to obtain high-purity amino trimethylene phosphonic acid; wherein a weight ratio of phosphorous acid to concentrated hydrochloric acid to ammonium chloride to formaldehyde is 2520: 850: 625: 3015. According to the invention, scientific process is employed for product purification; and amino trimethylene phosphonic acid in the prepared high-purity amino trimethylene phosphonic acid is more than 95%.
The present invention relates to a process for preparing high-purity amino trimethylene phosphonic acid, it belongs to the field of chemical technology.

Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid that is aminotrimethylene phosphonic acid, which is the abbreviation of ATMP, amino-trimethylene phosphonic acid is mainly used in industrial water treatment, which is an efficient stabilizer, has excellent chelation, low threshold inhibition, the role of lattice distortion and so on. Salt water into the dirt can prevent the formation of scale, particularly calcium carbonate scale formation. Also has corrosion inhibition, can be used as chelating agents and corrosion inhibitors. It is widely used in large thermal power plants, refineries circulating cooling water, oil field water systems and a low pressure boiler water scale inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors. In addition, and also as a stabilizer of peroxide industrial cleaning formulations, as well as flame-retardant polyurethane foam.


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